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1706 Three Precious Instruments!

Lin Yuan had volunteered to take up the position of general because he had contemplated the situation after understanding the rules of Capture the General.

Liu Jie and Zong Ze had their own methods.

If he was forced to fight to the death against them, he could not be confident that he would emerge victorious.

Lin Yuan did not know what Zong Zes current secret weapons were, nor what abilities Liu Jies secret source lifeform had.

There was a possibility that a secret weapon would suddenly be used during the battle that completely turned the tide.

However, the Jasmine Lily would enable Lin Yuan to heal himself, and Blackie could replenish his spiritual power.

Additionally, Lin Yuan had the Vitality Imprint and Spirit Qi Imprint.

If he activated these imprints, Lin Yuan would quickly turn into a powerful beast.

Both Blackie and the Jasmine Lily had reached Diamond X/Fantasy V.

The spirit qi and vitality had been accumulating over time.

Lin Yuan just needed to activate them, and he would be able to tap into more spirit qi than even a thearch-class expert had within their body.

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In order for Lin Yuan to become a jack-of-all-trades type of spirit qi professional, he relied on the shockingly outstanding feys he had contracted and the source-type lifeforms he had spirit locked.

As such, it was only natural for him to step up now.

He could have picked Liu Jie and Zong Ze to be on the safe side.

However, this would definitely result in them having to give up their best team arrangement for the group battle later.

Lin Yuan felt that Liu Yifan, Liu Jie, himself, Zong Ze, and Gao Feng would be the best team for the group battle.

The five of them would be able to unleash the strongest power to take on the plot that the Freedom Federation envoy group had been stewing on for some time.

The Freedom Federation must have already accounted for Liu Yifan and Zong Zes powers and raised their expectations just in case.

The unknown variables of their team were Gao Fengs sacred source lifeform, Liu Jies insect-species carcinoma feys, and Lin Yuan.

In order for them to win, they had to play their best cards.

Lin Yuan had witnessed Li Nao and Zhang Zihaos power.

Both of them were qualified to be members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

Half a year ago, Lin Yuan could only dream of being as powerful as them.

But now, Lin Yuan just needed to fight seriously, and he would be able to take both of them down quickly.

In fact, he would only need to use the Source Sand.

It could be said that the other new members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence would be nothing more than sitting ducks if they participated in this farce of a friendly match.

Once the fight started, they would be killed almost immediately.

Lin Yuan could not stand by and watch as two members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence lost their lives.

Hence, he would need to protect them.

At that moment, a thought occurred to Han Qi and he raised his left fist as he said, “According to the rules, every general is entitled to make one request before Capture the General begins.

I would like to request that the use of precious weapons be allowed.”

Liu Wencheng looked at the ring on Han Qis ring finger, the dagger on his hip, and the purple-gold cuff around his wrist.

All of these were precious instruments.

He would need to use spiritual power to activate them.

However, it would require less spiritual power to activate them than it did to commandeer feys.

The Freedom Federations royalty nurtured their favored experts by giving them a precious instrument when they were young.

This precious instrument might not be compatible with the expert.

But at that time, the expert was almost no different from a blank canvas.

There were a few favored experts who fell off the wagon.

In order to increase their power, they would center their fey system around their precious instrument.

They could also use their precious instrument to increase their combat power and durability.

But for the Radiance Federation, even the disciples of royalty had their own fully fleshed-out battle style.

They would only be able to choose a main ingredient from a sacred source lifeform to turn it into a precious instrument once they contracted their first sacred source lifeform.

It was difficult to say which way of nurturing young experts was better.

The Freedom Federation placed emphasis on the early nurturing of spirit qi professionals, while the Radiance Federation preferred nurturing at the later stage.

However, it seemed that there was no question that the Freedom Federations way of nurturing was giving them the advantage now.

As long as the request made by the general abided by the rules, it had to be granted.

After Han Qi made his request, he pulled out the purple-black dagger.

It resembled the tooth of a beast, and it was covered with the patterns of snakes.

It was as though it was subtly absorbing the vitality of every person in the vicinity, with the exception of Han Qi.

When Han Qi pulled out this precious instrument, the two members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence hastily took about five steps back in order to protect themselves.

Otherwise, their vitality would have been drained by the purple dagger.

They would wither and die before the fight even started.

Han Qi was known as the Purple Demon Blade in the Freedom Federation.

The short purple-black dagger in his hand had become his symbol.

He was one of those who crafted all his other precious instruments according to the first one he received when he was ten years old.

With regard to precious instruments, the Moon Empress had made five for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan stored all of them in the Spirit Lock spatial zone and had no intention of using them.

Although there were practically no restrictions as to how they could be used, Lin Yuan was not accustomed to using precious instruments in battle.

If he used something in battle that he was not skilled at wielding, it would very likely backfire on him.

Lin Yuan had so many methods at his disposal that he did not have to worry at all.

He never had to worry about running out of ways to counter his opponents.

What he had to worry about was the best way to allocate the spiritual power in his body.

Just as Han Qi was about to pluck off his ring to toss it into the air, the four strange eyes on the ring started to turn, and something was about to be summoned.

At that moment, Lin Yuan said, “My request is that both sides will only be allowed to use one precious instrument at the most.”

Lin Yuans words caused the smile on Han Qis face to turn stiff.

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