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Father of Mecha Re-Birth

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Sun was rising from the horizon marking the beginning of the new day. The road was bustling with people and vehicles. The market area was crowded. The parks were filled with people talking, laughing, exercising, and jogging early in the morning. Some people were returning home from the night shift while some were going to work for the early morning shift. It was a typical day in the capital city of the Earth Federation. If somebody had said that today was a remarkable day marked in the future as the most auspicious day then nobody will believe it. While the people from the future will think in awe of this seemingly normal day as the day when the legendary prodigy of Earth Federation was born.

In one of the villas of the high-class residential area of the capital city, many people were coming in luxurious vehicles wearing elegant clothes and bringing gifts in their hands. The villa was neither big nor small but in this seemingly normal villa of the high-class residential area genius couple of the Earth Federation Aariv and Minerva live. Aariv Bennet and Minerva Bennet were known as the genius couple of the Earth Federation.

When the Earth Federation was nearly in a dire state their new spaceship design and modification in the existing spaceship helped Earth Federation from further crises. Not only were they respected for their intelligence they are also hailed as heroes by the citizens of the Earth federation when the couple themselves went to the frontlines to understand the situation of the war and the modification required to the spaceships.

Today can be considered the most important day of their life. The first time was their marriage while today is the day their first child was born. In the garden, of their villa, a middle-aged man was sitting in the middle while many people were around him congratulating him. He was smiling faintly and thanking them. Some people were genuinely excited since this was the child of the genius couple of the Earth federation while many of them had faltering smiles and were busy praising the old man and his eighteen generations.

While they were talking a man in his late twenties was coming towards him with a big smile on his face.

"Father everything is prepared. Lets go to see your first grandson." he was none other than Aariv Bennet while the middle-aged man was his father Albert Bennet. Albert Bennet is also a famous personality in the Earth Federation. He is known for his research in lasers and electromagnetic waves.

"Ok, lets go" Albert started to walk into the villa with a big smile on his face. The relatives were also following him while others were standing there and talking among themselves. The child was born one hours ago so they weren allowed to see him today. They were here to congratulate the Bennet family. As for the child, they can meet him after a week or so when it is made sure that he is safe.

Soon they reached inside a room full of medical equipment. All of the guests were dumbstruck as soon as got there. There was the best medical equipment in the entire federation. It was on par with the famous hospital of the capital city. There were some people with white coats looking at the equipment and taking the data.

Soon they reached a corridor where there were a few water drizzles attached to the wall. As soon as they stepped into the corridor they started to spray disinfectant.

"Don worry it is disinfectant. It will vaporize in a few seconds. Father ordered disinfecting everyone who enters the ward. He said he can let his grandson catch the disease because of others carelessness." Aariv said with assuring smile.

While the men were praising Albert the women weren happy about it but didn show it on their faces. Soon they arrived near a room filled with medical equipment where a beautiful woman was sitting while holding a baby in her arm. As soon as Albert saw his grandson he couldn help but take him in his arm.

"Haha, my grandson looks exactly like me. I am sure that he will become a handsome lad in the future," he said while taking his grandson in his arm.

"Oh, what did you name him?" he asked while still looking at his grandson.

"We named him Luke," Aariv answered

"Good name, it is fitting for my grandson. I am sure that he will bring a new dawn for our Earth Federation." he was talking with his son and daughter-in-law. A middle-aged woman entered the room with a couple who were also in their twenties following behind her.

"So this is my grandson." he looked towards Luke without sparing a glance towards Minerva.

"Congratulation brother." the young man following her hugged Aariv and congratulated him while his wife was asking about well being of Minerva.

"His face looks exactly like yours and Aariv," she said to Albert.

"May god bless him with good life and prosperity." she started to pray to god while the trio started to shake their head. In this day of science and technology, she may be the only one to pray the god.

"Did you conduct all the tests?" Albert asked.

"Yes, doctors said that all the results will come after two hours."

"Good, lets see the result first then we can celebrate tomorrow."

Other relatives also started to hold Luke and started to talk with the couple and Albert. The ladies also began to talk with Minerva. This was the day of Lukes rebirth which couldn be any more ordinary than this but as the days go his name will spread far and wide.






As soon as Luke finished talking with a mysterious man he loosed his consciousness. He didn feel anything exaggerated like being dragged into the darkness and moving toward the unknown for who knows how long. He just felt like waking up from a dream but when he woke up he was stunned because in front of him there was a beautiful woman. He hasn seen anyone as beautiful as her in his whole life. Neither in reality nor movies.

He was stunned but not for long because he could feel something wrong with his body. He tried to move his hands and feet but he couldn move them freely. He felt like he was very weak and his muscles were somewhat still but flexible at the same time. He soon got used to this. He continued to live his life as a child. He used to practice talking and exercising his hand and feet at night.

Apart from his body, he felt that his brain was also different from his past life. He felt that his thinking was faster than in his past life. Even though the language they used in Earth and Earth federation was different he could understand and speak(in his mind) it within a month old his birth. As the day went he began to practice standing up and talking. He couldn control his tongue properly which was becoming a barrier for him. His hand and leg muscles were also becoming strong each day due to his constant exercise.

Because of his persistence, he could speak and walk when he was six months old. Everybody in the villa was surprised. His mother, father, and grandfather were so excited that if they didn care for their image they would be jumping like monkeys. Other may not know but they know that speaking and walking in six months means that he has an incredible brain. It is well-known fact in many cases active, lively and genius children start to talk and walk sooner.

It also showed that his body was fine but with this happiness, a headache appeared for them. In these six months, only they know how much time they have to hear scolding doctors for not providing proper nutritious food for Luke. Don dare to belittle doctors. When they are treating patients they don care about your status when you come to them again and again with the same problem which can be settled easily. As for how easy, this is only Lukes parents know.

Lukes body couldn get enough nutrients because of his constant practice and exercise. The infant stage isn a stage to exercise or try to move hands and feet like an adult. It was a stage to get used to the environment and develop the body until it can support itself. While Luke was doing exactly the opposite. His bones weren strong enough to carry his weight but he was constantly trying to stand up and move. He should be resting in the bed or on cradles but he was either talking gibberish or trying to walk. So, breastfeeding wasn able to provide enough nutrition for a long time but now after learning how to walk he was running all over the villa and the garden.

After six months infants can eat a small number of cereals or food which can be increased with time so that their digestive system will slowly start to cope with it. Lukes intake was becoming less than his physical demand. The brain in itself requires a considerable amount of food to operate so we can immediately guess that a highly developed brain like Lukes was like a supercomputer that needs a huge amount of electricity to operate.

Lukes demand for high-nutrition food made nutritionists all over the world work overtime and prepare exclusive high-calorie, digestive baby food for him. It can be said that it made the nutritionist and food industry unite for the first time in the world. It can also be considered a blessing in disguise because the massive investment of the Bennet corporation in food industries caused it to advance because not only Bennet but also other families noticed the problem of todays food industry. There were many cases of children below five suffering from malnutrition. It is same for the wealthy family too. All of them don have the same digestive system. Those with weak digestive systems have to be extra careful about their food.

As for infants, Luke will be the only one to suffer from malnutrition due to the over-exertion of both body and mind. This continued until he was one year old. New high-nutrition food was made for him to lessen the burden his body was facing and his digestive system which got better as he grew could handle more calorie food which freed him from the malnutrition that he bought upon himself.

Other than this his first year of life was pretty boring except when he was nine months old. He shocked everyone by walking in the anniversary party of his uncle.

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