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Chapter 1670: Winning an award!Translator: 549690339

After entering the venue, someone immediately led them to their seats.

Both of them were arranged to sit in the first row.

Xia Ning knew that she was only able to sit here because she was Qiao Yus wife.

The first row was filled with important people, such as famous directors, old artists, and important guests like Qiao Yu, who were also rich people.

The seats behind were for the actors.

After all, at the last award ceremony, Qiao Yu sat right in front of her.

At that time, he didnt like her at all.

Xia Ning felt a little melancholic.

Why was it that she was filled with memories wherever she went

She subconsciously looked behind her to see who was sitting behind Qiao Yu.

She didnt expect it to be Lin Nan.

She knew he was nominated this time.

“Uncle Lin!” Xia Ning took the initiative to greet him.

Lin Nan also saw her.

He nodded and smiled.”Ill see you guys on the red carpet.”

Xia Ning glanced at the seat next to him.

It was a very experienced actress, not Cheng feixuan.

She nodded at the actress, then turned to Lin Nan.”Uncle Lin, do you think your closing work will win another award”

“Its up to fate whether I win the award or not.

I dont really care.

After all, I dont have many opportunities to attend awards ceremonies like this.” Lin Nans voice was filled with helplessness and even melancholy.

Xia Ning disagreed.”I dont like what youre saying, Uncle Lin.

Youre only 37 or 38 this year.

With your capabilities, you can act until youre old.”

“You really know how to talk.” Lin Nan laughed.”Ill still work behind the scenes, but I dont know if youre interested in being the female lead in my new movie!”

“This ...” Xia Ning was about to reject him.

The mans voice came from the side.”Shes not interested.”


Lin Nans gaze fell on Qiao Yu, who was beside Xia Ning.

Qiao Yu turned around at the same time.

“Chief Qiao is so strict.

Ke, are you going to be a full-time housewife” Lin Nan looked at Xia Ning and raised his eyebrows.

Qiao Yu didnt say anything, but Xia Ning replied,””Of course not.

In a year or so, I wont be as free as I am now.”

Thinking of Xia Nings family background, Lin Nan finally understood.

Xia Ning wanted to ask Lin Nan why Cheng feixuan wasnt there, but she thought of her health and her rude request the last time, so she chose to remain silent.

Just then, the emcee entered the stage.

Xia Ning turned around and looked at the stage.

The most important moment of the night was about to arrive.

Beside her, Qiao Yu glanced at Xia Ning and held her hand, telling her not to be nervous.

The host signaled for the audience to be quiet.

After the speech, it was time for a famous artist to speak on stage and express his views on the future direction of Chinas film development.

After the speech, the host began to announce the awards.

First, it was the best film Award.

The winner was “city of despair”.

Not only did it have high box office sales, but it also had a high reputation.

The online rating was as high as 9.1.

Xia Ning could feel that the camera was pointed at her for a moment.

After all, she was the female lead of the movie, and she actually felt proud of it.

The awards were presented one after another, and finally, it was the best Actor award.

As an international Best Actor, Lin Nan had no lack of trophies, so when the guest called out his name, everyone was a little disappointed, but they felt that he deserved it.

Although he had won many awards, Lin Nans face still showed the excitement of winning, because it was a kind of recognition.

He stood up and gave everyone around him a hug.

He then glanced at Xia Ning and nodded at her before walking up to the stage.

Xia Ning turned around and sat down.

Her eyes were focused on Lin Nan, who was on the stage.

She was genuinely happy for him to win the award.

However, she didnt realize that Qiao Yu had disappeared from her side.

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