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Eternal Reverence Chapter 15: Sixth Rank Red Jade Technique

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Chapter 15: Sixth Rank Red Jade Technique

Without intention, Li Fuchen got to know the candidates from the other clans that were chosen to enter the Tempering Pool.

Guan Clan: Guan Peng

The Yang and Shen Tu clans had 2 pools each.

Yang Clan: Yang Kai and another genius, Yang Hao

Shen Tu Clan: Shen Tu Jue and Shen Yu Liang

The efficacy of the Tempering Pool was close to a low-tier, mystic class body fortifying herb. Throughout Yunwu City, even a peak-tier yellow class body fortifying herb was rare, dont even mention the chances of finding a low-tier, mystic class one. As such, the major clans could only compensate by investing lower tiered herbs and letting them combine to produce a mixture effect.

In general, a stalk of low-tier, mystic class herbs cost around 10 to 20 thousand gold coins.

The total investment in the Tempering Pool every 2 years was around 30~40 thousand gold. It was possible to let 2 individuals soak in the pool, but the effects would be halved.

“From this bunch, the one with the most significant increase will most probably be Yang Kai.”

To temper the body to have the strength of a 1000 kg is just an estimate. The effects varies from body to body. Some could gain 700~800 kg in strength, others 500~600 kg in power. When speaking of 1000 kg of strength, the requirement is a high quality bone frame, and other than Guan Xue, the next would be Yang Kai with a 3 star bone frame.

“My strength is now around 300~400 kg. So I am not too far off.”

Li Fuchen tested his strength previously and could easily lift a boulder weighing 300 kg. Among the Qi Realm fighters, this was considered to be well above average.

Before he consumed the Rock Heart plant, he didnt have this kind of strength. But after he completely absorbed the herb, his bones grew tougher and when he was battling beasts, his meridians and muscle tissues unknowingly grew stronger as well.

“It would be great if I had a physique refining technique.”Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Physique refining techniques were scarce techniques even in the sect. It was rumored that a first class physique refining technique, allowed one to obtain the strength equivalent to ae top class demonic beast, and coupled with martial arts, they would almost be without rival.


Deep into the night, a waning moon could be seen suspended in the sky

In the cultivation room located before the bed chambers, and Li Fuchen could be seen circulating the Red Jade Technique.

Visible to the naked eye, a pale red glow could be sighted neart Li Fuchens abdomen. It was already visible previously, but not as prominent as today. As this was happening, a fiery heated essence dissipated from Li Fuchen.

The Red Jade Technique was inclined towards the fiery suns attribute. The qi from the Red Jade Technique had a tyrannic blaze, which actually helped temper ones body, and expelled all the impurities from the body.

As the blaze grew stronger, a white mist could be seen fuming from the top of Li Fuchens forehead.

It was said in legends, when one reaches a certain level of prowess. Asn they cultivated, a distinct shadow could be seen atop their head, as the shape of a sun, a flowing river, a blazing fire, or even demonic beasts.

The techniques cultivated would be reflected in the shape of the shadow. When the Red Jade Technique reached the seventh rank, a shadow would appear to be a ball of pale red mist. The deeper ones cultivation the denser the mist. When his father Li Tianhan cultivated the Red Jade Technique, the pale red mist would appear. As time passed, the white mist grew opaque like steam from the boiling of water.

Gradually, Li Fuchens skin reddened.

Unaware of how much time past, a boom was heard from within Li Fuchen. What came next was a bright flash from the pale red glow near his abdomen, the white mist atop his head was getting denser. A blazing heat was emitted from his body, causing the room temperature to rise a notch. It was as if the room had an imaginary furnace, a mystical sight indeed.

At this time, an astonishing amount of heaven and earth energy poured towards Li Fuchen. This pace of absorption was never seen before. Li Fuchen slowly lifted his eyelids, and in his eyes radiated a red brilliance. Li Fuchen muttered, “Finally the sixth rank.”

When at fifth rank breakthrough, the complex channels of qi within had 5 meridians unlocked. Now at the sixth rank, there was an addition 7 meridians.

With 7 more meridians unlocked, it would drastically increase the pace of energy absorption during cultivation. Li Fuchen estimated in another 3 to 4 months, he would progress to the sixth level of the Qi Realm.

With the progress of the technique, it not only helped with cultivation, but his qi force would become much more explosive. Li Fuchen punched at the empty space, an intense blast could be heard, even the dust on the floor swirled.

Li Fuchen picked up a fist sized rock in the yard, stirring his qi within, and with a bit of pressure.


The stone was crushed into powder and leaked through the crevices of his fingers.

“The explosiveness of qi has improved by at least 30%.”Li Fuchen evaluated silently.

“Its time to pick a high-tier, yellow class sword style.”

Within the Li clan, there were only 3 high-tier, yellow class martial arts. Two of them were sword styles and the other, a palm style. They were respectively, Red Jade Sword Style, Lap Sky Sword Style, and Red Jade Palm Style. A high-tier, yellow class martial art consumed qi at an alarming rate. With Li Fuchens current cultivation , it was still not suitable to train in it now. Without enough qi to sustain, it was impossible to cultivate a high-tier, yellow class martial arts to a practical stage. But even so, Li Fuchen wanted to try it out, if he could master half a technique, it would be enough to serve as his ace in a hole.

Diving into his soul spirit, he could observe that under the nourishment of the golden amulet, the tone of the pale green soul spirit wais turning darker. The previous strands of green were starting to spread, and as it happen, Li Fuchen felt his train of thought turning more nimble. As if he could solve problem in a blink of an eye.


As night passed,dawn had arrived.

Martial Library…

“Hmm Youve chosen Red Jade Sword Style”Li Dexing, the elder was startled.

“Yes.”Nodded Li Fuchen.

Li Dexing gave a stern look at Li Fuchen, “Normally, one needs to be at least at the seventh level of the Qi Realm to study a high-tier, yellow class art. Before that, no matter what your perception level is, it is impossible to reach high levels in the arts. It would be an utter waste of time.”

“I understand, the citys genius contest is starting soon. I would like to see if I could grasp some sword essence from it.”

“You perceptive sense is the best within the Li Clan in these recent years, perhaps you have received some revelation.”

Li Dexing had this spur of a thought that Li Yunhai and Guan Peng had the Tempering Pool, but Li Fuchen wasnt as lucky, he was already at the losing end for this genius contest.

The high-tier, yellow class scrolls were not located on the 3rd floor, it was just an empty husk there. Reaching underneath, Li Dexing pulled out a wooden box from a drawer, this box had to be brought along with him at the end of everyday.

Unveiling the box, within were the 3 high-tier, yellow class manuals.

Removing the Red Jade Sword Style scroll, Li Dexing passed it to Li Fuchen, “There are 3 moves contained in Red Jade Sword Style. With your senses, comprehending the 1st move may be possible.”

“Many thanks Elder.”

Receiving the manual, Li Fuchen bid his farewell.

From afar, Li Fuchen heard commotions at the training grounds.

“Incredible! Li Yunhai actually lifted a 750 kg boulder, that is 3 times stronger than me.”

“With brawns like this, Im afraid he need not even use his qi to beat us down.”

Discussions were breaking out profusely at the training grounds.

“Is Li Yunhai out from the pool”

Li Fuchen looked past the crowd and set his sights on the training grounds.


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