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1708 The Goddess of Mercys Heartache!

At that moment, the entire audience on Star Web was wondering the same thing.

What was Black up to! Why did he use his body to receive the deadly attack It was common knowledge that spirit qi professionals bodies were frail.

This was a fact that even regular people were aware of.

S-rank spirit qi professionals could use their spiritual power to create a shield.

The spirit qi that enveloped the shield would be able to effectively fend off attacks.

Unless they were cornered, S-rank spirit qi professionals would never expose themselves to an attack.

It took too much spiritual power to create a shield, and the shield created would be far weaker than that of a defense-type fey.

The shield produced by a pinnacle emperor-class expert that had a Suzerain X/Myth III fey had similar strength to a Suzerain V/Myth I defense-type fey.

It was impossible that Black was an S-rank spirit qi professional, meaning he could not produce the shield of spirit qi.

As such, it was inconceivable for him to have any other method of defense.

The audience did not know if Blacks action had been out of panic or if he was truly helpless and was ready to sacrifice his arm to fend off the attack.

However, it was clear that the pinnacle Fantasy purple shadow could not be fended off by an arm.

Even if Black did not die from losing an arm and managed to buy time for himself to summon feys, he would be left crippled.

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From then on, his development would be greatly restricted.

However, this horrific outcome did not materialize.

When the purple shadow made contact with Blacks fist, a powerful wave exploded outward, sending yellow dust flying all around the stage.

Finally, they saw what the purple shadow truly was.

It turned out to be a small purple snake with faint gold patterns on its body.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the purple snake.

He found out that it was a wind- and poison-type Diamond X/Fantasy V Nether Bamboo Viper.

Its specialty was that it had a large quantity of powerful venom.

Its nurturing process and method leaned heavily toward speed and strengthening its venom.

If a snake-species fey did not have speed, it would not be able to leap 5,000 meters within one or two seconds.

This speed exceeded that of a Myth Breed avian-type fey.

At this time, the audience on Star Web was utterly despondent.

This was because the light blue snake had not just collided with Black but had unhinged its jaw and bit down on his fist forcefully.

At first, everyone assumed that Black would fly backward after being bitten.

Yet, something astonishing happened instead.

A surge of power flew out from Blacks fist and flowed down the snakes jaw into its body.

It threw the light blue snake backward forcefully.

When it crashed to the ground, it tumbled for a few rounds before lying in a crumpled heap.

Although it still had its motor functions, it could no longer close its jaws.

This sight made the entire audience on Star Web gasp before cheers erupted.

Peace is Bliss: Whats going on with Black How is his body stronger than a feys Is he actually a fey in human form

Amongst the Stars: This is great! I thought that Black would end up heavily injured! If he was heavily injured from the first round of Capture the General, he wouldnt be able to proceed with the later two rounds!

Lucky Little Panda: None of you is paying attention! The strength of this small snake-species fey lies in its venom.

Dont tell me you didnt notice that the snake-species fey bit his fist! Hes done for.

If both of them are evenly matched in power, the poison-type fey will definitely have the advantage! Even if Black is a fey, he wont be able to survive, much less if hes just a spirit qi professional!

Han Qi sensed the Nether Bamboo Vipers injury and made an estimate of how strong Blacks attack had been.

Blacks attack had stunned Han Qi.

The attack from Blacks fist had been about as strong as an attack from the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade.

Moreover, Blacks fist could focus the power on one point.

This was the only explanation for the Nether Bamboo Viper being so grievously injured that it could not even close its mouth.

Although the Nether Bamboo Viper was injured, Han Qi still had a confident smile on his face.

The Nether Bamboo Vipers venom was slow acting.

It needed close to an hour to take effect.

The venom would slowly steal a persons five senses before finally affecting their mind.

Lastly, the person would become addicted to the venom.

As a result, they would be fully under the control of the Nether Bamboo Viper.

Although the supply of venom was not unlimited, the Nether Bamboo Viper just needed to inject more venom into this young man, and he would eventually fall.

According to the rules of the Major Federation Meeting, any participant that had been attacked and could no longer retaliate would become a trophy for the winning side.

Black was about to become Han Qis trophy.

Han Qi remembered the Goddess of Mercys interest in Black and decided to gift the obedient Black to her.

She might be so happy that she would give him some sort of reward.

Han Qi was aware of his situation.

As long as he performed during Capture the General and won, there was no doubt that he would become Du Miaos disciple.

If he could obtain some rewards from the Goddess of Mercy on top of it, his power would advance even further.

Then, all that would be left was for him to participate in next years Freedom Envoy selection.

If he could become a Freedom Envoy as well as a disciple of royalty, he would truly have reached the peak of the Freedom Federations young generation.

Han Qi was imagining such a blissful outcome for himself and even wanted to curry favor with the Goddess of Mercy.

However, he had no clue that when the Goddess of Mercy saw Lin Yuans fist bitten by the Nether Bamboo Viper, her brow had furrowed.

No one was more unbothered by taking lives than her.

She loved stealing life from bodies with beautiful appearances and turning them into her toys.

But her heart ached when she saw that Black had been injured, and fury bubbled within her.

This was an extremely new and strange feeling to her.

Even after she discovered that Second Page Revival had killed the last of the mermaids and when the Moon Empress killed her sacred source lifeform that had the mermaid bloodline, all she had felt was rage.

Her heart had never ached before.

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