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Book 5: Chapter 214: Solar Divine Palace Destroyed

The stele of the Rebel Sin Ranking enlarged ten thousand times, standing erect on the sea.

Sect Master Heavenly Access, Jiang Lianshan, Ji Dihong, and the Three Lives Buddhas looked at the three thousand names on the stele.

Jiang Lianshan sighed softly as he looked at these names.


Suddenly, the vast fog churned, immediately exposing the remnants from the Heavenly Realm.

Many things fell out of the thick, churning fog, accompanied by a loud commotion.

Nearly all the animal spirit kings of the Solar Divine Palace had revived.

“Oh It has ended The Heavenly Realm has moved elsewhere already” Sect Master Heavenly Access narrowed his eyes.

Then, Sect Master Heavenly Access flung out his wide sleeves, causing a dark-purple gale to appear.


The gale swept the vast fog into the sky, exposing everything within.

The Supreme Singularity, nine golden crow crown princes, the animal spirit kings, and everyone else Long Zhanguo killed had all revived.

The dark-purple gale also exposed countless fragments of something.

“These fragments The Heaven Splitting Axs aura The Primal Chaos Bells aura The Universe Cauldrons aura The Cross Annihilations aura” Ji Dihong narrowed his eyes.

“The Heaven Splitting Ax The Primal Chaos Bell The Universe Cauldron The Cross Annihilation This is good timing.

This sect masters Seven Immortal Executioner Swords still lack some materials! Come!” Sect Master Heavenly Access suddenly shouted.


The dark-purple gale immediately carried those fragments towards Sect Master Heavenly Access.

He extended his hand and waved.


Countless sword qi suddenly appeared above the sea, sweeping into the surroundings, apparently laying a large sword ritual array.

Seven towering swords stood erect on the water, emanating a terrifying aura.

“The Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array” Jiang Lianshans face sank.

When the Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array appeared, an intense murderous intent rushed at everyone in the surroundings.

“The Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array, the strongest sword ritual array in the world” Ji Dihong moved back slightly, narrowing his eyes.


Then, the countless sword qi gathered and formed a sword qi furnace in the center of the Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array.

The dark-purple gale blew the fragments of the Heaven Splitting Ax, the Primal Chaos Bell, the Universe Cauldron, and the Cross Annihilation into the sword qi furnace.


The sword qi stirred up the many enchanted treasure fragments in the furnace, turning them into beams of light that rushed towards the seven towering swords in the surroundings.


The Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array released an overwhelming aura, merging the fragments of the four ancient treasures into the Seven Immortal Executioner Swords.

The might of the Seven Immortal Executioner Swords immediately kicked up huge waves in the surrounding sea.

Far away, the Supreme Singularitys expression changed.

“Heavenly Access, what are you doing That is my enchanted treasure!” The Supreme Singularity flapped its wings.

Surging Solar True Flame suddenly rushed down from the sun and poured into its spiritual souls.

It turned into a sunlike ball of fire as it glared at Heavenly Access.

“Now, it belongs to this sect master!” Heavenly Access said coldly.

“How audacious! How dare you snatch the treasure of my Solar Divine Palace!” The Supreme Singularity glared.

At the Supreme Singularitys caw, more fire rushed down from the sun, constructing bodies for the animal spirit kings.

“It is not just your Solar Divine Palaces treasure.

This sect master wants all of you too!” Heavenly Access said coldly.

“What” The Supreme Singularity felt startled.

After Heavenly Access spoke, he suddenly opened his mouth.

“Hah!” Heavenly Access roared, spewing purple energy from his mouth.

The purple energy rushed towards the souls of all the Solar Divine Palaces animal spirit kings.

“Ah! Ah! Eastern Monarch, save me! Save me!” the animal spirit kings cried out.

The purple energy from Heavenly Accesss mouth seemed to carry a powerful suction, immediately pulling all the animal spirit kings towards his mouth.

The suction spread very wide, covering the surroundings—and all the animal spirit kings.

“Heavenly Access” The distant Kong Xuan looked at Sect Master Heavenly Access in shock.

It flapped its wings and flew out of range of the suction.

Kong Xuan managed to escape the purple energys suction, as it had a physical body.

However, the souls of the animal spirit kings could not flee; they quickly got sucked in.

Even the Supreme Singularitys expression changed dramatically as the suction pulled on it.

“Heavenly Access, you want to eat me You dare to eat me” the Supreme Singularity roared with a ferocious expression.

“Hadnt you rip apart various generations of the Myriad Age Daoist Sects Sect Master Heavenly Access in the past Didnt you also eat them Today, it is my—Heavenly Accesss—turn to eat you!” Heavenly Access sneered.

“Those were not you! Those were your legacies, not your true self.

You are the first-generation Sect Master Heavenly Access.

I have not offended you before.

Why do you want to eat me Refine my spiritual souls You dare!” the Supreme Singularity exclaimed.

“This sect master is going to refine your spiritual souls.

So what There is no need for the Solar Divine Palace to exist anymore!” Sect Master Heavenly Access said coldly.

“No! No! The rebels have not been eradicated yet, and you want to refine me The Six Paths Immortal will not let you off! Ah! He will not let you off!” the Supreme Singularity cried out in horror.

“Humph! It is just three thousand rebels.

Even without the Solar Divine Palace, there are still the Myriad Age Daoist Sect and the Spirit Mountain Holy Land.

Do you really think yourself indispensable Solar True Flame spiritual soul! Hahahaha! Hah!” Sect Master Heavenly Access roared ferociously.

Boom! The Supreme Singularity flew into Sect Master Heavenly Accesss mouth and was swallowed into his stomach.

It was not just the Supreme Singularity.

The golden crow crown princes, three hundred-odd animal spirit kings, the spiritual souls of the angels and animal spirits—all that the Six Paths Immortal had revived—flew into Heavenly Accesss stomach.

The Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array collected the fragments of the first, second, third, and tenth of the top sixteen ancient treasures to reforge itself, growing stronger.

Sect Master Heavenly Access swallowed the entire Solar Divine Palace.

The nearby Bing Ji inhaled sharply.

Jiang Lianshan and Ji Dihong narrowed their eyes but did not interfere.

On the other side, Long Shenying swept up some Qian Nation officials and immediately shot into the distance.

The stele no longer had Long Shenyings name, so no one cared when he left.

Kong Xuan and twelve other remaining animal spirit kings also wanted to leave.

However, the Present Buddha made a move at this moment.

The Present Buddha flung out his sleeve, and a large kāṣāya flew out.

The kāṣāya expanded to cover the sky like a huge net, enveloping all thirteen animal spirit kings.

Then, the kāṣāya curled up, binding them.

“Present Buddha, why are you capturing us Roar!” Kong Xuan roared while glaring in the kāṣāya.

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The Present Buddha immediately pulled the kāṣāya back.

The thirteen animal spirit kings struggled hard within it.

Suddenly, the Future Buddha said, “Animal spirit kings, the Lord Buddha thinks that you have a fate with my Spirit Mountain Holy Land.

How about you return with us to the Spirit Mountain Holy Land”

“Im not going! Quickly let me go!” Kong Xuan snarled in a rage.

The Solar Divine Palace was destroyed.

Sect Master Heavenly Access had eaten the Supreme Singularity and the other animal spirit kings.

Now, the surviving powerful animal spirit kings could not escape, either Captured by the Spirit Mountain Holy Land in one go

“Let you go You dont have a choice now.

You have a fate with my Spirit Mountain Holy Land, so dont resist anymore.

You will have a place in the Spirit Mountain Holy Land.

The Lord Buddha is benevolent.

Great Light Sovereign Deity He might install you as the Peacock Great Light Sovereign.

Why resist” the Future Buddha said with a smile.

The Present Buddha handed all the captured animal spirits to the Future Buddha.

The Future Buddha respectfully received them, holding them in his hand.

On the other side, the Past Buddha walked over to the base of the fusang tree.

“Rise!” the Past Buddha shouted.

An immense force pulled on the fusang tree, trying to uproot it.


The surrounding seawater rippled and surged, the powerful waves clashing with the waves from the Immortal Executioner Sword Ritual Array.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud reports rang out as the fusang tree slowly got uprooted.

The Future Buddha extended his hand and waved.


The colossal fusang tree slowly shrank to about thirty-three centimeters tall and landed in the Past Buddhas palm.

The Past Buddha handed the shrunken fusang tree to the Future Buddha.

The Future Buddha respectfully received it.

Now, the Future Buddha held thirteen powerful animal spirits in his left hand and the fusang tree in his right hand as he stood next to the Present Buddha.


On the other side, Sect Master Heavenly Access flared with black energy, having already consumed all of the animal spirit kings spiritual souls.

The sword qi furnace had also melted down the fragments of the Heaven Splitting Ax, the Primal Chaos Bell, the Universe Cauldron, and the Cross Annihilation and fused them into the Seven Immortal Executioner Swords.

The Present Buddha looked at the Sect Master Heavenly Access with a somewhat grave look, then showed a faint smile.

He nodded to Sect Master Heavenly Access, Jiang Lianshan, and Ji Dihong before flinging out his wide sleeves and turning into a beam of golden light streaking off to the west with the other two buddhas.


The Three Lives Buddhas left the area in the blink of an eye.

Sect Master Heavenly Access put away the Seven Immortal Executioner Swords before looking at Ji Dihong and Jiang Lianshan.

“It looks like the two of you came here for nothing.

Hahahaha!” Sect Master Heavenly Access guffawed.

Then, he flung his sleeves out, and his figure immediately shot into the distance.

The other people from the Myriad Age Daoist Sect quickly left as well, turning into beams of light.

Only Jiang Lianshan, Ji Dihong, and Bing Ji remained.

Ji Dihong looked at Jiang Lianshan.

“Yan Heavenly Emperor Why did you not fight for something earlier”

“Why didnt you” Jiang Lianshan narrowed his eyes slightly at Ji Dihong.

“Since you did not, we did not, either,” Ji Dihong said with a faint smile.

Jiang Lianshan stared at Ji Dihong for a while before showing a faint, cold smile.

“You are much shrewder than Long Zhanguo, much more so.”

“Yan Heavenly Emperor is generous with his praise.” Ji Dihong did not get angry.

Instead, he smiled faintly.

“Praise Hahahaha! Everyone has their own way of doing things.

We do not know if you were right or wrong.

However, I hope that you will not forget your initial intent.

That daughter of ours, Jiang Ba, hates you to the bone.

She has already come out.

You had better be careful,” Jiang Lianshan said coldly.

As Jiang Lianshan spoke, he flung out his sleeves and stepped forward.

Then, he shot southwards, disappearing into the distance.

As Ji Dihong watched Jiang Lianshan leave, his expression turned sullen.

“Jiang Ba Hah! Jiang Lianshan, you have truly laid many plans.

Is there any place you have not planted people Long Zhanguo rebelling against Heaven might have been your doing as well, right I hope I am not one of your pawns!”


Its time to go!” Ji Dihong said.

As Ji Dihong spoke, he flung out his sleeves and instantly shot into the distance with the confused Bing Ji.

Only a ruined sea remained.

By the time the surging waves calmed down, the surrounding islands had crumbled.

The Solar Divine Palace became history.

Everything had vanished.

Only a towering stele remained behind, displaying the names of three thousand rebels.

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