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Chapter 29: The Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain is Approaching

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“Those of you who have cultivated the Henglian Technique, step forward, and block off the damage done by the Boss to give the others a chance to offset the damage.”

“The level of this Boss is too high. Remember not to take him on directly. A few of you should average out the damage you receive,” Wang Cheng gave his instructions in an organized manner.

Even though his tone was confident, he took this matter extremely seriously.

A Martial Entry-Level Eight Boss.

Even he had never faced off against one head-on.

Even with the strength of the Wang family, they had to mobilize thousands of players before they could crush a Martial Entry-Level Six Boss to death with their numbers.

However, most of the players who had participated in that battle were only at Martial Entry-Level One. There hadnt been many players at Martial Entry-Level Two. Their equipment had also been rather simple.

They were much weaker than the team he currently had.

In terms of quantity, there were only 60 to 70 players in his group.

However, the quality of these players was much stronger than those in the previous battle.

Martial Entry-Level Eight!

It was not completely hopeless.

This was especially so since the Boss had battled an NPC at the same level as him before that and had greatly depleted his strength. This was what gave Wang Cheng the most confidence.

Qin Shujians expression turned a little colder when he looked at the players who were surrounding him and were about to attack.

Even though he didnt know where these players came from, he was sure that they were not players from Starter Village #10021.

Because the players from Starter Village #10021 had been forced into the village by the Liangshan Stronghold. How could they have nurtured this bunch of players who looked like their levels werent low

However, he didnt immediately take action when he faced the embattlement of the players. Instead, he scanned the surroundings.

The Mountain Bandits of the Liangshan Stronghold had massacred all of the guards and NPCs in the Starter Village while he was doing battle with Wei Min.

However, the Mountain Bandits couldnt fully defend themselves against the players endless siege with their strength alone.

Thus, when Qin Shujian looked in the other directions, all he saw were many players and a minority of the Mountain Bandits who were trying to resist them. However, those Mountain Bandits were also severely injured and would be killed at any time.

He didnt go to save those Mountain Bandits.

Firstly, he was surrounded by a mob of players. It was difficult for him to bring the Mountain Bandits out of the village.

Second, the Mountain Bandits could respawn even if they the players killed them.

At this moment, the team of players led by Wang Cheng had gradually formed the embattlement.


With Wang Chengs orders, a dozen muscular players charged out from the pack and attacked him head-on.

Most of the other players slipped behind him and tried to launch a surprise attack on him from the side.

However, Qin Shujian had suddenly taken action before their attacks reached him.


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A harrowing aura instantly erupted around him. The illusory figure of a black tiger suddenly appeared. Its lightning-like roar seemed to harbor a force that could split the earth.

Following that, a terrifying blade of light was shot forward.


The blade of light was like a startling bolt of lightning. It brought along a string of explosions as it traveled through the air.

The players attacking Qin Shujian from the front didnt get a chance to react before the horrifying blade of light immediately devoured them. They transformed into a ray of white light and scattered into the surroundings.

This sudden change caused the players who were preparing to attack to become frightened.

Even Wang Cheng had a look of shock. He exclaimed in disbelief, “How is that possible!!”

The players were all experts at Martial Entry-Level Three. There were even two of them who were Martial Entry-Level Four. The Henglian Technique that they cultivated mainly had a strong emphasis on defense.

They were also the main force who were tasked to defend against the Bosss attacks.

They didnt lose many of them even at the end of the battle against the Martial Entry-Level Six Boss.

But today, one strike.

All it took was one strike!

A dozen players who could defend against a Martial Entry-Level Six Boss attacks had all been massacred.

Wang Cheng didnt have the time to feel pity for a loss like this.

He was about to issue a second order, but it was too late.


Qin Shujian activated the Five Elements Eight Trigram Move. His Tiger Head Blade was like the scythe of a reaper. He annihilated all of the players around him who didnt have the tie to retreat.

Even Wei Min, who was at Martial Entry-Level Eight, was no match for him.

These players, who were not higher than Martial Entry-Level Four, were no different from livestock in Qin Shujians eyes.

With a ninth-grade lethal weapon and his current abilities, cleaving down the players was not much harder than chopping up vegetables.

In just a few seconds, 20 or 30 players died under his blade.

After he harvested a batch of Life Value, Qin Shujian didnt care to chase after the players who were escaping in all directions. Instead, he walked toward the heart of the village.

Since the Core Token was there, he had to get it. There was no way he would hand it over to anyone else.


After all, Qin Shujian earned it! He killed the Boss of the Starter Village.

The players now wanted to reap the benefits of his actions in their wildest dreams.

“Quick, stop him!” Wang Cheng, who had just come to his senses, immediately turned pale when he looked at Qin Shujian, who was about to leave.

The players he had brought over this time around were all elites that the Wang family had nurtured.

That meant that the strength of the Wang family would drop with every player that died.

He would definitely be punished if he didnt buy time to allow Wang Renbin to snatch over the Core Token.

The players who had instinctively retreated came to their senses when they heard Wang Chengs words. They all launched an attack toward Qin Shujians back.

Qin Shujians expression turned ice-cold when he sensed the gusts of wind behind him.

“Youre asking for death!” He stopped in his tracks. An arc of light erupted around his body and cleaved outward in all directions with the force of a lightning bolt.


The players who hadnt even made it close to Qin Shujian turned into rays of white light and vanished in front of the terrifying blade of light.


This scene scared several people into retreating.

Qin Shujian didnt care about them. Instead, he continued to walk forward at a steady pace. He carved up a path with the blade in his hand. Countless rays of white light scattered into the surrounding with every step he took.

All of the players who were standing in front of him, whether or not they were attempting to stop him or if they had been unable to get out of the way, Qin Shujian killed all of them without discrimination.

The heart of the village was where the Village Chief had lived.

The building had already been destroyed. There was only a bronze token suspended in the air. Under the token was a faint blue ring of light that had a radius of around an inch.

At this moment, Wang Renbin was standing in the ring of light.

There were less than ten people left from the batch of players that he brought with him. They were all guarding around the ring of light.

The rest of the players eyed the area within the small ring.

However, none of them took action.

Even though Wang Renbin had brought along high-level players, they didnt amount to much in the face of the tens of thousands of players.

None of the players took action because the other party had given them a promise.

The Wang family was rich and influential.

There was no doubt about that.

Wang Renbin might look calm on the surface, but in actuality, he was extremely nervous.

He had paid a heavy price to obtain this opportunity. He felt the pinch even if he was from the main branch of the Wang family.

He had to occupy the ring of light for ten minutes to obtain the Core Token.

Ten minutes was not a long time, but it wasnt short either.

Just as time passed bit by bit, a terrifying aura spread toward the area from far away, followed by the pathetic cries of many players. There were also countless columns of white light scattering into the surroundings.

“The Liangshan Stronghold Chieftain is approaching!”



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