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Forced Bride Of The Vampire Lord Chapter 27 Let The Party Begin

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“You are looking beautiful, your majesty!” the maid replied half truth and half flattery as she looked at their new empress.

It was not like she was not beautiful. She was breathtaking! But she had covered herself with a lot of makeup and wore so many jewels that she was looking rather strange now.

“But if you like, I can still change your makeup. That gloss!” Before she could advise that the make up was too dark for her skin, the empress raised her head and her glance was enough to shut up the maid.

“I did not need your advice! I know what I am doing.”i am making my plan for escape you dumb girl she added in her mind as she looked at herself in the mirror with a proud expression.

She was looking no less than a witch from the horror show. She had used the darkest makeup and wore the most gaudy dress and jewels that even she would be scared of if she had looked at herself in the dim lighting.

She was sure that the night creatures give a lot of importance to their looks and presentations. Not to forget the noble vampires..

She was dying to see their reaction when they would see her.

“I.. I apologize, your majesty. Shall I escort you to the ballroom his majesty would be waiting!“ Hazel gave a last look to herself as she nodded and stood up.

“Yes!” she walked out of the room with full confidence as if she was looking no less than the fairy!

Her heels created the only sound in the silent hall as everyone had already gone to the party.

“Where is my lady in waiting” she asked as she looked at her left spot empty. Wondering how much Diana had suffered from collecting the flowers, a chuckle escaped her lips that only made her look scarier.

Even the maids behind her flinched when they saw her laughing like that.

“We do not know, your majesty!” they replied, shivering more than usual but she ignored and continued to move forward.

Soon the sound of murmurs and music started falling on her ears and her heart started pounding loudly against her chest. Her palms started to turn sweaty.

Taking a deep breath, she walked towards the stairs with a bright smile on her face that was full of confidence.

All the vampires were looking at the decoration of the room with a scornful gaze. The drops of blood were the only flower that mocks them and the flower of the east was bane on their presence. Mocking them they could not enjoy the sun like the living beings do!

Was the party only to mock them! Even the calm face of Rafael cracked when he saw the party room but soon an amusing smile formed on his face as if he was not going to attend the reception party but to see an entertainment show.

“My lord! What if others taken objection about it” Edward had never asked the question to Rafael no matter what he had asked him to do but this was not done by Rafael but the strange girl whom he had thought would have died by now.

But here she was! Not only was she alive but a feast was organized for that even did not understand why!

“Ha! Since when has anyone had the courage to object to anything that had been organized by us! Say Edward, do you wanna bet that not a single one would even ask about it!

If I lose, I will give you your freedom but if you lose I will drink your blood until i suck you dry!” his tone was full of humor that he even chuckled in the end but Edward knew.. Not to go for his voice but for his words.

If he said that he would kill him, then there was no doubt that he would kill him without thinking twice.

“How can i.. A mere subject of yours can understand your decisions. I would accept your every word without question!” he bowed his head as he tried his best to keep himself calm when Rafael chuckled again.

“Even if I asked you to give your life” the words came out with a smile. It sounded so warm and gentle that if anyone would have heard him they would have thought he loved Edward like a brother,

“Yes, my lord. My life is already yours!” he replied without even blink that he sighed,

You are not at all fun to be with, Edward! Sigh! I think I should go down and look somewhere else for entertainment!” he shook his head with a bored look as he descended the stairs.

“I can not believe that we agreed to have the party just because the council asked for it! Since when have we started to listen to them” asked Simon to Damien who was standing beside him as he looked at the emperor who had a sweet smile on his face as if he was the most harmless man around.

If he would not have seen his clothes filled with blood this morning, even he would have believed this sweet deception.

Rafael turned to look at the vampire who was staring at him for more than needed, and Simon shuddered. He bowed his head hurriedly afraid that he would lose his head before leaving this place.

“Why Are you not happy to attend the marriage reception of the emperor” though it was a simple question. But Simon knew the gravity of it.

He did not dare to tell that emperors marriage was a joke for him,

“No! I did not mean that, my lord. In fact, i am lucky that i got the chance to attend it!” he did not dare to speak against the man even in his absence. Who knows when he would come with his sword and kill him in the name of treason!

“So, where is the wife chosen by the council! I wonder how many days she will be able to survive!”


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