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Epic of Caterpillar Chapter 16: Shadow Awakening

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16 Shadow Awakening

Moments ago, Troll army backline.

A Troll Warrior called in desperation for Celica and her army.

"Celicaaa! Send your troops! These damned wolves are too sneaky!"

"Hurry Celica!"

"Celica! A Wolf got sister Shahri!"

"W-what What's going on How could such a little army of wolves put a fight with sister Shahri"

Celica promptly commanded her troops to move to the frontline.

"I hope… I get in time…! Hang in there, sister!"




After finally arriving at the front lines, and seeing countless corpses of her fellow Troll brothers, she saw it.


An enormous and ferocious Ice Wolf swiftly killed Shahri with an Ice Spear, making her head explode like a balloon, blowing its brains out in a bloody and grotesque scene.

Celica could not move, she didn't understand what was going on.

"S-Sister… Ah…aa…aahhh…"

A Troll Warrior went to help Celica who looked frozen in shock and fear.

"Sister Celica…! Please calm down!"

"Aaaahh…. Ahhhhh…!"

"Sister Celica!"

"What's going on"

"She fainted!"





When Celica regained consciousness, she did not find herself inside the battlefield, but in a big and dark open space.

"W-where I am… Ah! S-Sister! She died! She died so horribly! Nooo! Noooooooooo!"

Suddenly, a sinister and cracking voice came from inside her heart.

"Do you feel sad"

"Ah! Wha-"

"Do you feel anger"

"Ehh What's going on"

"Do you want revenge"

"Revenge… I… I want…"

"Would you give up your life for it"

"My life… Yes… Everything…"




Present time, I the middle of the tight road in between the three mages armies.

"Senior Meiji! They are here!"

"Very well, release the Lower Demonic Beings around the tight road, and separate the enemy army in three groups, the main army will come right on the middle of this road, the other two will go to the west and the east, where the Wyverns will take care of them"


A massive army of heavy armored Trolls started to cross a very tight road that slowed down their march.

"T-this road is very tight!"

"It doesn't matter! Any trick will be useless on us! They are in a massive disadvantage no matter what!"

"Keep marching ahead!"

Suddenly, a big group of red colored jumping monsters appeared on the Trolls sight.

"What are those"

"Lower Demonic Beings"

"They are too many!"

"Hmmp! They are no more than weak mobs, was this their brilliant strategy"

"Follow the Demonic Beings! Kill the last bit of hope they have!!!!"



Just as everyone predicted, the army split in three, with two armies heading to the west and east, following the Lower Demonic Beings.

"Main army will keep marching and crush the Demon's Lair!"





Out of nowhere, a golden flash stopped the whole army from advancing further!

"Activate skill: | SACRED RIPOSTE |!"



A big flash of light clashed on the Troll army, counter attacking their skills, and throwing them several meters away!

"You are not going anywhere! Activate skill: | SACRED HOWL |!"


Suddenly a strong howl resounded inside every Troll ears!

"Guuaahh! What is this!"

"My ears…!"

"RAAAH! That damned wolf! Kill it!"

"Everyone! Kill it!"

In the distance, Kizuato and Yukan'na were watching Kekensha brilliant performance of strength.

"Haha, do we even need to help him out"

"Don't joke around this Yukan, let's go!"

"Yeah! Rookies, follow me!"

"Yess! Uukiiiii!"

While Kekensha was blocking the enemy, a big army of Monkeys and Wolves clashed with the Troll army!


"What Armored Monkeys!"

"From where did they came from"

"It doesn't matter, they are few compared to us! Crush them!"


An Axe wielding Troll went ahead and slashed his weapon over an armored monkey!




He was easily intercepted and counterattacked!

"Do not sub estimate us Monkeys, Troll! Activate skill: | BLOODY COUNTER |!"


The monkey moved his massive red colored Axe and as if it was a flaming meteor, it clashed over the armored Troll head!


The Troll head exploded in countless chunks of bloody skull bones and brains!

"T-That monkey is way too strong!"

"I will avenge you brothers! RAAAHH! Activate skill: | OVERPOWERING HAMMER |!"

The monkey, excited by such a big battle, smiled maniacally.

"This is the thrill of battle! COME! Activate skill: | SAVAGE BLOW |!"


Both warriors intercepted each other attacks with the strongest skills they had!


A second Troll came from the back, doing a sneak attack!

However, a black flash blocked the attack with a strong riposte!

"Yukan! Good timing!"

"I got your back, brother!"

Three more Trolls came pointing they weapons at them!


"Filthy monkeys die!"

"Tsk! Filthy! You really want to die so badly!"

"Let's go Kizuato!"


Kizuato and Yukan'na rushed through the battlefield like black and brown colored flash, while slashing multiple times the strong Troll's amor!


"Thats a sturdy armor, we can't break it with just slashes…!"

"Let's do a combination attack!"



Kizuato and Yukan'na ran together and activated their strongest weapon skills!

"Savage Bloow!!!"

"Burning Slash!!!"




A strong combined slash of energy ripped in half the three Trolls in mere seconds!

"T-Those monkeys!"

"They are too strong! Let's gang on them!"


Eight Trolls came rushing and surrounded the monkeys easily!


The biggest Troll moved his massive longsword and slashed Kizuato! However, Kizuato was able to avoid him with his slim movements!

"These monkeys ar-"


From behind, Yukan clashed the Troll head into pieces!

"Brother! RAAAHHH!"



A nearby Troll picked up this opportunity to sneak a strong blow on Yukan back, sending him several meters away!


"That bastard got me, eh"

"You are not going anywhere!"

Three Trolls noticed Yukan inside a pit and went for the finishing blow!


"Damn it!"


"Hahaha! We killed it!"


A massive golden colored magic wall blocked the three Troll attack!

"Kekensha, he just saved my ass…"

In the distance, Kekensha yelled in anger.

"Yukan, get it together! Assist the rookies for now!"

"Sigh, sure, but first! Activate skill: Burning Slash!"

"Watch out!"



A massive burning slash appeared outside Yukan Long Sword, burning the Trolls instantly!



A second attack slashed the Trolls in half, dying on the spot!

Suddenly, from some meters away, a Monkey Warrior was being bullied by 4 Trolls.

"Heelp! Please!"



Yukan came to the rookie rescue at max speed, using multiple Burning Slashes on the 4 Trolls back!


"Guuahh! It's so hot! Help!"

"My armor is melting!"


"Rookie, finish them!"

The small Rookie took his sword and slashed the suffering Trolls heads off!



"Well done, I will give you most of my kills so you get higher EXP, don't get too far away!"

"Yes, brother Yukan!"

In the middle of the Troll army, most of the Trolls already realized that this was a trap! The strong army that intercepted them wouldn't let them move ahead, while they couldn't retreat easily because of such a tight road!

"This is bad! This was a trap all along!"

"I… Don't want to die!"

"Coward! Fight to the death! RAAAAAHH!"

"Yes, this is for our Master!"


The morale of the Troll army quickly increased, using their strong belief for their Master as fuel.

However, suddenly!




The middle of the army was filled with big explosions and deep bloody pits!

"Noo! They got mages!"


"There! In the mountains!"

"No way!"

"Their plan was too deep!"

Over the three mountains surrounding the road, Meiji, Rimuru and Tsuchimizu commanded their troops to start showering the army with strong magic projectiles!


Countless weapon shaped rock projectiles reinforced with strong magic rained like a meteor shower over the ignorant Trolls, followed by big elemental attacks like Thunder Bolts and Fireballs!


The Troll army was so stick together that they couldn't evade such strong area-of-effect attacks, creating multiple causalities in seconds!

"We are losing too many soldiers, we are done for! We are done for!"

"This Demon scheme was too deep! We were destined to die from the beginning!"



More and more massive magic projectiles rained over the army, destroying their formations and creating absolute chaos!




A big and strong and muscular troll holding a massive shield and a longsword was retreating while looking for someone in specific!

"Celica! Celica! Where are you!"

"Brother, where is Celica"

"Celica lost consciousness and was sent to the backlines, but because of this sudden magic attack, everything is messed up!"

"Tsk! Celica, I am coming for you!"




Celica woke up in the middle of a chaos-filled battlefield; countless bodies of her fellow brothers were all around the battlefield. Seeing all the brothers that she once teach and raised with love, being completely massacred made her heart, grieve in pain.

"Brothers… Brothers… I knew it, this bad feeling I had…"

"We were never going to win, weren't we"

A cracking noise resounded inside Celica's heart.

"So Will you save your brothers"


"There's not much time…"

"I… I want… To avenge them…"



Suddenly, a strong pain filled Celica's entire heart!



Coming from the ring in her left hand, an incredibly thick aura filled Celica's entire body, engulfing her body entirely!

"GYYYYAAAAAHHHHH! It hurts! It hurts! My heart! My heart hurts so much!"

"Accept the pain, become one with it… Embrace your hate"

The surviving nearby Trolls noticed what was going on with Celica and retreated several meters in fear.

"Sister Celica! What is going on!"

"Its …"

"It's the Shadow Awakening ritual!"

"Sister Celica got that ring"


"Will we be saved"

"Is there hope"

"Sister Celica! Please help us!"

"Sister Celica!"

"Sister Celica!"

All the Trolls gathered around Celica, cheering her to endure the painful Shadow Awakening ritual.

"GYAAAAAHHHH! E-Everyone…! I will avenge… Our brothers…! Aahhhh!!!"



Suddenly, from the shadows engulfing Celica, tentacles came out and started to grab on nearby Trolls, absorbing their life essence!

"What's going on!"

"T-that's not how a Shadow Awakening ritual is!"

"What is this!"

"Run! Gyaaaaaahhhh!"

The tentacles made of shadows started to swiftly absorb every Troll, becoming denser and stronger everytime.


"N-no! Why! Brothers…! Ahhh! My mind!"

The cracking voice resounded once again her heart.

"Girl, don't you want revenge"


"The only way to avenge your brothers is like this!"





The massive shadow aura embracing Celica dissipated in a strong explosion, blowing away everything around!

The only surviving Troll, watched in fear how her Sister became something different, someone else.


Celica's body was covered with a fleshy and spiky dark armor, with her face completely covered in a helmet, with three gigantic horns. Behind her back there could be seen horrible bat-like wings expanding, creating a demonic look.

A strong deadly aura started to exude from this being body.

This being, didn't felt at all like they Sister.

"W-who are you!"

Ignoring the trembling Troll, this being casted an ancient spell, and grotesque Lance made of flesh and guts appeared out of thin air.


Wielding it, it quickly flew to the frontlines.




Backline, Emperor's Throne.

The Emperor enjoyed how Kireina struggled fighting his two strongest warriors, then, suddenly, he felt a strong pressure from far away.

"Aaaahhh! Wonderful! Wonderful! The Shadow Awakening Ring… it finally possessed that foolish girl, it is as Master as said…"

"Even if my whole army gets destroyed, it does not matter, because this is all in Master's plans"

Kireina quickly felt the same pressure!

"Gaahh! W-what the heck is that! What's going on! Damn it!"

Kireina quickly tried to flew and save his servants.

"You are not going anywhere!"


A strong Mana Zone engulfed Kireina inside, trapping her!

"What Mana Zone… Is this a shadow variant That **ing witch!"

A Troll Witch appeared at a safe distance, laughing at such reactions.

"Fufufu… Do you like it, Kireina I named it: Absolute Shadow Realm Creation"

The Troll Champion quickly approached the Witch.

"Well done, with this I don't need to hold back with this Demon!"

"Ugh… This is quite complicated… Minds, I am leaving this Zone to you to crack!"

Three tiny voices resounded inside Kireina's head.


"We will do everything we can…!"

"I will handle this fight!"




Frontlines, tight road between three mountains.

A horrible rooting smell could be smelt all around the battlefield, countless corpses were scattered around, some almost intact, others roasted alive, and others in pieces. Blood, meat and bones painted the entire road with a bright red.

Some surviving Trolls couldn't comprehend entirely what happened.

"It was all so sudden… We have lost completely…"

"Wait… Do you remember how we split our armies before…"

"Maybe… the other armies will come to our rescues!"

To the East of the Tight Road.

Countless Trolls corpses were burned to a crisp. Then thrown to a deep pit.

Two Wyverns and one Monkey, Goruden, Aine and Adena made all this.

"This should be the last batch of corpses; they were around… 50 Trolls"

"It was easier than I thought, but they give loads of nice EXP"

"Yes, separating in three groups was indeed their demise"

Goruden praise the young Wyverns might.

"Such strength, Wyverns are indeed legendary creatures!"

"Hahaha! Yeah, perhaps!"

"No need to give us such praise, fellow Goruden, it was all thanks to your brothers plans that such victory was accomplished, we merely did our part"

To the West of the Tight Road.

A similar scenery to the East could be seen here, three Wyverns finished cleaning the corpses and thrown them to a deep pit. Even the little Eshne did his part.

"Well done little brothers, we should go and assist the main army now that we are don-"

Suddenly, Abellona felt and incredible demonic pressure!

"Ah! This power!"

"Hmm What's going on brother"


"You don't feel it Perhaps you are too young yet, but something terrifying had been summoned in the middle of the main battlefield, we must hurry!"



In the Tight Road Mountains, the mage groups came together to celebrate their victory.

"Brother Kizuato and Senior Kekensha, your plan was indeed flawless!"

"Don't accept victory yet, Meiji, how many casualties"

Kekensha checked on his own troops and sighed.

"Our troops performed their duties according to how was planned, but even so, variables can always happen in the middle of the battle, we have lost 5 brave soldiers…"

"Kekensha… They fought marvelously"

"Hmmm… I need to go rest for now…EH!"

"Sure go ahead… What"

Kekensha started to breath heavily while it looked at the sky.

"Haaahhh… This power! Get away!"

"What power!"

Suddenly, Kizuato and Yukan also felt it!


"No way!"

"Since when did the Trolls had this monster around!"

Kekensha yelled at his troops.

"Every non named servant, go back to the main base! HURRY!"


All the rookies grouped together and ran away as far as they could.

Meiji didn't understand what was happening and asked Kekensha desperately.

"Kekensha, what's your deal"

"It's coming! Meiji, go to the back! NOW!"



Suddenly, a flashing shadow came from the south, at raging speed!

"What is that!"

"It's here! We will help you Kekensha!"

"Very well!"


After seeing the three monster trying to confront it, the shadow figure increased its speed and pointed its fleshy lance to the front, looking like a mad bullet!

"Here it is! | GOLDEN WALL |!"


Kekensha quickly casted a gigantic Golden Wall made of powerful light magic!

The flashing shadow started to cast a myriad of forbidden demonic spells, increasing his stats through the roof!


Clashing like a mad meteor, the shadow figure completely shattered the Golden Wall and stabbed Kekensha right on his back!

"GUUAAAAHKKK! Damned monster, uughhh! It hurts like hell!"

The shadow figure kicked Kekensha to the side and looked menacingly to Kizuato and Yukan'na!

"Tsk! Lets go!"



Kizuato and Yukan'na casted all the buffing skills they had! Doubling their size, and covered their limbs with bulging muscles!

Yukan'na in specific increased the heat on his entire body, becoming red colored!

The combined aura of the two strongest monkeys would make the former Monkey Emperor proud of their sons!

Kekensha tried to stand up but he couldn't move a muscle, something on the stab he got completely paralyzed his entire body, when he looked carefully he found out that its wound was already rooting away, and dead flesh and pus could be seen decaying away!

"Ghhh! What is that Lance!"


Meiji quickly sneaked around the big battle and swiftly healed Kekensha wounds.

"This wound looks horrible! What kind of effect does that lance have!"

The Wounds slowly started to heal, but the dead flesh couldn't be recovered.

"This must be a strong type of curse effect; I have never seen such power"

After some seconds of intensive healing, the wound finally healed and the curse status was casted away.

"You have my thanks, Meiji… However, that monster… I must assist the Monkeys…"


"Move all the mages far away, and blast it with magic when you have the opportunity, we will buy time for the Wyverns to come and assist us!"

"Yes! But what about Master"

"Master must be very busy facing the Troll Emperor, we cannot bother her"


"Meiji! Haven't you learned anything We can't rely on our Master all the time to save our asses!"


"We must become someone who our Master can rely on!"


Kekensha being back on the fight alleviated a bit the pressure that Kizuato and Yukan were handling, but Kizuato was already injured multiple times, even HP potions would not work so well to heal cursed wounds.

"Ghh! How much will we endure"

The shadow figure noticed Kizuato lowing his guard and it quickly flew for a strong stab on his stomach!



Kekensha quickly covered his entire body in a golden glow and jumped over the Shadow Figure, biting the fleshy armor on its neck!

"Light Fangs!"



The Shadow Figure struggled a little bit as if in pain, but I quickly took Kekensha whole body with ease and threw him to a nearby rock!


"Gghhh! Such power! It can lift me with just one arm"

The Shadow Figure quickly approached Kekensha and pointe its fleshy lance at him, going for a killing blow to his head!




Suddenly, the Shadow Figure was attacked with a big Fireball on its back, and promptly countless projectiles followed close, giving it a hard time avoiding.

"It must be the mages!"

"But look, magic can barely scrap its armor!"

"Yeah, but it distract it enough for us to strike!"

"You are right! Let's go!"

Kizuatoa and Yukan'na teamed up to attack the Shadow Figure, using their strongest weapon skills, two strong slashes of red energy hit it on the back, throwing it some meters away!



"Ah! Did it talk"

"Can it talk even"


The Shadow Figure approached as if it were a flash of dark light near the two monkeys and using its fleshy lance slashed them both with a strong dark energy!




"Kizuato! Yukan!"

In the distance, was Rimuru watching the scene, with his slime brothers.

"Guuu... I will go help! You guys stay here!"

"But Rimuru…!"

"Shut up guu!"


Rimuru flashed like a rainbow meteor and started using loads of stamina to increase its speed!



Rimuru clashed so hard on the Shadow Figure that he threw it several meters away, crashing on a mountain wall and forming a deep pit!

"Senior Rimuru!"

"I am here! I am not just a mage you know! Shapeshifting!"


Rimuru quickly changed its form, resembling the older Crimson Wolf Emperor!

"Ah that's!"

"Right! Senior Rimuru can shapeshift!"


Rimuru quickly activated a myriad of buffs and the Crimson Wolf Emperor Berserk mode!

An intense red aura filled the environment!

"This is Senior Rimuru power!"

"Impressive! We still are so far from him!"

"Ggggrrr…! You guys go with Meiji and heal your wounds! Kekensha, can you still fight!"

"Yes, Senior Rimuru!"

"Very well guuuu!"

The Shadow Figure slowly recovered its wounds using its strange flesh armor, and then it stood up.


"This guy is very weird, what exactly is he, Kekensha"

"I… Don't have an idea. But I can feel a strong demonic aura from it!"

"So it's, a demon, then!"

"I can't really confirm it…"

"Hmm! Ah! Here it comes, follow me! Guuuuuuuuuuuuruuu!"



The Shadow Figure pointed its fleshy lance against Rimuru and went at max speed, resembling a mad bullet!

"I'm not gonna lose to you! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"


Suddenly, Rimuru went ahead at max speed, clashing with the sharp fleshy lance tip!


"Senior Rimuru, don't touch that lance! Eh!"

Rimuru was able to dodge the lance tip reforming its body, and then it expanded himself to entangle the Shadow Figure on place!


"I got cha! Now eat this! Master teach me this technique! MYRIAD CLAWS!"


Rimuru hit the entangled Shadow Figure three times right on its head, destroying almost all its fleshy helmet, and then freed it from its entanglement and kicked it to the mountain walls!



Inside the broken helmet, a delicate and beautiful face could be seen, with deep red eyes.

"Who is that A troll girl, guuu"

The Shadow Figure quickly regenerated its helmet, and stood up in place, preparing for another rush!

"Ooh You are quite the hard nut to crack, guuu!"




"I am no Demon, guu!"

"I must exterminate… Demons…"

"Shut up, I am feed up with all of you calling my Master and us, Demons! I will teach you a lesson, guuuuu!"


Rimuru quickly ran ahead, and when he approached the Shadow Figure, activated Shapeshifting again to change its front limb with the form of a strong and muscular Monkey Emperor arm!




"Again! Guuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!"


Countless blows rained over the Shadow Figure, deforming its entire fleshy armor, and taking big chunks out of it!


Rimuru prepared a last blow concentrating its entire strength on it!




The Shadow Figure was thrown away hundreds of meters, crashing on a mountain and creating a massive shock wave that shattered countless rocks around!


"Senior Rimuru, you did it!"

"Guuu… No…not yet…"


Out of thin air, the Shadow Figure appeared in front of Rimuru, slashing him with its fleshy lance!



"Senior Rimuuruuu!"

Rimuru was slashed in half!


Both parts of Rimuru clashed far away, heavily loosing blood!

However, right on this moment!


Both slashed parts became a multicolored liquid that quickly combined, forming the original form of Rimuru again!


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"It's not easy to beat a Slime, guuu! (But this attack took a big chunk of my HP, guuu)"

Rimuru quickly casted a myriad of lower elemental spells on itself, healing its HP slowly!

Kekensha noticed Rimuru healing itself and tried to stall for time.

"(I need to distract it while Senior Rimuru heals itself!)"

"I am your opponent now!"


Kekensha bravely jumped on the action, throwing himself over the Shadow Figure!


The Shadow Figure couldn't move in time and was thrown some distance away, at the same time, Kekensha casted its light armor over its body once again, and rushed over the Shadow Figure again!

"Activate skill: | LIGHT LANCE |!"


After activating the skill, Kekensha's head was covered on a big pointed helmet made of pure light energy, rushing towards the Shadow Figure looking exactly like bright Light Lance!


The Shadow Figure tried to intercept the Light Lance with its own Flesh Lance but it was useless, the Fleshy Lance slowly started to disintegrate with the strong light emitted by Kekensha!


"It's Lance! My light is destroying it Perhaps that's its weakness!"

Kekensha quickly casted some lower Light related skills, suddenly, countless light swords started to rain over the Shadow Figure, destroying its armor at a fast speed!



As its Flesh Armor slowly disintegrated, a naked body could be seen.

"It's that the original host"

Noticing its demise, the Flesh Armor tried to endure the pain and expanded itself, trying to trap Kekensha!

"Ghh! Noo!"

However, suddenly!


A strong shadow claw slashed the Shadow Figure and threw it away!

"I am back!"


"Kekensha, what is this thing"

"Quick! Keep attacking it! If you let it rest, it will completely regenerate again!"

"Ah! Okay!"

Wagyu covered itself in strong shadows and rushed over the Shadow Figure, and expanding its shadows, it created countless claws that started slashing mercilessly at the enemy!



The powerful Shadow Claws slashed the entire flesh armor in pieces that started to run away!

"They are moving on its own What kind of being is this"

When Wagyu finished slashing the flesh parts away, the only thing left was a naked and unconscious Troll girl.

"Was this Troll, that thing from before"

In the distance, the fleshy parts started to combine themselves into a bigger figure.


"The flesh parts! They came together again!"

"But they don't have a host now, what can it do Eh"

The grotesque fleshy being started to absorb the nearby Troll Corpses, growing in size!

After absorbing more than 20 corpses, its size was massive, and countless tentacles and eyes started to pop out from its body!

Its eyes flashed with a red light, and countless red beams started to rain over the mountains!



"What! Quick! Run!"


The disgusting Fleshy Monster started to move ahead, shooting red laser beams everywhere!

"It's still kind of slow, but those laser beams are terrifying!"

"At least we know its weakness! Its Light Magic!"

"Let's use | MP SHARE | and cast a big Mana Zone, lets craft a strong light spell together!"

"Good idea, Wagyu! Meiji, call the rest of the Slime family and Tsuchimizu!"


In the distance, five Wyverns flew at max speed, quickly approaching Wagyu and the rest!

"Wagyu! What is that thing!"

"Abellona, good timing, please activate | MP SHARE |, we cannot explain things for now, we must eradicate it with a strong Light spell, no matter what!"

"Very well, we will keep it in place for now! Let's go brothers!"


The five Wyverns rushed over the massive Flesh Monster and attacked it with their breaths and strong magic, distracting it from its main goal.



"Burning Sun Breath!"

Abellona opened its mouth and a gigantic flame came out of it, roasting the Flesh Being outer layer.


Meanwhile, Wagyu and the rest of the named servants came together and started to slowly cast a big Mana Zone.

A multicolored ball made of magic slowly expanded over their heads.

"Now Meiji, Kekensha, add Light Element to the mix!"




Kekensha quickly casted all its Light Element spells inside the Mana Zone, condensing them in to the purest form of Light Magic while Mieji added loads of pure Light Magic, mixing it with Kekensha one.

Rimuru quickly joined and added its MP to the group.


The Mana Zone expanded several meters, looking like a bright lamp!

"T-There it is!"

"B-But, how do we mold the magic"

"What would be the best form to annihilate such a massive being"

Wagyu quickly browsed through his mind until it remembered his Master strongest spell, Overpowering Sun!

"Ah! Like a sun! That is how Master create its strongest spell!"

"A sun"

"Makes sense!"

"A concentrated ball of pure light magic right into its ugly fleshy face!"

"Lets do it!"

"Yes! Oooooohhhhh!"





Every member put his mind into commanding the Mana Zone to reform itself, until it completely took the form of a bright sun!


"There it is! Let's run, brothers!"

The Wyverns quickly noticed and flew away.

"Kekensha, you can name it!"

"Very well…! Its name is, Golden Sun!"

"Good name, guuu!"

"Ah! Master once told me about a weird story named like that… it must be just a coincidence!"


Commanded by all the servants, the Golden Sun slowly started to move into the Fleshy Monster direction!



The Monster tried to blast the spell away with its eye beams but it was useless, the mana density of Golden Sun was too high!


Tump! Tump!

The Golden Sun clashed over the Fleshy monster, but the monster tried to use its tentacles to lift it and throw it away!


However, it was useless! It was too heavy to be lifted, and the monster slowly started to disintegrate! As it tried to run away, its massive size made it too slow!


Its immense fleshy body started to roast and then become complete dust, the monster had a slow and agonizing dead.

"It's over…"



Every servant except the Wyverns slowly sat on the ground completely exhausted.

"Now… the rest is up to Master…"





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