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Epic of Caterpillar Chapter 30: Expansion Plans

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30 Expansion Plans

| DAY 28 |

A Little Spider Maid woke me up this morning, Zehe and Nesiphae weren't in the bed, they seem to have woken up earlier than me today.

When I was about to put on some clothes, I noticed that my new prosthetic leg was ready on my night table, and tried to put it on, however, I noticed something peculiar.

It seems that my missing leg is slowly growing again.

"Is it thanks to my Undead status Buts its too slow… I should be able to equip the prosthetic leg for now…"

This new mechanical leg was black colored and looked like the armor of a black knight, with pointy spikes around, carefully decorated with countless crimson Magic Stones that seemed to look like Red Roses.

| SHADOW QUEEN ARMORED PROSTHETIC LEG: A mechanical leg constructed by a talented blacksmith, it has been enhanced with countless reinforcement spells and Crimson Rose Magic Stones. |

| Effect: Grants 15 Defense, 20 Resistance and 10% Affinity with Shadow and Dark Magic. |

| Set Effect: If each part of the Shadow Queen set is equipped, grants 10 to every stat and 50 HP|

"Oh Its not bad. And what is this Shadow Queen set So, there are things like this here too…"

I thought about requesting the whole set to Kusuri and Kajiya, but before I could even do that, I glanced over another table close to the door, were the full set was already there.

"Ah! What is this"

The rest of the set didn't look as a conventional Knight Armor, it was carefully modified to fit my small girl body, and they even give themselves the luxury to add an area to show part of my breast in an erotic way.

"Ughh… There wasn't any need to expose my breast like this…"

| SHADOW QUEEN DEMON CROWN: A beautifully crafted crown made by a talented blacksmith. |

| Effect: Grants 15 Magic and Resistance |

| Extra effect: Grants 10% Affinity with Shadow and Dark Magic |

| SHADOW QUEEN DEMON CHEST ARMOR: A beautiful and erotic dark colored chest armor, beautifully decorated with gems |

| Effect: Grants 25 Defense and 10 Resistance |

| SHADOW QUEEN DEMON CLAWS (GLOVES): A majestic and dark pair of armored gloves, with sharp ends on each finger, giving a powerful and demon-like energy. |

| Effect: Grants 15 Strength, 10 Defense and 10 Affinity to Shadow and Dark Magic |

| SHADOW QUEEN DEMON ARMORED HEELS: A pair of beautiful and imposing heels, fitting for a Queen of the Shadows |

| Effect: Grants 20 Speed, 10 Defense and 5% Affinity to Shadow and Dark Magic |

I quickly equipped the whole set, and as I feared, it was very hard to use heels, it will take me some time on getting used to them.



It was still quite early on the morning so I wondered where could had Zehe and Nesiphae went to. On the hall to the dining room I found Wagyu and Rimuru, who was leading the Slime Family as always.

I immediately noticed that they got way stronger from yesterday, Wagyu and Rimuru were close to evolution already, while the Slime Family wasn't so far off. It seems that their overnight training was worth it.

"Master Kireina, our new armor looks glorious, each corner of your new set fits well with your beautiful and delicate body, creating an imposing but enchanting feeling"

"Mastaaa! So beautiful, guuuuu!"

"Aaahahaha! T-There's no need to praise me…"

Milim looked at me fiercely!

"Hmph! I won't lose to you, Master! I will also become a beautiful lady! You just wait!"

"Eh (What kind of weird rivalry is this)"

I went to the dining room with my servants.

When we arrived, the scene seemed quite lively, there was Zehe and Nesiphae enjoying their meals on a tablet.

"Ah! There you are…"

Zehe and Nesiphae noticed me and got a little bit scared.

"Ah! M-Master…"

"Honey… hehe…"

"Were you hungry, you could had woken me up too…"

Zehe and Nesiphae looked at each other and blushed while smiling.

"Aaahh… But Master… You look so adorable when sleeping…"

"Hmmm… Like a beautiful little doll, we didn't want to woke you up"

"W-What… Whatever, lets have breakfast with the rest, together"


"Come honey, sit close to me"

While having a nice breakfast, we talked about the new Goblin skills everyone got, and I also tried to ask about everyone's skill fusion results.

According to everyone's experiences and results, skill evolutions seem to be extremely personalized for each individual, from the name of the skills to their uses.

Something to notice is that skill fusions results relate to the user personality and way of fighting, while also combining their affinities since they were born.

For example, Milim fused skills seem to be called "Enchanting Demon Slime", and come with variables of this name for each combination, even when she is fusing physical skills, the result swill be extremely rare physical attacks that can inflict hypnosis, enchanting and illusions, a very unique Combat System, I can see her becoming a master of Illusions in the future.

Another impressive and unique example of personalization on skill fusions would come from Wagyu. His skills become shadow related, and can work together to become stronger, they're named "Midnight Wolf Emperor", and can go from physical to magic attacks.

He also told me about a unique skill named "Midnight Wolf Emperor Shadow Recollection", which can collect and save shadow density, increasing the power of his Shadow related skills through the battle. He can use these shadows to heal himself and even release them all in an explosive magic attack.

"I can already see a clear path on Wagyu's Combat System, impressive, you are very talented"

"M-Master, I don't deserve such praise!"

Rimuru, on the other hand, specialized on making every fused skill have some attribute to the 9 Elements, becoming a powerful elemental attacker, even his physical attacks would carry more than 3 elements on them. His most powerful one, being named "Nine Elements Master Multi-Elemental Claws", which could switch between any type of Element and if he desired, didn't even need to use MP, only using Stamina, becoming extremely convenient on Anti-Magic situations.

Nesiphae and Zehe unique skills were already mentioned before, but I was able to understand them better.

Nesiphae skills are named "Shadow Illusionist Lamia Empress", most of her skills go around releasing powerful groups of snakes made of energy or magic, which can do different task around the battlefield, from wrapping to detonating.

A skill named "Shadow Illusionist Lamia Empress Medusa Snakes Multiplication" can give her the power to multiply the snakes she produces over time, giving her a sustainable and ever growing power on the battlefield.

Zehe skills are named "Shadow Elemental Witch Empress", being a powerful Witch, Zehe uses this advantage to create a powerful combat system that goes around casting strong and destructive elemental spells who are infused with Shadow Magic. She is also able to regain MP easily using a special skill named "Shadow Elemental Witch Empress Shadow Absorption", that can be casted on the shadow of an enemy and will slowly transfer their MP to her.

"Hmm! Those are very impressive skills! You two have exceptional battle talent, we must keep training and experimenting"

"M-Master… I will do my best!"

"Dear Kireina, all my power is just for you…"

The two girls looked at me with warm and blushed smiles, with a little fanatical look on their eyes.

"S-Stop looking at me like that…"

When we all finished our breakfast, I wanted to check on everyone status, so I went around the big castle.

It seems that after the war, there were some reparations to be done outside the castle, specially around the door, who was in a pretty bad state. Most of the construction team were fixing the massive door.

They told me that our new door would be even more sturdy, transforming our castle into an impenetrable fortress.

"If you guys need anything, just tell me"

"There's no need Master, we have mined countless precious ores in this mountain, with all of this, we will be able to create the Ultimate Door!!! Let's go brothers!!!"


Every Monkey Worker got even more pumped up and started to work at double the speed!



"Ah… Just don't overdo it guys…"

Afterwards, I wanted to check on the new Nursery Team, which was very needed, even though there were little casualties in the last battle, there were a lot of wounded, some wounds cannot be healed so easily with magic, and lost limbs cannot regenerate unless you are an Undead. So proper care is needed. The nursery assistants will also help on mothers who are about to give birth, helping the mothers bear the pain and healing them afterwards.

Just when I got in, I was greeted by a little Spider Nurse, who was a new assistant on the team, she was carrying some medicine to a patient.

"A-Ah! M-Master Kireina"

"Hello little spider, do you know where are the Nurse Leaders"

"Ah! Miss Aoi and Miss Midori are currently helping Miss Chokumotsu to give birth…"

"Eh! Is she giving birth already! Why no one told me!"

"M-Master please calm down…!"

"A-Ah! Sorry about that, where are they"

The little spider nurse quickly guided me to a wide room with lots of magical lights.

Chokumotsu was resting over a big bed, with two little baby monkeys on her arms, her partner, Kaen, was by her side, holding another baby.

"Ah! They were already born, and three!"

"Ah! M-Master!"

"Master Kireina!"

"Relax relax, I'm not here to complain because I didn't find you two on the kitchen or something… Congratulations, these 3 little babies all look very healthy"

"Ah! T-Thanks, Master"

"Yeah… They all were born extremely strong too"

"Oh AH! EH!"

I quickly noticed that each monkey was of a different color, every one of them were born in a super rare and evolved variant! What is the meaning of this!

Aoi quickly tried to find a reason.

"Hmmm, perhaps, the birth of such strong babies is because of both of their parents being named beings, while also evolving multiple times and having powerful jobs and skills"

Midori also added.

"Indeed, if you notice carefully, Master. You can see that they were even born with a class already assigned to them, and their base stats are impressive for newborn monkey babies, we have never seen such strong and talented monkeys being born in the past, when our former Emperor took care of us"

I checked on these monkeys and it was true!

The little brats were even born with a share of my blessing, that perhaps, were obtained from the share of their parents.

Suddenly, Kaen bravely asked me for an important request!

"Master… Such talented babies, they need a name, could you grant them one Please… I… Will work very hard for them…"

"K-Kaen! Don't be so disrespectful with our Master!"

"Ah! I-I'm sorry Master! I didn't want to sound rude!"

"Hmm Rude What are you two talking about Sigh, take it easy. I'm not some kind of tyrannical empress or something, you two already know me well, right"


"Still! I'm sorry…!"

"Alright then! But you two will have to come with the names!"

Chokumotsu and Kean looked at each other with crying eyes, they felt extremely fortunate for their babies to be granted a name at the time they were born!

After they thought it carefully enough, they finally decided the names.

The bright pink baby monkey, who had beautiful blue eyes (from her mother), was a rare variant named "Dream Roaming Pink Monkey", it had an incredibly high affinity with the mysterious Dream Magic, and also had a strong advanced class named "Arch Bishop".

She was named Crystal, according to Kaen, it was because of her two blue eyes resembling shining crystals.

The second one was the biggest of the three, having almost three times the size of Crystal, and it was bright red colored, with a little horn growing from its forehead. It was a rare variant named "Flaming Berserk Mountain Monkey", this variant had incredible body mass and muscle, with high affinity in Fire Magic, and came with the advanced class "Martial Arts Expert".

He was named Ifrit, according to Chokumotsu, on the Mountain Monkey mythology exist a legendary fire spirit who had a flaming red fur and a big crimson horn on its forehead named Ifrit, so she named her son after this legendary entity.

The last but not least was a little pale blue monkey with green eyes, it had a cute and smooth face. This variant name was "High Undine Monkey", it came with a high water affinity but also had some Wind magic. It also possessed the advanced class "Paladin".

This little monkey was named Aqua, according to Chokumotsu, Aqua was also a legendary water spirit on their mythology.

"Sigh… Its done, these babies are quite the monsters… I feel extremely tired for just naming them… They drained all my MP"

Chokumotsu and Kaen thanked me with tears on their faces.

"Thank you very much, Master! Snif snif"

"Snif snif… Thanks! Thanks!"

"Hahaha! Don't cry! Monsters don't cry, Right Even your babies are perfectly calm, just look at these little brats… The rest of the monkeys will have to train very hard if they don't want some babies to surpass them in no time…"

Seeing how everything was going well on the Nursing headquarters, I headed to my next location, I actually wanted to talk with the Wyverns, especially with Eshne.

The room were the Wyverns lived was once just a very wide rocky cave with water, but after countless remodulations, it has become a grandiose and even wider area, the room was made wider vertically, so the Wyverns can even practice their flying inside of it.

The five Wyverns were playing around and practicing their skills and attacks, thanks to the new fusion of skills, everyone was trying out new and unique skills.

While flying, Abellona was practicing a strong unique magic he has fused.

"Hmmm… Like this!"


Suddenly, countless magic circles surrounded Abellona, and from them countless dragon shaped flames started to come out, however, they did not attack but instead covered Abellona's entire body, and solidified into a hard and red colored armor.

"Oh Its not heavy at all, this armor magic is extremely convenient, even with my hard scales, they could still be penetrated by those Giant and Champion Goblins, if it wasn't for my brothers and Kireinas servants, I would be dead by now"

The majestic armor covered Abellona's entire body, even the top of its wings, and it had beautiful coiling dragons around it as decorations.

"Big brother!"

"Hm What is it"

"Kireina is here, he needs to talk with us"


Abellona slowly flew to the ground and greeted Kireina.

"Ahh guys, how are you I'm already seeing how you all are evolving your skills even more! That armor is incredible, Abellona, did you craft it by yourself"

"Ah! No, fellow Kireina, it's the result of countless skill fusions, yesterday, after fusing three protection skills, out of nowhere this armor skill appeared, its fantastic and very light too"

"Ah! So, you can even get armor skills if you fuse hard enough, huh This skill fusion system never ceases to amaze me"

"Indeed, its an incredible gift that you have granted us, we are very thankful"

Titus was curious about my visit.

"Is it time to train already"

"Ah! N-No, I actually wanted to check on all of your status, and also came for a little request to the no-so-little Eshne!"

Eshne was surprised by my sudden interest, and blushed a little bit.

"Eh M-Me Sure!"

I discussed about my newest plans to the Wyverns, the first one was the "Forest Expansion" plan and the second was the "Agriculture" plan.

For these two plans I would need Eshne help on plant manipulation, with the help of Tsuchimizu.

The first plan consisted on Eshne and Tsuchimizu moving the ground and forest around our mountain away, crating more "free space", afterwards, we would expand our kingdom around this free space, creating streets and even houses. Babies are born every day, and they take around 4 days to completely grow to adult size, as we constantly increase our population, not everyone will be able to fit inside the castle anymore.

"I see, so its all goes around the Kingdom's expansion over the Grand Forest"

"That's right, we will be able to finally have streets and houses, and even shops… And from that point, we can even create an economy"

"I see, you sure think pretty far on the future, Kireina"

The second plan consisted around Eshne and Tsuchimizu molding the ground, while using their skills to increase the minerals and nutrients inside it, with this, we would be able to plant different veggies found in the forest, so we won't end up exhausting the Forest resources.

Eshne agreed happily and with the rest of the Wyverns, I called my other servants and we all went to the training grounds.

I quickly summoned 1300 Demonic Beings this time, with no variant surprisingly.

While leaving my servants training, I left to the north of our mountain with Eshne and Tsuchimizu.

I showed both of them the area I wanted them to remove, the whole area consisted of around the size of a big football stadium from Earth.

They quickly put hands on their work, Eshne used his skill "Masterful Plant Manipulation" and moved hundreds of trees around, as if the trees themselves could walk, they slowly went away.

Tsuchimizu used his powers to mold the earth and make it completely flat. Because the area was too wide, it would take them around the entire day, so I left some Spider Maids at their service if they needed any food and left the area.

I decided to train with Zehe and Nesiphae today.

While training, both of my wives couldn't take their eyes off me, it seems that my new armor was too suggestive, having almost my entire breast exposed, combining it with my high heels and imposing crown.

"Dear… If you let me add, your new armor suits your beautiful and exquisite body perfectly…"

"Hmmm… Indeed, I can see all your curves now…"

"W-What are you two degenerates talking about now! Geez… Then, I will also be a degenerate!"



I couldn't contain my anger anymore, I always thought highly about these two girls, and contained my lustful desires, but after so much, I have already figured out that both are extreme degenerates! Its not just when they're drunk! Its always!

Without Zehe even noticing, I grabbed her breast with my hands, and squeezed it!

"Aaaaahh~! M-Master"

"T-This is punishment for saying such perverted things while we are not in bed! And you too, Nesiphae! Ooooraaaaahh!"


Using the help of a Cursed Claw, I carefully squeezed Nesiphae giant breast!

"Aaaah~! W-Wait! I'm sooorryy!!"

Thankfully, before doing this, I used my Poisonous Illusion Mist around us so my servants wouldn't see such an embarrassing scene.

For the next hour, I dedicated myself to the only purpose of "punishing" them.

The two girls were resting on the ground, while breathing heavily with blushed smiles.

"Aahh… Mashter is so rough…"

"Aaah~ I'm soowwyy…"

"Sigh… I think I over did it…"

After continuing the training, the last mob was killed and we took our lunch break.


| YOU GAINED TWO LEVELS! | | LEVEL 26/50 EXP 02106/20000 |


After having this punishment, Zehe and Nesiphae actually calmed down and became more civilized.

We had a nice lunch while talking about the different skills and combat systems. In the middle of it, I remembered I had leveled up quite a lot and had enough points to exchange some skills in the class system menu.

I had 26 points so I used them to buy | 7 STRENGTH (12 SP) | and | 15 HP (12 SP) |, it seems that you can't buy the same passive stat boost again, so the only one left is the | 3 STRENGTH AND DEFENSE (15 SP) |


"I wonder how much will the stat boost be in the future, with stronger classes…"

When we finished the lunch break, I summoned another 1300 Demonic Beings and we slashed them until the night fell.


| YOU GAINED ONE LEVEL! | | LEVEL 27/50 EXP 11101/21000 |


"One level I can't keep training like this, its not as convenient anymore… the next wave of undead and probably the mage himself… I need to grow faster to catch up with him…"

While checking on the servants who trained, most still got enough EXP, and gained around 10 levels. I noticed how every spirit already hit max level and evolved right there. Nereid also evolved too, finally, thanks to the other spirits making her train.

Every spirit grew a little bit bigger, and their stats increased exponentially, however, they were still too weak and needed to evolve even more.

"Did ya see that Master! I evolved! Look at me! I'm so big now! Hohohoho!"

"Nereid, you barely grew in size…"

"GEH! Y-You are so mean! I will surpass your beauty! You just see! I will become a big fairy like you! And everyone will love ME instead! Hohoho!"

"Really I hope so, that means that you will train hard, right"

"EH! O-Of course!"

Seeing how my little Nereid finally wanted to train by herself, I couldn't contain a little tear to come from my eye.

"I'm so glad… You finally understood…"

"AGH! Stop acting!!!!"

Suddenly, a little girl pulled my wings.

"Ugh! W-Who"

When I glanced at my back, I saw a little cyclops girl, she had a big blue pupil and golden hair.

"Ah! Brontes! You got so big!"

Brontes nodded while blushing.

"I got… strong!"

I couldn't contain my urges to pat her head and caress her cheeks.

"Aaah! You are so adorable Brontes, and so hard working"

"Big Sister… please don't pull my cheeks…"

"Ah! I-I'm sorry, here"


I give little Brontes a little kiss on her reddened cheek, and she blushed at me.

"Better A little kiss always fixes the wounds!"

"Thanks… Big Sister…"

I quickly noticed an ominous aura!


It was Zehe and Nesiphae!

"Master! I also have countless wounds all around my body! Please! Fix them!!!"

"Master! Please fix my wound down here! I beg you!"





When we went to the dining room for dinner, I found my Archer Blood Clone, it already had evolved, it seems that she has put on hard work.

"Ah! Master, its good to see you"

"You can always see me"

"B-But this place is too big… I often get lost inside the castle rooms and… the Spider Maids have to guide me outside…"

"Ah! You really deserve the name Clumsy!!"

"Fueeh… Don't bully me, Master… I want to be useful for you… how about summoning more blood servants"

"No way"


"Too costly… Too much MP and Stamina, and they also take part of my blood…"

"But Master! P-Please!"

My blood clone looked exactly like me but completely made of blood, I quickly noticed how beautiful this body really was. And I have a soft side for beautiful women.

"Ugh… Okay… Perhaps tomorrow, okay"

Clumsy eyes shined on a bright red, showing excitement.

"Aaaaah~! Thank you very much, Master!"

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"Sigh, sure… Have you gotten new skills"

"Yeah, tons! Senior Kusuri give me a Synthesis Bracelet, so I already fused some skills, I will become your reliable archer, Master!"

"Indeed, you were born with half my base stats, you better put them to good use, you have an amazing potential… Hey, how about this Do you want to join the Undead and Slimes on the overnight training You don't need to sleep, right"

"I certainly don't… But I like to sleep sometimes…"

"No buts! You will be joining them!"

"Fueeehhh… Okay…"

"Hmmm, maybe in the future, there could be something like a Blood Clone Squad, you could be the leader because you were the first one, but for that you need level a lot!"

Clumsy eyes shined with expectation.

"Aaah~! A Blood Clone Squad And I would be the leader That would be so cool…!"

"Sounds nice, isn't it For now, let's go eat, come, accompany us"


"Yeah, you are my clone after all, its like talking with a split mind"

Suddenly, my split minds became furious!

"Hey you idiot! We also want to go to the outside world! We want to train!"

"I want to… Become a beautiful lady…"

"Yes! It is my dream to become a strong warrior!"

"EEH! You aren't going anywhere!!!"

"You guys are vital for my battles, how could I just let you go"

"Just make other ones to replace us! Easy!"

"Yes... Other ones…"

"Hmm! Please!"

"Guaaahh! I will think about it… But I barely know how you guys work, can I let you go off as Slimes Aren't you part of a skill"

"Well, you see, once you create a split mind and insert it inside a sleeping Slime, we already exist outside the skill, the skill only purpose is to create split minds, insert them and then connect them with you…"

"Hmmm… Aren't you guys traumatized or something for just being born as minds instead of living being"


"Not really"

"Not a little bit"

"Hmmph, I actually had some ideas about creating more clones or inserting split minds on undead, we shall try that tomorrow maybe, now, let me eat in peace!!"




After having a nice dinner with my servants and wives, we headed to our rooms in peace, I was glad the two girls didn't get drunk and crazy tonight.


"Master! Please! Now that we are alone, could you fix our wounds"


The two girls took their entire clothes off and laid over the bed completely nude.

"Sigh… No way…"

Skill fusions of the day:


*Passive skill, grants the power to suck blood for farther away, while also increasing the vitality you obtain from this.


*Passive skill, increases regeneration speed and other stats.



*Passive skill, the combination of each passive boost and bonus on each skill, increased by a little.



*Active attack skill, composes kicks, punches and blows.





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