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Eternal Love of Two Souls sudden marriage [flash back ]

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Welcome, my little princess, its been years since we last met, that person said to her

why did you help me, princess ... it has been a long time since someone trusts me this much ... you know it will create chaos in all realms ... why you are helping me ... and don tell me that you want to become a queen of the demon clan and you already the fiance of shen li ... he mockingly stared at her with a smirk

this time that girl who is staring at the person who is speaking casually with her is imprisoned by shen li ... she shrugged her shoulders and said ... you know your soo called fiance is going to be your sister-in-law so prepare for it ... that girl said evilly ...

what ...

I think your pea size brain can understand what I am saying right ... let me tell you again ... your fiance ... su Lili is going to marry the king of demons ... I think you understand now ... that lady said while she grits her teeth ...

what did you say ...how can that be possible ... how can she marry a person who doesn she know ... and too she is to marry my brother ...

so what ... you are dead and this world believes that ... shen Mojin ... you

e dead ... so what if your fiance got married to her lover after your death ... it is not a big deal ...

Lara ... shen yuchen shouted at her

what are you barking for mojin ... she is ready to get married so give up ...

you are too ruthless Lara ... shen li also getting married then why are you provoking me for huh ... you want me to become a stepping stone for you ... Lara its impossible ... Mojin sneered and turned away ... while thinking ... he wonders why she didn provoked by this marriage ... to me, shen li is soo precious to her right, then why she is soo calm he is thinking... if this person is soo calm as an ocean before after she will create a tsunami slowly, finally he understand why she wants to help him and why she is soo calm

she wants to get married to shen li and give birth to his son ... because their son only has the power to destroy this cultivation ... when he thinks this is the possibility for her act he disgusted by her idea because she is going to sacrifice her son to get married to shen li ... he disgusted by her obsessed love ... in which women could kill their child .even wild animals will protect their cubs in dangereous situations but this women want to kill her son because of her obssessed nature ... and now she didn get married and we even don know what happens in the future and she designs

to kill her son ... what a ruthless monster ... , she is not deserves to called an angle what a women ... she is not even deserves to be an animal ... she is soo good at drawing strategy ... if she used her intelligence in her cultivation ... soon she becomes the protector

Ohh, I got your point, Lara, I wonder why you suddenly agree with me you want me to start this cultivation . lili and I am going to become your scapegoat you want to kill us both .. Lili has that blue stone and the most important thing in this cultivation is that blue stone if everyone found out about the usage of blue stone naturally everyone believes lili is the one who helped me to cultivate that cultivation with her bluestone ... because everyone know she is my fiance ... so we both are done by your selfish motive ... what an idea ... you are clearing your path to get marry and you are also clearing shen lis path because you know one day i will kill him with my bare hands ... so you want to clear your both paths to getmarried and live happily with that shen li ... his eyes are glowing with a purle flames ... what an idea ... you are killing two birds with one stone ... impressive lara ... impresive he clapped his hands and want to bow down his head in front of her ... is she use that brain for goodness ... but she selfishly desire the fruit which she can reach and want to get that fruit with a ruthless method ... because of her possessiveness three realms are shivered by this deadly cultivation ... this cultivation is very dangereous for this univers ... and soon this universe is ruled by the devil ... she selfishly throw the innocent lives into the death bed and want to consummate in that dead bodied bed ... what a women ... he sneered and said

you want me to clear the thrones in your path to get married shen li ...its never happen in my life lara ... get out ... he angrily stared at her with his flaming purple eyes ... his anger may burns her alive if he is not impresioned by shen li ... lara saw his anger she takes a step back and said aggressively

... yes thats my plan ... to get married shen li ... if everything goes smoothly your way also cleared and you can live your life with your Lili what do you say mojin she asked him

what are you thinking about me lara ... do you think we can get married after our death ... you are ruthless ...

what your death ... you both are going to marry after i married to shen li ...

in your dreams ... mojin throw the purple fireball towards lara because she crossed the line of his patience ... but suddenly the fireball reflects towards him because infront of him shen li placed his powerful mirror ... that powerfull purple fireball shot into his heart and he moaned painfully and caughed a mouthfull of blood ...

mojin you are thinking too much ... who is cultivating this dealy cultivation and whose idea is this ...

your uncle ... gave this idea of this cultivaton and why he is banned by our three realms ... he did the same in past and god banned by to enter into three realms ... so everyone believes he is the one who did this cultivation ...

but what about lilis bluestone ... mojin asked her weakly

someone told to emperor ... he saw that your uncle steal that blue stone and script ... what do you say ...

mojin thinks sometimes and agreed because it was the only way to escape with Lili and start a new life with her ... her heart beats sweetly while thinking about his life with Lili ...

if everything is going to be perfect then how can we call that fate ... huh they both don know that something terrible is happening by those selfish motives ...

after she returns to her home she directly went to her fathers treasure room to search for something ... after she searched for a long .. finally she got what she wants ...and went to her room secretly ... Lili your doom is coming soon ... she laughed at Lilis upcoming fate ... but she didn think she is the one who is laughed by everyone

the next day Lara takes that box to the northern forest and gives that box to mojin ... when mojin opens the lid he was stunned ... how did you get this stone ... huh .. did you kill my Lili ... he asked with his cold voice because he is holding the blue stone which she steals in her fathers treasures room

no this is the fake one ... my father created the fake one ... for he also wants that blue stone ...

do you think its work ... mojin said helplessly ... before he was scared when he saw the blue stone he thinks this crazy lady had done something to Lili .. but after learning that the stone is fake he takes a deep breath and wiped his cold sweat on his forehead

no, Ill replace this stone with Lilis after we can start that cultivation ... but they don know ... shen li and Lili already got married today ...

when they both thinking about the cultivation in the northern forest ...shen li forcefully married Lili and takes her to the cave where it is located in the invisible forest ... at first Lili was very happy that she married to him ... but ...

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