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1707 The Left Fist Swung by Black!

During Capture the General, a general could make a request that countered the request made by the other general.

Instead of making a new request, Lin Yuan made use of the opportunity to limit Han Qis usage of precious instruments.

When Han Qi heard what Lin Yuan said, he scoffed coldly.

“Are you afraid of fighting me using precious weapons If thats the case, you could just have requested that both sides arent allowed to use precious instruments at all.”

Lin Yuan shook his head and said, “No, I should actually thank you for making that request.

I have a precious instrument that I must use during Capture the General.”

Lin Yuan took out a golden pouch.

It was the Jeweled Cave Golden Toads stomach that Chef Supreme had given him.

It used to only be a 2 Stars precious instrument.

But after being cleansed by the Moon Empress and the Jeweled Cave Golden Toads eyes were added to it, it was now 3 Stars.

Lin Yuan had used True Data to check on Han Qis short purple dagger.

As such, he knew that it was a 5 Stars precious instrument.

A 5 Stars precious instrument had to come from a 5 Stars sacred source lifeform.

Precious instruments inherited a portion of their abilities from the sacred source lifeforms they came from.

Han Qis precious instrument was called the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade and came from the tooth of the Barren Overgrown Demon Lizard.

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Lin Yuan did not know what the Barren Overgrown Demon Lizards abilities were, but the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade had two combat abilities.


Barren Overgrown Protection: By absorbing the vitality from the surrounding environment and lifeforms, a shield in the shape of a demon will be created.

The lifeforms that came into contact with the shield will immediately have their vitality drained away.


Clan Adjudication: After the blade absorbs a type of vitality, it will be able to analyze the vitality.

If they share any similarities, the blade will automatically absorb the vitality.

Lin Yuan inhaled sharply when he saw these abilities.

Previously, he felt that Red Thorn and Silver Corona were unrivaled.

But now, he knew that he was wrong.

The Demon Lizard Tooth Blade would be able to render both Silver Corona and Red Thorn useless.

With the first ability, Han Qi could hack away at the sea of flowers, and the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade would absorb all the vitality from the lotus flowers and ramets.

This would lower the brutal vine ramets attacking power.

If he used Clan Adjudication as well, the sea of flowers created by Red Thorn and Silver Corona would immediately turn into an energy source for the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade.

It could be said that the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade perfectly countered feys that fought by extending and dividing themselves.

The Demon Lizard Tooth Blade would also seriously affect Liu Jie.

Although Liu Jie not only depended on the Insect Queens sea of insects to fight, insect-species carcinoma feys brought on disaster by spawning.

Lin Yuan felt that it was good news that Han Qi had taken on the role of general.

However, the Demon Lizard Tooth Blade was very bad news for the Radiance Federations team.

Not even a Class 4 Creation Master could see the breakdown of a 5 Stars precious instrument at one glance.

Only Class 5 Creation Masters who had contracted sacred source lifeforms could do so.

Thus, no one from the Freedom Federation expected Lin Yuan to have discovered the Demon Lizard Tooth Blades abilities.

Han Qi was not a Creation Master and could not tell what the precious instrument Lin Yuan had taken out was.

When Han Qi realized that this would not be an easy fight, he took off the ring he was wearing and assumed an attacking stance.

However, the Moon Empress and Chef Supreme were stunned because they were very familiar with this precious instrument.

In an instant, they realized why Lin Yuan had said that he had a precious instrument that he must use.

The Jeweled Cave Golden Toad did not have any combat abilities at all.

It was purely meant for support.

Clearly, Lin Yuan wanted to store the other two members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence in this precious instrument.

He was going to engage in a one-on-three fight.

The giant hourglass in the middle of the stage turned around, signaling the beginning of the battle.

Lin Yuans eyes turned to the two members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence next to him, and he said, “Later, the two of you will enter this precious instrument!”

Lin Yuan did not have to say much more, but the two knew his intentions.

It was a fact that the two of them were much weaker than Black.

It was possible that the two of them would die from the purple-black dagger at the beginning of the fight.

The members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence had not reached the level where they would be familiar with precious instruments.

The two of them had walked up to the stage and stood resolutely next to Lin Yuan because they were ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Radiance Federations glory.

At that moment, as the two of them looked at Blacks expression, they nodded without hesitation.

Black had taken out this precious weapon because he wanted to protect them.

This was the only reason he was using his only chance to use a precious weapon this way.

If the two of them resisted, it would not be helpful in any way, and they might even become Blacks burden.

Thus, from the moment the golden hourglass turned around, the two of them immediately entered the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad.

Before Lin Yuan could store away the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad, the amber button on his sleeve fell onto the stage and turned into a pool of quicksand.

It started to produce large amounts of sand.

This was not going to be a survival battle.

Putting aside the two members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence, Han Qi had understood the Source Sands function early on.

He knew that the Source Sand needed time to create sand.

Thus, Han Qi was not going to give it the time to do so.

Previously, Han Qi wanted to take out the two members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence as well.

However, only Black was left on stage now.

As such, Han Qi could only target Black.

A purple shadow charged at Black from the moment the hourglass turned around.

This purple shadow did not even give Black time to summon any feys.

Although Black had pulled the two members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence into the precious instrument swiftly, it still took around one or two seconds.

In a battle between top experts, one or two seconds could make the difference between life and death.

Everyone logged into Star Web was holding their breaths and utterly transfixed.

Despite there clearly being no time, Black sent his left fist flying toward the purple shadow.

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