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Eternal Reverence Chapter 27: Demoted to Branch Family

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Chapter 27: Demoted to Branch Family

Defeating a seeded contestant with a single strike. This strength brought out now by Li Fuchen was certainly two or three times stronger than earlier. As if he was another person.

“What strength!”

Initially, Zhu Hongxiu thought she had a chance to win against Li Fuchen. But after seeing this thrust, she knew she had no way to win anymore.

This thrust is too domineering and ruthless.

It is a fact that the wooden swords used in this contest were extremely durable, where it could withstand the force of a thousand kilograms. It was basically impossible for anyone below the seventh level of the Qi Realm to break the sword. But with just sword qi, Li Fuchen forcibly broke it. Thats just how dominant it was.

“Interesting, actually reserving his actual strength.” Yang Kai gave a chilling look.

“This one cannot be belittled, there is value in nurturing him.” Chen Zongming thought to himself.

If Li Fuchen had a 2 star bone frame, it wouldnt have given him a shock. But the fact that Li Fuchen only has a normal bone frame, and yet exceed the ability of an average 2 star bone frame, this caught his attention.

The Cang Lan Sect who ruled the region didnt only place emphasis on bone frame quality. They paid attention and provided opportunities to normal bone frame individuals with outstanding talents as well.

Bone frames does determine ones innate potential, but with effort, some normal bone frame holders with exceptional talents still had the opportunity to progress to the Earth Realm. Chen Zongming knew of at least 10 normal bone frame individuals that were Earth Realm experts.

Of course, the limits of a normal bone frame was the Earth Realm. And as such, it was impossible for normal bone frame individuals to be treated fairly.

“Absolutely lawless and disrespectful.”

Li Xuanfeng trembled in fury. As the Founder of the Li Clan, he didnt tolerate anyone who went against him. With his authority, he could even the dismiss Li Tianhans Patriarchal status. He would never have imagined that a minor clansmen like Li Fuchen ignored his advice. Not only so, he actually purposely displayed his unrivaled strength to defeat Li Yunhai.

“Li Tianhan, look at the son your brought up.” Li Xuanfeng spoke with a stern tone and glared at Li Tianhan.

Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan dared not to utter a sound. But they felt the utmost pride and content that their son exceeded their expectations. Even going against the Founders coercion. This is the mark of a true martial artist.

A true martial artist is fearless, even when facing the heaven or earth. They were not true martial artists, their son was.

“Revolt, this is a revolt. Founder, we cannot let this go.” Li Tieshan raged with redness in his eyes.

Li Tianhan didnt dare to debate with the Founder but not towards Li Tieshan, he didnt put Li Tieshan in his eyes, “Li Tieshan, be mindful, after this contest, my son will become a disciple of the sect. You dare touch him”

The Cang Lan Sects disciples were not to be trifled with. Even if the city lord wished to punish a sects disciple, it would require an approval. No punishments without a valid reason, and even more so for clans, provided that the disciple did not offend the city lord with intention. Even then, the city lord can only administer a light punishment. As for harsher ones, it would still require approval.

“Li Tianhan, dont let this small success go to your head. So what if he becomes a disciple of the sect Disciples are graded after the contests. If he doesnt pass the trials, he will be just an odd jobs disciple with no future. When that moment arrives, I will see where your head rests.”

Disciples of the outer sect were sorted into two categories, Outer Sect disciples and Odd Jobs disciples. Odd job disciples had multiple chores to take care of, thus, they dont have much of a chances for nurturing. A majority of the odd job disciples didnt have a good prospect.

Taking a deep breath, Li Xuanfengs face grew dark, “After the clan supported your family for so many years, I didnt expect to have fostered a bunch of blind wolves! Li Tianhan, from now on, your family will be demoted to a branch family.”

Hearing that sentence, the faces of Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan felt their heart drop.

Every clan had main families and branch families. The main families had certain authority over the clan, while the branch families would adhere to the main family. The difference in treatment was as far apart as the sky and the sea. They didnt think the Founder would be so ruthless and demote them to a branch family, which was worse off than striping off his Patriarch position.

With a few changes in expression, wanting to beg for mercy, Li Tianhan ultimately couldnt utter a single word.

Perhaps, this was the consequence for disobeying the Founder which they cannot object to.

“I disregarded the Founders order, not sure what punishment will Mom and Dad receive.” Stepping down from the stage, Li Fuchen once again glanced in the direction of Li Xuanfeng.

In his sight, Li Xuanfeng appeared sullen, Li Tieshan was outraged and both his parents remained in silence.


With a forceful breath, Li Fuchen thought deeply,It doesnt matter, asking me to give up on entering the Cang Lan Sect is impossible. There will be a tragic ending if the Li Clan placed all their stakes on Li Yunhai. With his average talent, he could only be a bottom feeder in the sect. With his personality, it would only serve to destroy his fighting spirit.”


At the end of tenth round, a total of 8 contestants were eliminated

Round eleven, Li Fuchen versus Zhu Hongxiu.

Zhu Hongxiu had good skills. For the past ten rounds, it seems she would only lose out to Yang Kai and Shen Tu Jue, but was even with He Ping. When she displayed her clans Peacock Sword Style, it looked both notably elegant and intimidating.

However, she was now facing against Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen dominated in the contest when it comes to sword skills. Even though Zhu Hongxius Peacock Sword Style was elegant, it had yet to reach completion. In Li Fuchens eyes, a sword style that is not at completion, is full of openings, and if he desired, he could easily annul their sword moves.

The Clear Breeze Sword Style was like a gentle breeze, although light, it could land a strike with ease. This caused Zhu Hongxiu to be unable to execute her Peacock Sword Style properly.

As expected, Zhu Hongxiu lost this match.

“You are strong, I believe your normal bone frame wouldnt restrict your future.”

Zhu Hongxiu had a 3 star bone frame. In this contest, only two contestants had 3 star bone frames, one was Yang Kai and the other was her. She felt it was a waste that Li Fuchen only had a normal bone frame, although a starless bone frame didnt mean a weak perception. Perhaps he may have a talent for cultivation or other areas.

For a martial artist, cultivation was the basics. For a Qi Realm practitioner, no matter how exceptional or miraculous his sword skills were, he was still a Qi Realm practitioner and an Origin Realm expert would easily take him out in a single strike.

But she still desired for Li Fuchen to progress smoothly, if not, it would be such a pity.

Li Fuchen just laughed heartily and didnt give any comment.

In everyones view, he was only of a normal bone frame, destined to not have a great future. But Li Fuchen couldnt be bothered to explain it, he himself knew if he had a future or not.

With the golden amulet within, Li Fuchen felt as though he was a self-made billionaire, he didnt feel the need to flaunt his assets. His soul spirit was currently pale green and once it evolved to a complete green soul spirit, he doesnt know how much further his already incredible perception would grow. Most likely after it evolves to a green soul spirit, it will continue its evolution to a higher grade.


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