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Ep.11  Popular Board – 5

The match between the two gonics, which literally burned their souls and put out a great match, became a hot topic in the gallery.

In any case, unless there are any accidents, similar stories are always flowing along with similar hot issues.


In the meantime, the competition in the arena was quite an interesting event for the gallery users.

Although the two fought almost 500 times already, including this battle, nevertheless, more than 200 users came to see the fight at the arena. 


Particularly, the match was more fierce and improved than the last 499 battles, so it’s a common case for people to be enthusiastic.


[Fire punch! Fire punch! Fire punch! Fire punch! Fire punch!]

[Dragon Ascent.  Is she a goddess Is she a goddess Is she a goddess]

[This is… a battle Then what I’ve seen so far…]


Particularly, the video of the battle recorded at the arena became explosively popular.

In addition, after the battle, the users, who had been waiting for the right moment, began to make all kinds of jokes, and the gallery became even more heated.



[Popular Board]



[Writer: Teacher of Wisdom*]

[Title: Honestly, if you think those brats are amazing, press like hahahahahaha]

[Although it’s amazing that they never got tired of fighting, if you think it’s amazing that they can put out such great match every time like that, press like hahaha

Me first hahahahaha]

[Like 94] [Dislike 0]


[ㅇㅇ(001.124): Fucking love it hahahahahaha]

[That’s Too Much*: Really! It was the battle of fire and that was the dragon]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708): When they first fought, they weren’t that good, but I can feel they’re getting more experienced]

[Please Let Me Eat New Thing Every Day*: Fire punch! Fire punch! Fire punch! Fire punch! Fire punch!]




[Writer: Please Let Me Eat New Thing Every Day*]

[Title: Attendance.

The victory fire union hahahahaha]

[If you guys love that the frost brat still got beaten after even using the ice barrier, press like hahahaha

[Me first hahahaha]

[Like 128] [Dislike 115]


[First Fire Thief in the history of Olympus*: Great King Dragon]

[Fly away, birdy*: Yas, this is rigging.

I give you 500 likes]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(114.603): You psycho, you sound so proud hahahahahahaha]

[I Like It Well Done*: Great King Dragon]

[ㅇㅇ(023.708): Oh haha it’s not illegal, but yeah haha]

[Look at how cold-hearted they were not able to accept the victory and ran away!]






[Writer: Dragon Ascent*]

[Title: Raise your head, Cold Sleep]

[It’s not a shame to lose to the strong one]


[Like 261] [Dislike 3]


[Cold Sleep*: Stop being bull**, you bitch.

You won this time, so you just got to 50% again]

ㄴ[Dragon Ascent*: What~ I can’t hear it u well, you pathetic loser of the battle~! Speak louder~]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep*: …….]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep*: I’m going to kill you, bitch.]






[Writer: ㅇㅇ(789.512)]

[Title: Hey, you dirty frosty **er]

[I only made some jokes and you already blocked me.

You’re abusing me with your authority, son of a bitch

Unblock me, before I impeach you.]


[Like 451 [Dislike 0]


[Cold Sleep*: Alright, if you want to get unblocked, be a pattak haha

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(789.512): Fuck, does it make sense to you]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep*: Of course, it makes sense.

I just thought that we’re in need of moderators so I’m recruiting hahahahaha]

ㄴ[Cold Sleep*: You don’t understand what’s going on Before you got blocked as a shared ID, just take it]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(023.708): Fuck, today’s amazing hahahaha]

ㄴ[Scholar Passing By*: Look at him imitating what he’s been through hahahaha]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(114.603): There is a troll who trapped a new patak in three hours after taking the position]

ㄴ[ㅇㅇ(001.068): What kind of one plus one event is it Hahahahaha]

ㄴ[Dragon Ascent*: Gosh hahaha It’s possible to copy pattak hahahaha]

ㄴ[Suspiciously Rich*: Smiley juttak hahahahahaha]

ㄴ[Dragon Ascent*: I took it, you bitch.

Happy now Fuck.


ㄴ[Cold slip*: Peaceㅡful]





In addition, the icicles of darkness who refused to accept saying, ‘Didn’t Cold Sleep win the magic battle between fire power and ice power’ and ‘No matter what, whoever is the last standing after a deadly battle is the strongest’ or ‘It’s pathetic that he can’t accept defeat.’.

The gallery was in a mess for a while because of the rebel groups, but two newly recruited pattak managed to suppress it after working so hard.


In the gallery where the festive mood continued until the next day, only one person looked at the galley with no expression.




Meditating in a waterfall in a deep valley, well, not really.

The 30th leader of Cheonma Singyo, Pacheonmu, who was also active in the gallery, looked at the noisy crowd and pouted her lips without realizing it.



Even if she looked around the popular board and the general board, there was no story about herself anywhere.




She thought she showed a little bit of my strength yesterday.

She can’t believe that there’s no reaction.

She couldn’t help but feel frustrated.


At the same time, she felt particularly unfamiliar with himself who wanted the attention of others.


“Did time change me…”


In the past, when she was still reigning as a fear of the midfield.

She had never needed the attention of others.

Her talent was incomparable in the world, and people trembled when they heard of her name.

Of course, there was no intermediate process before that.


When she first entered the midfield, people regarded her as one of the first people in martial art culture.

The assessment was half right and half wrong, because she was right to have first set foot in the midfield, but at the time, her age was already eighty.


Thus, when she separated the upper and lower bodies of those excellent minions from the factions who were trying to make fun and harass her, her evaluation from the central district twisted that she was an elder who rejuvenated.


But in fact, that evaluation was also half right and half wrong, because she was an aging old woman, but she had never experienced rejuvenating in the first place.

Her talent was extraordinary, and she had already got the farmland that her father always wanted before the terms and conditions were met.


Rejuvenating is a process for re-establishing the body in a form optimized for martial arts(Mu武).

However, her regular spirit had already reached the extreme of Mu for a long time, so she doesn’t need to go through the cumbersome process anymore.

Her body age has always been staying in her youthful days from the start.


Of course, the youth and beauty on the outside had nothing to do with the cruelty in her hands, so she killed all the guys who had hastily aimed at her sword like catching bugs.

It was only then that the central district grasped the seriousness of the situation as the bodies that were crushed on the floor and flattened like dried pollack were lined up everywhere she went.


But it’s no use.

Whether or not Murim groups understand the situation, whether or not they send Jinyiwei* to the palace, whether or not the Sapa group is hostile to her.

*TN: Embroidered Uniform Guard


It didn’t matter.

As long as she went strong, the result was inevitable.

Gupilbang* was destroyed, the five greats were destroyed, the Imperial Palace became a sea of fire, and Sapa’s miscellaneous boats just bowed their heads in fear.

At the end of the journey, she overpowered the gangs’ last hope,  the pass of the 10-member squad, consisting of only masters above the minimum level of the prefectural police, with a single-foot cloud and killed them with a single punch.

*TN: Name of a martial art gang.


That was the end of course.

Jungwon is neither a million troops nor a million elite.

She was only defeated by one cheonma.

However, the winner didn’t feel any emotion.

Victory was a matter of course, and so was the wary gaze of the weak.


The fear, resentment, hatred, disgust, anger ㅡ and awe of people from Jungwon. 

All that gaze, attention, attention, attention, she took it for granted as if breathing. 

And fed up with it all, she decided to go into training.

It has been 20 years since the era of the Mado world was opened in Jungwon.

Now, there was no longer a man coming at her or a strong enemy to entertain herself. 


Then, she may wait a little while holding her breath.

When the years passed and everyone forgot her name, the existence of cheonma.

She was sure that a rival who could satisfy her needs would be born.


Unfortunately, she was a little too immersed in the martial arts training when she entered the private training with that thought.

She fell too deep into a trance with the excitement of finding a clue to a higher level.


How long has it been How long has it been Beyond the meaningless drama that may be unprecedented in all dimensions of the higher level, perhaps even existing, by grasping the clues of enlightenment that were not finally caught.

She opened her eyes with a sense of satisfaction only after growing herself to a new state where even the gods and demons could not help but fear, and whether it was really allowed by humans.


Then she realized.

There’s no one left in the world.

She doesn’t know how long it’s been, but the outside world has already changed too much.

Was it a plague, a war, or did they have other reasons Humanity was destroyed while she was in private training.


That day, she learned about a new world called ‘Gallery for Loners After Demise’.

Only then did she realize that no one was interested in her, did she realize that it was another’s indifference.

It was a fresh feeling that she felt for the first time in a long time since she was in Murim Elementary School.


“There is no talent in this ‘gallery’ to stimulate my desire to win.”


She made a conclusion after taking a long time to carefully observe the gallery’s side.

As this ‘gallery’ is an object that gathers all kinds of breeds from countless dimensions in one place, there might be a strong person who can match her.

No, she’s sure there is.


But none of them, for real, trained in martial arts.

God, dragon, devil, machine, superpower… Each had its own strength in one or more dimensions in its own way. 


But that’s it.

Just simply strong cannot beat a cheonma.

The totality of the magic of overcoming, defeating, breaking, and killing the opponent to establish her own will.


Magic, superpowers, science and technology, faith… They cannot beat a warrior with such miscellaneous knowledge.

They cannot defeat a warrior who throws away abundance and progress and concentrates only on destruction and slaughter.

Those who are bound by reason and providence cannot kill a free cheonma.


That’s why she gave up taking pleasure in fighting.

Then what’s left is.


The eyes of others.

Fear, awe, worship.

The attention of others.

Enthusiasm, excitement, follow.

She hopes, she seeks, she yearns.


Yeah, she’s gotten too strong. 

And that’s whyㅡ

She became an attention seeker.


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