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Lin Yuan was exhilarated when he saw such a great expansion.

When Morbius had been Silver grade, the Spirit Lock spatial zone was already huge.

It had come far from its initial 80 square meters.

It had been difficult to ration out every inch of space.

When he returned to the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Lin Yuan noticed that the Spirit Lock spatial zone had grown larger, and the spirit qi had also become much more concentrated.

He could tell that the feys in the Spirit Lock spatial zone that could produce weather and the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope were visibly changing.

The Wind Speed Rapid Antelope had started to shed its short fur, and new fur was growing out.

Although its bloodline had not transformed, its aptitude had clearly increased after being nourished by such spirit qi.

However, the biggest changes happened to Genius and Chimey.

Genius and Chimey could only grow to such an extent because of pure spirit qi.

Genius and Chimeys fur and feathers had hidden their skin by now.

Lin Yuan had experienced this situation many times.

After Lin Yuan took a nap and woke up, he saw that the hair that Genius and Chimey shed already took up a large part of the space on the bed.

Lin Yuan was very glad that he had evolved Morbius grade first.

Now, Genius and Chimey could be nourished by even purer spirit qi and improve their bloodlines.

Their bloodlines would be more fully evolved when they evolved to Fantasy V.

Lin Yuan had not decided what the next fey he was going to spirit-lock was.

He did not have many Willpower Runes left over.

Thus, he either had to contract a fey like the Remembrance Soul Whale that he would eternally regret not contracting or a suitable one like the Jasmine Lily.

However, the former of the two choices was better.

Now that Morbius was awake, Lin Yuan did not need to rush to evolve its grade.


After Genius and Chimeys bloodlines were evolved, they would emerge from the pile of fur on their own.

Lin Yuan knew that he should not disturb Genius and Chimey.

He thought about the new item that Morbius mentioned.

Without Morbius having to guide him, he noticed a well next to the spirit pool.

Lin Yuan rushed over to the well and saw that it was bone dry.

Morbius walked over to Lin Yuan and said with a smile, “Partner, I think this well will be useful to you.”

Morbius started to explain, “This is called the Element Well.

It can increase the activation period of elemental energy.

The various elemental energies will be evenly distributed in the Spatial Lock spatial zone.

The water in the well can also dissolve elemental energy and increase the property of elemental energy.

“However, there is a limit to the well water.

The well water needs to be slowly replenished using the spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

At most, only half a bowl can be added each day.

The Element Well can appear on the Pure Land of Bliss if needed.

However, every second that it remains on the Pure Land of Bliss will use up a certain amount of well water.”

Lin Yuan was stunned for half a minute when he heard what Morbius said.

Next, surprise spread across his face.

Currently, Lin Yuan wielded water-, fire-, earth-, wind-, and dark-elemental energy.

The water-, wind-, earth-, and fire-elemental energy came from the four Elemental Shellfish, while the dark-elemental energy came from the Dark Crystal Armored Insect.

There were many types of elemental energy.

As of now, Lin Yuan had no way of obtaining many elements like gold, wood, light, and lightning.

But Lin Yuan just needed to find the right spiritual ingredients and pour them into the Element Well to obtain concentrated elemental fluids.

The Element Well could evenly distribute different types of elemental energy to the surroundings.

This made Lin Yuan feel that the Spirit Lock spatial zone had become a miniature world.

Feys could not solely depend on increasing the purity of spirit qi to grow.

They also needed elemental energy.

When special feys like the Sunlight King Lotus used light-elemental energy, they could replicate the light of the sun.

If the Spirit Lock spatial zone continued to grow larger, possibly forever, it could become a paradise for spirit qi professionals.

The Element Well would not only allow Lin Yuan to gain elemental fluids but would also enable Lin Yuan to produce heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls with purer elemental energy.

This broke through the shackles that the world placed on feys.

The Element Wells appearance also allowed Lin Yuan to gain a new support ability.

When the Pure Land of Bliss was treating the roots of injured feys, the Elemental Well would become an aid station that further helped the feys.

If an enemy sealed off a certain type of elemental energy, Lin Yuan would still be able to create a perfect elemental environment.

This was an ability that not even sacred source lifeforms dared to say they had.

This ability that encompassed all types of elemental energy was shockingly strong.

However, this would continuously use up the Element Wells water.

Now, the well was utterly dry.

Morbius said that only half a bowl of water would be added to the Element Well per day.

Lin Yuan felt that at this rate, it would take forever just for the bottom of the well to be covered.

The appearance of the Element Well changed Lin Yuans understanding of Morbius.

Morbius was destined to have endless possibilities.

However, this did not mean that the Elemental Shellfishs elemental pearls were useless.

But, they were no longer going to be the best source of pure elemental energy that Lin Yuan possessed.

However, the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls were still the most valuable resource for trade that Lin Yuan had.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan noticed that there were sounds coming from the piles of white fur and blue feathers.

Soon, a white cat and a light blue bird emerged from the piles of fur and feathers.

The cat climbed up to Lin Yuans shoulder while the other one flew up to his ear.

Lin Yuan realized with shock that their bloodlines had clearly not changed, but they had transformed drastically.

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