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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 29 - The Fall Of The Son

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In a certain hospital, Harada Itsuki was sleeping in a bed in the executive suite. There were bodyguards just outside the room, and sitting beside his bed was a man and woman who wore grave expressions.

The man was Harada Kenji, and the woman was his wife Harada Sara. The two quickly headed to the hospital the moment they found out. Sara was holding onto Itsuki's hand as she asked for her son to wake up.

Kenji left the room with an extreme look of anger on his face. As he was seething with rage one of his men then whispered something in his ear. Hearing what was said Kenji grabbed the man's neck and glared at him.

"What did you say Care to repeat those words"

"... Boss, I..." The man tried to remove Kenji's hand from his throat but to no avail. Seeing the man was choking to death Kenji finally loosened his grip and spoke.

"Tell me what you said once more." The lackey hesitated as he didn't want to get strangled again, but when he saw the look Kenji was giving him, he had no choice and told the same thing.

"We can't find Lobar, we've searched his place and all of the usual places but there are no signs of him. We ask everyone who knew him, and the last known time anyone saw him was when he was bringing the young master to the hospital. As for Jeff the young master's driver he has fled the city and we're still trying to locate him."

"So you're telling me the two people who know the reason for why my son became like this are nowhere to be found! How is that even possible, only a few hours have passed and we have men all over the city. This would mean one of two things, either they've become ghosts and are no longer with us, or you bunch of f*cking idiots are incompetent! Now you should-" As Kenji was about to shout some more somebody spoke behind him.

"Um, boss, there's something you should see." One of Kenji's men showed him a video on his smartphone. The video was from a local news channel.

"Dozens of videos have been popping around the internet of numerous assaults and r*pe that were committed by the same person, the son of the CEO of the Harada Corporation, Harada Itsuki. We have some of those victims with us today, they claim to have been bribed or threatened into not speaking out against Harada Itsuki. This has-"

When Kenji heard what was being said in the news, he quickly made a few calls to have the videos removed and the news be stopped. As he was trying his hardest to contain the situation he gritted his teeth in anger.

'On the same day that my son gets beaten up, and Lobar disappears. This is obviously connected to each other. Someone is trying to mess with me Whoever you are, I'll make sure to pay you back in kind.'


A few hours before the news was spread, after Lobar sent the young master to the hospital and contacted the people under the Harada Family, he decided to go into hiding. Even if he didn't do it, he was a part of the group that allowed the young master to be hurt, and knowing Harada Kenji's temper, wouldn't staying be the same as death Still, he did owe the kid so he sent him to the hospital before trying to make a run for it.

Yet the moment Lobar exited the hospital, he felt something hitting him from behind, and before he could do anything he was already unconscious. When Lobar woke up he felt his hand hands had been tied, as he hazily looked at his surroundings the first thing he saw was a man in a fully black get-up from his coat to his boots everything was black all except for the white mask he was wearing.

"Who are you"

"It doesn't matter who I am Mr. Lobar. All you need to know is that you need to tell me what I want to know."

"... What is it... Were you hired by my old squad Are you going to kill me" Lobar went straight to the point as he was trying to get the knife hidden in his sleeves, yet as he tried to move his fingers into his sleeves, he was surprised to know that the hidden knife wasn't there.

"Don't bother looking for your knife. I already took every hidden weapon you had on you. I'm not some amateur that would just tie you up, I'm a professional. As a professional I'm going to give you two choices, we can either do this the hard way or you can just tell me what I want. Don't worry I won't kill you, as long as you cooperate. But if you don't we get to use these cool new toys I got."

Loki showed Lobar the table that had hammers, nails, saws, a car battery, and many more. When Lobar saw that he gulped before speaking.

"What do you want to know"



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