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Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower Chapter 30 - Apologizing (3)

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The carriage stopped before their gate and Old Madam Long slowly walked out of the carriage. She was already pretty old, so there were two old maids who helped from the sides. They were being careful to make sure that she would not fall.

Normally, the daughter or granddaughter would be the one to help her. But since Old Madam Long only have one son and her daughter in law had passed away, it was impossible. As for Long Xu Nian, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Old Madam Long didn't even want to see her.

"Welcome, Old Madam Long," Old Master Nan said coldly.

Old Madam Long laughed lightly. "Thank you for welcoming us to your residence, Old Master Nan."

Who's welcoming you

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Old Master Nan chortled in his mind but he kept his expression firm. He didn't want to talk to her if it was unnecessary, but he knew that he had to keep up an appearance. Hmph, just for today, then.

"Come inside."

"There's no need, the main courtyard alone is enough." Old Madam Long passed a sidelong glance at Long Xu Nian, who stood stiffly by the side. "What are you waiting for Come here!"

Long Xu Nian's face was dark, yet she kept a smile on her face. It was just… the smile was so tragic that one would think she was crying instead of smiling. Even the onlookers shook their head at her pitiful appearance.

"Grandmother," Long Xu Nian said in soft tone.

"What did I tell you to say" Old Madam Long looked at Long Xu Nian with indifferent gaze.

Long Xu Nian bit her lower lips. She knew that if she apologized in front of everyone, her reputation that was already in tatters would only become worse. However, if she didn't do so, her grandmother would surely make things even harder for her.

She was already suffering enough in the residence.

"I'm sorry, Miss Nan. I failed to supervise the servants in the residence." Long Xu Nian bowed down to Nan Hua.

Old Master Nan looked at the situation and nodded lightly, feeling slightly satisfied with the methods. It seemed that this Old Madam Long truly knew what she was supposed to do.

Nan Hua didn't reply, so Long Xu Nian raised her head. it was then she was greeted by the cold and indifferent look on Nan Hua's face. Chills ran down her spine. Just as she was about to tremble in fear, the terrifying pressure disappeared.

"It's not your fault," Nan Hua said softly, her pitch black eyes were clear without any ripples.

"Many thanks for your benevolence, Miss Nan." Long Xu Nian had confusion within her mind. Why did the young girl look so different just now She must be imagining things because her grandmother had been punishing her repeatedly for the past few days.

Old Madam Long waved her hand. "Since you're done, you can leave first."

"Grandmother" Long Xu Nian was stunned. Did her grandmother only call her here because she wanted her to apologize in public then send her away

The maid moved quicker as they blocked Long Xu Nian's path while Old Madam Long shamelessly invited herself into the residence. Old Master Nan twitched his lips when he saw that but he signaled for Nan Hua and Nan Luo to follow them.

By now, the onlookers were shaking their heads at this spectacle.

"Miss Long didn't seem to be as good as what they said."

"To be apologizing in public again, I really wonder what did she do to both Nan Family and Su Family."

"Heh, I bet she offend them so greatly that even her elder is alerted."

Long Xu Nian's face turned even darker when she heard what the onlookers said. She knew very well that if she stayed here any longer, they might even start to curse her so loudly that it would be impossible for her to keep her face anymore.

Since it was the case, it would be better for her to leave immediately.

"Let's go."

Gritting her teeth, Long Xu Nian swore that she would make sure her brother suffered to.

Little did she know that the one who allowed her to fall this deep was the young girl whom she would never consider in her entire life.



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