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Ep.12  Popular Board – 6

…Of course, that didn’t mean that Cheonma would be going around and messing up the gallery in the future.

It was true that she wanted the attention of others, but it meant awe and enthusiasm to the utmost.

She had no desire to be looked at with annoyance or contempt, at least if it was horror.


In the first place, there is already an unrivaled number one rival in the field that no one can match.

Gonic’s ‘The Lord of Darkness’, also called ‘Dark Lord’ for short.

He had already been able to pull the aggro in various ways, such as spamming, posting clickbait, nasty pictures, and doing goroshi at pattak to indiscriminate.

He only comes out like a ghost and messes around only when there is no juttak, his movements were no different from a cockroach.


So now she has to imitate in the same way to hear them calling her Dark Pakuri, Dark warrior.

Lucky for her that those old users don’t call her juhwaimma*, or why the machinist was not able to learn.

*TN: The term is used often in martial arts novels.

When the character is in ‘juhwa imma’ state, that means he/she lost most of his/her power and cannot walk.


Cheonma thought as she twisted her beautiful face with anger.

This is unreasonable.

How come there are so many texts of martial arts novels but no one knows martial arts in the gallery How did they just pull those things out of the ruined dimensions and keep them in the archives She sometimes enjoys reading the well-written one, but among them, there were often rare works and peculiar works.


“How dare you call me a ‘martial art addict’ Isn’t it normal to get angry when you read such rubbish!”


Honestly, it was understandable to describe Cheonma Singyo as a group of evil.

In any case, the background of martial arts novels is mostly in Jungwon, and from the perspective of Jungwon people, Magyo was no more than just an aggressor.

She herself didn’t have a deep affection for realism.


However, there were too many points that it took to let go of the distortion and fabrication of facts.

The last time when she was teased on the gallery was a deliberate work to make fun of martial arts lovers in the first place, but there were more than one or two other things to make her feel uncomfortable.


“How did the public rain of petals was written in this house Why did those big noses write about the apricot swordsmanship when not a single apricot flower blooms on the vocalnic land”


For a long time, Cheonma suddenly realized that she had deviated from the original subject of the accident.

This is why the stream of consciousness is scary.

Cheonma shook her head and turned on the gallery again.

But there was still no mention of her.

It’s only the hot issues that are slowly cooling down and some of the usual meaningless posts.

Cheonma questioned her current situation.

Aside from her own subjective feelings, how can she not become a hot topic when she staged such a show of force in the audience yesterday


To be honest, at this point, it was almost like gritting her teeth and ignoring it rather than not being interested.

Her story didn’t come out very badly, even when she was just breathing and doing nothing.

Most of them are her being a martial addict, of course, but anyway.


Cheonma felt some sort of contrivance in this situation now.

No one must have really been impressed by her defeatist appearance.

At least, she wanted to believe that.


But even so, why the hell Where in the world is the reason to avoid mentioning her It’s not like she made a fuss in the gallery, and there’s no way they would ignore just because she showed off her strength at the arena.



What is “Troll Feeding”]

[An abbreviation for ‘Don’t feed the trolls.

The most effective way to deal with the attention seekers who often pull an aggro is none other than ‘ignoring’.

Don’t add more wood to fire to those who want to burn the gallery

[However, there are many people in the gallery, more and more people who are impatient, so it’s not easy to handle it.]


She checked if there was anything related to her in the gallery’s banned word list, but of course there was no such thing.

Actually, even if it’s a banned world list, she’s not that famous, so she must be the first cheonma or something, which is possible if she takes a long way around..


She was the one who enlightened the truth of the universe, but even if she knew the inside of the thousand-year-old universe, she could not know the inside of a person.

After an empty ego-searching, the blue feeling Cheonma pressed refresh thinking it was the last time.






[Writer: ㅇㅇ(001.068)]

[Title: Why isn’t anyone talking about Cheonma]]

[I’m just a newbie so I don’t know much, but isn’t Cheonma stronger than the Ice-Fire duel

He just wiped out the barrier in the audience with his hand gesture, but no one is talking about it on the gallery]



She didn’t press refresh with any special expectations.

No, to be exact, it wasn’t that she didn’t expect it, but she was already giving up to some extent inwardly.

At that time, one of the shared IDs mentioned her publicly for the first time.

And is that one post a catalyst 


[Teacher of Wisdom*: Dunno]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708)] Well.

I thought everyone would be talking about it, but no one is saying anything.]

[ㅇㅇ(114.603)] I guess they were too scared to say anything]


Suddenly, the atmosphere of the gallery began to change rapidly.



[Writer: That’s Too Much*]

[Title: Honestly, I was a bit scared yesterday]

[It’s my first time seeing a curtain break

When the god of creation and the devil used to mess with me, it didn’t move at all.

How did she break it down


[Please Let Me Eat New Thing Every Day*: Really hahahaha Is that really a human being]

[First Fire Thief in Olympus’ history*: Her existence itself is a bug.

Does that make sense]



One by one, the users began to ask questions about cheonma.



[Popular Board]



[Writer: Scholar Passing By*]

[Title: To be honest, if you were so scared yesterday, press like hahahahahaha]

[When the curtain is down, you almost peed yourself, press like hahahahahahah]


[Like 568] [Dislike 0]


[ㅇㅇ(001.124): I remember making fun of him as if he’s going to end his life]

[Daesurim Forest Keeper*: Super like hahahahaha]

ㄴ[Sekmusae*: A scared elf]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708): My heart almost stopped because I forgot about the barrier*…] *TN: Name of an old area located in Jeolla Do.

[Suspiciously Rich*: A multi-dimensional exploded and you wanted to use a shield..

It’s not safe hahahahahaha If you got hit, 100% you’re going to die.]

[Sam of wisdom: Yes, Life Force Vessel is invincible and I’m undead]



Finally, a frantic masquerade party post about yesterday began.



[Writer: ㅇㅇ(114.603)]

[Title: Maximum bubble at this time…txt.]

[It’s the classic Ice-Fire battle.

The tent ceiling that doesn’t get scratched even when they attack together but it melted in Cheonma’s hand

Until now, people who were still giving appraisal while watching the amazing competition are at the level of Icicle union and Fire-lover union hahahahaha


Oh, it’s… N E W! Ice-Fire Duel!!]


[Like 1,028] [Dislike 312]

[Metal is My Friend*: Fuck hahahahahahaha]

[Please Let Me Eat New Thing Every Day*: This is weird, not weak]

ㄴ[Hungry Seori Han*: Really;; She logged out from the image of a dark martial art addict.

I love it ]

ㄴ[Siwoo Stop*: Boult and Goat signed the first alliance hahahahaha]

ㄴ[(023 (023.708): Is there anyone beside ‘Cheonma’ What is this ‘Martial art addict’ Fuck hahaha]

[Cold Sleep*: Juttak, I’m being serious.

Can I delete this]

ㄴ[Definition of Light*: Let them be.]






[Writer: Killing the Wizard*]

[Title: Like if compared to martial arts, magic is cooler hahahaha]

[If you can feel that they were getting timid for a while in front of the ‘real thing’ while shooting fireworks and playing snowballs, press like hahahahaha

Even if there’s a truck of magicians, cheonma can handle them within 1 sec hahahahaha

Me first hahahahaha]


[Like 471] [Dislike 880]


[Teacher of Wisdom*: You’re crossing the line]

[Teacher of Wisdom*: Want to taste some explosions]

ㄴ[Killing the Wizard*: If you don’t want to go back to ashes after getting hit by an undead, get out]

[Dragon Ascent*: Where did this kind of lunatic come from]

[Please Let Me Eat New Thing Every Day*: I don’t know about martial arts, but magic

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