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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 29 Selfish Humans

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“Since she had paid so much attention to the decoration and took personal interest in the meal, she had gotten herself a name already!” as the words left her mouth Hazel noticed that a lot of other women were standing behind Scarlet.

It would look like they were talking to each other but often their gaze was lingering on her face and she knew that they were waiting for her.

Like hungry beasts let their prey think that she was free, and when the prey was least paying attention, they would attack her and devour her. She felt like she was in a similar situation.

“Mmm, but I think we should have dinner first! She had all her life to talk to them!” when hazel had thought that she would let her go, he kept on holding her tightly in his arms that confused her.

Should he not enjoy that she would be tormented by all of them.

“Oh! I thought you would like to have a drink with Damien and Simon and so on. They all are waiting for you!” It was taking so much effort to maintain the smile on her face that Scarlet wanted to snatch the girl from his arms and show her where she belonged. Yet she continued to plaster that smile on her face.

“Hmm, wouldnt they join us on the dinner table” without waiting for her to respond, Rafael continued to hold the girl in his arms in a secured manner as he walked towards the dinner table.

Many of them who were thinking that they would be introduced to the girl exchanged their glances but nodded their heads and followed the lord to the table.

Soon the food started getting served as they sat on the table. Under the piercing gaze of their master, they did not dare to insult the girls as they nodded their heads to affirm her presence and she repeated the same.

As food was served, she looked at the plethora of dishes in front of her and so did the knives, forks, spoons and plates with them. Since she had lived alone she never cared about the table etiquette and when the governess taught her about other things, she did not pay much attention to it since she was the princess.

They must have thought that she knew about it already. Now that she looked at the shining gold, she did not know how to react to it.

Since she and Rafael were the guests of honor of the party, none of them would start before them so she did not have the chance to copy others.

But since they all would not start before she would start, should she delay it further! A smirk formed on her face when the idea crossed her mind but she let that go as she knew it would not work, a few of them would ask her to eat anyway.

Then, should she let go of the manners and eat the way she would like After all, she was not trying to leave a good impression on them anyway.

No! They must think that she knew everything or else they would think that she was a fool and would try to insult her or take her benefit! She had to show them she knew all.

“My lady Did you not like the fool when you are the one who specifically ordered it” she raised her head with a frown. She had ordered the flowers and she was sure that they would comment on it but they did not!

She had thought that party would start with a bang, but it was rather silent. And now..

She looked at the food again and realized what they were talking about and a smirk formed on her lips.

“Oh! Do you not like veg food Then you can always have what you like most!” she pointed at the maids that were standing behind each of them and soon the blood was filled in their glasses.

“But if you are still unsatisfied with the food, I can ask the maids to change the menu for you!” though she asked with a bright smile on her face, the meaning between her words were similar.

“No! No! The food is too appeasing. It would be a change for our palates!” the man muttered with an uneasy smile as the gaze of the lord fell on him.

“Go on then, eat! As the hostess, I will only eat when all of them start eating!“ That was the golden chance she was looking for.

Once she would see all of them eating, she would just imitate their actions. The others who had been silent all the time glared at Simon for opening his mouth. They would have thought that they would just sit and have a few sips of their drink and then leave the table.

But who would have thought that now the eyes of the lord would be on them. They all exchanged uneasy glances and looked at Scarlet for help.

“Rafael! You can not force all of them to eat the grass! If it continued then the girl would ask us to have the milk instead of blood like her!

Are you thinking of changing all of us for your wife How is it different than the greedy humans that had always questioned us while having all kind of meat by themselves!” Her words got a lot of nods and finally Hazel felt the tension building in the atmosphere.

She turned to look at the maids to know when she had asked them to change the menu when her eyes met Diana. She was looking at her with a smirk on her face but when she concentrated then it was a gentle smile that the girl always gave to her.

“Humans have always behaved like that, they have different words in their mouth and different actions. Like the last empress who tried to mix the powder in your drink!”


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