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Light green moon

Every dimensional world had its own moon, just like the abyssal worlds red moon that had been consumed by Forage Moon and became its puppet.

Forage Moon did not consume all the energy of the moon but just made use of its body.

It could construct its own energy using the roots of the moons body.

This was the only way Forage Moon could truly take control of the moon for the Moon Empress usage.

Hence, although the Moon Empress had taken the red moon from the abyssal world, the power from the red moon still remained in the abyssal world.

Although the dimensional lifeforms from the abyssal world could no longer see the red moon in the sky and use it to keep track of time, the abyssal world was unaffected by the disappearance of the red moon.

The environment in the dimensional rift was a projection of the environment in the dimensional world.

The light green moon belonged to the marsh world, so the Moon Empress expression froze.

The Class 6 dimensional rift that had opened in the Freedom Federation was the marsh dimensional rift.

If Lin Yuan said he would give her a light green moon, did that mean he had a way of entering the marsh world

The most habitable dimensional world was the marsh world.

The Class 6 abyss dimensional rift was linked to the marsh world, and it was possible to build representative cities within.


However, they could not expand agriculturally in the abyssal world as only fire- and plant-type feys could survive there.


Nonetheless, the environment in the marsh world was invaluable to fire-type feys.


On the other hand, any plant-type fey could be planted in the marsh world.

Although fire-type plant-type feys would not receive a natural boost from the environment in the marsh world, the marsh soil from the marsh world could perfectly make up for this.

The Class 6 marsh dimensional rift in the Freedom Federation had opened two years earlier than the Class 6 abyss dimensional rift had opened up in the Radiance Federation.

In the past two years, the Freedom Federation had managed to make use of it to expand rapidly.

Although there had been two incidents similar to the Firefly Fantasy Earthworms Premature Death.

Due to the contamination from the Firefly Fantasy Earthworm, nothing could be grown on the ground.

But the Freedom Federation could easily cross this hurdle by making use of the marsh world.

The Class 6 dimensional rift had been the Freedom Federations biggest secret.

The Freedom Federation had not built mirror cities in the marsh world to boost their spirit qi professionals activity space like the Radiance Federation was planning to do in the abyssal world.

The royalty from the Freedom Federation immediately took control and sealed up the Class 6 marsh dimensional rift.

They told their citizens to make a choice about whether they wanted to live in the marsh world or the main world.

Once they decided to live in the marsh world, they would not be able to change their decision and would have to stay there for the rest of their lives.

This gave the spirit qi professionals from the Freedom Federation who had been seriously negatively affected a way out, and the royalty from the Freedom Federation used this method to move 1/3 of the Freedom Federations population to the marsh world, where they could continue developing.

This way, no one would be able to sneak past the Freedom Federations royalty and enter the marsh world.

All the shrine attendants who processed resource trading at the border of the Class 6 marsh dimensional rift were from the Freedom Federations royaltys personal team.

Hence, the Freedom Federation had even invited almost 100 Class 5 Spirit Craftsmen to build large spatial equipment using Myth Breed spiritual ingredients.

Every time resources were traded between the Freedom Federation and marsh world, only three of this spatial equipment were needed.

Thus, the Moon Empress never dared to set her sights on the marsh worlds moon.

Frankly, she had not targeted any other dimensional moon.

The only way to enter dimensional worlds was through Class 6 dimensional rifts.

If a Class 6 dimensional rift opened and was not fortified with high-grade spatial spiritual ingredients within a year, it would start to slowly disappear.

The main world had federations that were able to take control of Class 6 dimensional rifts.

These federations all had Class 5 Creation Masters, and they would never allow the Moon Empress to enter the Class 5 dimensional rift that they had control of.


If the Moon Empress tried to force her way in and used Forage Moon to harvest the dimensional worlds moon, a war would undoubtedly break out.

As the Radiance Federations Moon Empress, she could not drag the entire Radiance Federation into a war because of her selfish demands.

Thus, despite Forage Moons harvesting of moons being able to greatly increase her power, the Moon Empress did not insist on going down this path.

At that moment, Lin Yuan went on to say, “Master, I have a way to enter the marsh world.

The method is very simple.

Ill take you there now!”

Lin Yuan did not intend on using the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad with the Moon Empress.

But if he allowed her to enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Morbius would be exposed.

Morbius was extremely important.

Moreover, Lin Yuan realized that it was definitely linked to a big secret in the dimensional world.

Keeping it a secret would be advantageous but also disadvantageous because it came with risks.

After some contemplation about the Moon Empress treatment of him, Lin Yuan decided that he would allow her to enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

At that moment, the Moon Empress said, “Little Yuan, you either need your sacred source lifeforms ability or a secret weapon that youve never revealed before to enter the marsh world.

Regardless, you know which is the safest way for yourself.

You have the ability to revive Jade Sundials soul.

If you tell me this secret and I end up killed, an enemy might be able to learn your secret through my soul.”

The Moon Empress handed Lin Yuan two silver and gold bells and said, “Chef Supreme gave you the precious instrument made from the Jeweled Cave Golden Toads stomach.

When the Jeweled Cave Golden Toad died, Chef Supreme obtained its skin and stomach, while the Bamboo Monarch obtained its eyes.

Its eyes also have storage abilities and are able to store much more than its stomach.

I asked for the eyes and made them into a precious instrument for you.”

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