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Lifting his eyes, Li Fuchen said: "Li Yunhe, in fact, you could have a good mood."

He really did not put Li Yunhe in his eyes. Although Li Yunhe has a five-pronged training atmosphere, but strength is not only a cultivation, martial arts can make people leap to fight.

"Less nonsense, draw a sword!"

Li Yunhe pulled out the steel sword.

"as you wish."

Li Fuchen walked to the training martial arts field and stood five meters away from Li Yunhe.

"Li float, recently my sword-by-sword method has just been introduced, and now I will take you to test the sword." The figure plunged out, and Li Yunhes hand in the hands of the steel sword swayed toward Li Fu.

If it was half a month ago, Li Fuchen couldn stop Li Yunhes slashing swordsmanship, but now, the others swordsmanship is flawed in his eyes.

Shaping his body, Li Fuchen cleverly avoided the steel sword.


Li Yunhe was angry and the speed of the sword was speeding up.

However, his sword is fast, and he can touch Li Fus dust. Li Fu dust is like a willow in the wind, swinging with the wind, all over the body, revealing a sense of versatility.


Li Yunhe couldn believe his eyes, his face was red, he was full of infuriating, and he used the sword to the limit.

Unfortunately, everything is in vain.

"Li Yunhe, now I am going to have a sword."

Li Fus voice fell, and the steel sword at the waist was instantly unsheathed. When the sound came out, Li Yunhes sword flew out.

As soon as he was in shape, Li Fuchen came to Li Yunhe and a palm was printed on the others chest.


The blood spurted out, Li Yunhe flew out, the chest clothes shattered, and a palm print was clearly branded on it.

"Li Yunhe lost?"

On the martial arts field, the people watching the battle were stunned and stunned.

"How is this possible? Half a month ago, Li Fuchen was not an opponent of Li Yunhe. Was this half-month, Li Fuchens talent recovered?"

"Even if the talent is restored, it will be too exaggerated to surpass Li Yunhe in half a month!"

Everyone has an unreal feeling in their hearts and feels that everything is too dreamy.

"Li Yunhe, you were not my opponent before, now it is not my opponent, I hope you can do it yourself." The sword entered the sheath, and Li Fuchen turned and left.

Shortly after Li Fuchen left, Lis family exploded.


"Floating dust, is your talent restored?"

On the dining table, Li Tianhans voice trembled, and his mother Shen Yuyan was eagerly watching Li Fuchen.

"Hey, mother, my talent has been restored half a month ago, I was going to give you a surprise." Li Fuchen honestly admitted.

"Your child, since the talent has recovered, why don you tell us earlier?" Seeing Li Fuchen admits that Shen Yuyan is both a surprise and a blame.

"Haha, God did not give up on you after all, and did not give up my Li Tianhan."

Li Tianhan laughed in the sky and his heart was full of suffocation.

In the past year, he and Li Fuchen have the same feelings, and they have nowhere to say.

Although he is the head of the Li family, his status is honorable. However, in this cloud city, they are not only opened by the Yang family, but also the new family is more than the Li family.

Originally, Li Yunhai and Li Fuchen were the hopes of the Li family. They had the chance to become a disciple of Yuzong. Once the two became disciples, the Li family had the opportunity to return to the peak, at least not as bad as it is now.

To take a step back, even if there is no such burden, which father does not want his children to have a good time and great achievements.

Suddenly, Li Fus talent disappeared. There was no reason and no solution. He was not in a hurry, and his heart was very anxious.

Now everything is back on track.

"Right, floating dust, how did you defeat Li Yunhe, but you haven cultivated in a year?" Shen Yuyan raised questions.

Li Fuchen has already prepared his words. "In this year, I tried to practice every day, but every time I was suffering. After the recovery of my talents, I found that my cultivation of martial arts was very focused. I was ten times more focused than before, so the swordsmanship progressed. quickly."

"Blessings and blessings depend on each other. One year can cultivate and temper the will of the dust, and let him have a kind of attachment to the cultivation that ordinary people can have. It is natural to do more with less." Li Tianhan did not doubt him and gave a reasonable explanation.

"This is also true."

Shen Yuyan was very impressed and felt that the world was so wonderful that she could not tell.

The dinner was very cheerful and it was the first time in a year.

Another dinner is a lot more subtle.

"Yunhe, talk about what happened?"

At the dining table, Li Tieshan asked Li Yunhe.

Li Yunhe still lost his soul at this moment, and he whispered: "I don know, I really don know."

Seeing Li Yunhe like this, Li Yunhes brother Li Yunhai snorted. "I have told you that your swordsmanship is a lot of holes, and the foundation is unstable. A district of Li Fushi will make you lose clean and neat. Got home."

"Well, Yunhai, how to say that he is also your brother, talk and leave some feelings." The mother of the two reprimanded Li Yunhai.

"A little bit of a blow can be accepted, how to become a big device?"

Li Tieshan is very dissatisfied with the performance of Li Yunhe. He and Li Tianhan have been fighting for so many years. They have been inferior to each other. The position of the patriarch has not been able to compete. Therefore, they have great expectations for the two sons. The older son does not need to say that he is a Li family. On the first day, he hoped to become a disciple of Yuzong. The second sons progress in the year was also good, but todays performance made him very disappointed.

Li Yunhai saw Li Tieshans dissatisfaction, and the wind was light and clouded: "Hey, don worry, I will give the younger brother a lesson to learn the Lee floating dust." He never put Li Fuchen in his eyes, he also said a year ago. I don think that Li Fuchens talent can match him.

The night is as deep as water, and the faint moonlight shines through the screen window and shines into the room where Li Fuchen is located.



Li Fus breathing is extremely long, between the breath and the breath, there is a faint red light flashing in the abdomen.

As early as a year ago, Li Fuchen had already reached the four-level realm of practicing the atmosphere. If it was not because of a delay of one year, it would not be difficult to reach the fifth stage of practicing the atmosphere.

Its not that easy to make up for a years time.

The first thing that Li Fuchen has to do is to break through the fifth layer of Hongyugong and speed up the speed of cultivation. If he can, he hopes to raise Hongyugong to the seventh floor of the highest level in the short time in the future. .

In my mind, as Li Fuchen cultivated infuriating, in the light green soul, there was a hint of green, like a silk thread, rotating around the golden charm.

Late at night.

The pale red light of Li Fus abdomen suddenly became great. In his body, the infuriating spirit was separated from the meridians of the fourth layer of Hongyugong, and went to another secret meridian.

One, two, ...

Infuriating enough to open up five meridians, making the luck road map in Li floating dust more complicated.

"The fifth layer of Hongyugong."

Spit a hot breath, Li Fu dust opened his eyes, his face full of joy.

The higher the level of practice, the faster his cultivation of infuriating, and the corresponding, the more powerful the explosive power.

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