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Emperors Domination Chapter 30: Twelve Immortal Physiques (2)

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It was the opposite case for the Life Wheel and Fate Palace. One could not naturally increase their innate ranking of the Life Wheel and Fate Palace. Even if one became an Immortal Emperor, the Life Wheel and Fate Palace would be the same as they were at the time of their birth.

All three of them were extremely important for the purpose of cultivation. The Physique determined ones bone and muscular structures, the Life Wheel dealt with ones blood energy, and the Fate Palace indicated ones innate aptitude and natural enlightenment.

For example, if a person had a Saint Life Wheel, then his blood energy would be as abundant as the desert sands; when trained using a Life Wheel method, his speed would be extremely swift; the effect would be greater as well.

Li Qiye slowly read the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law in order to find the mysterious truths of this method. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had a completed version of this merit law, but what Li Qiye was aiming for was more complex than the manual.

To talk about the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was to talk about its exceptional origin of how Li Qiye struggled to obtain this merit law. At the beginning of the Emperors Era, he contemplated about letting Min Ren cultivate this method, but he changed his mind.

In the old Desolate Era, both humans and demons were extremely weak species. Many immortal sages spent their lives creating suitable merit laws and cultivation methods for these unfortunate beings; eventually, they were able to form a new flourishing era.

There was a formidable immortal sage that created a Life Wheel merit law that allowed for one to cultivate quickly; it was named Revolving Crescent Sun. In the beginning stages of this merit law, cultivators were able to use their blood energy to build their Fate Palace, and their cultivation levels quickly rose.

However, the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law had a fatal weakness. The beginning stage allowed for the blood energy to carry ones cultivation level, but, as his cultivation level increased, his weak blood energy was no longer sufficient. The result was that the person would be left in a stage where his blood energy was weak and his cultivation was unable to grow. If he was to force the technique, his longevity would decrease from over-exerting his lifeblood.

When Li Qiye had obtained this method, he passed it down to many people. However, none of them were able to perfectly utilize it. For the sake of perfecting this technique, Li Qiye gathered many Immortal Emperors; including Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, Immortal Emperor Min Ren, and Immortal Emperor Tun Ri.

It wasnt until the era of the Black Dragon King that Li Qiye had perfected this technique. Today, as he was researching the technique, his old memories containing the mysterious truths within the merit law came back to him.

After recovering the completed and revised Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, Li Qiye took a deep breath.

In this world, not many people knew the effort he had spent on this technique across the eras. Who would know how many immortal sages of humanity spent their lives to develop the method

The truth was, after Li Qiye left this method behind in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, many geniuses had tried it; however, none of them could reach grand completion.

Li Qiye spent three days and three nights to research the Kun Pengs Six Variants and the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law. Nan Huairen still had not returned; since Li Qiye was not in a rush, he chose to stay on the peak to further cultivate.

Once his two methods were ready, Li Qiye was ready to formally start his cultivation. One could say that Li Qiyes experience and knowledge regarding cultivation were rich even if his innate aptitude was subpar.

Even though the two methods were heaven-defying, he did not rush toward completion. He wanted quality in his cultivation. He knew that rushing would only leave behind hidden dangers and flaws for ones long path of cultivation.

Li Qiye was cultivating both at the same time, but the two methods were not related or in sync with each other. The Kun Pengs Six Variants was about using the Fate Palace while the Revolving Crescent Sun was a Life Wheel Technique. One could cultivate both in the beginning without complications.

There was a fourth type of method outside of the three already mentioned ones; some people called it the foundation method. This method did not focus on the Physique, Life Wheel, or Fate Palace individually, but rather, it focused on all three of them at the same time. Although this fourth type had many uses, and its theoretical effects seemed great, it was hard to cultivate such a method to a higher rank.

There were also different rankings for merit laws and methods. For example, if Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon was to create a method, his method would be of the Virtuous Paragon ranking. As for an Immortal Emperors creation, it would be named an Immortal Emperor method.

Of course, merit laws and cultivation methods werent everything. Without a strong willpower, in the end, everything would be gone like the clouds in the wind. Many geniuses, in the past, started their cultivation with heaven shattering methods. This entitled them a smooth road until they suffered from Qigong Deviation. Other geniuses were spoiled in their beginnings, and they were given Immortal Emperor methods at the start; however, when it was time for them to compete for the Heavens Will, they werent able to cultivate their own Heaven Wills Secret Law; they lacked the experience and toughness from their past easy roads.

After thinking about all of the nuisances regarding cultivation, Li Qiye channeled his Life Wheel using the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law; the effect was clear. Behind Li Qiyes head was a wheel of light rotating without breaks, and his blood energy began to move within the light.

The blood energy was flowing through the Life Wheel as if it was a stream controlled by its current, never stopping.

Li Qiye was born with a Mortal Life Wheel; he had no advantage regarding this area. Because his blood energy was weak, his blood current was not strong in his Life Wheels rotation.

If another with a Tianxian Life Wheel or Emperor Life Wheel were to cultivate the same merit law, their current would be a large river. A Saint Life Wheels current would be as great as the ocean itself.

Li Qiye initiated the incantations of the Kun Pengs Six Variants, and he began to activate his Fate Palace in a particular order.

The Fate Palace was the home of ones fate; it carried the three souls and seven spirits. The Fate Palace was hidden inside the Shang Dantian, so Li Qiye started to use the Six Variants to knock on the Palace door. The Fate Palace slowly appeared in his Shang Dantian.[1. Shang Dantian is a meridian located on top of the forehead)

The Fate Palace had an ancient design, and it was crystal clear. However, because his Fate Palace was only of mortal rank, the light radiating from it was dim.

Normally, the Fate Palace was closed, and the soul and spirits were at rest. One had to knock on the Fate Palace to wake the souls and spirits up in order to channel their power, then one could start to cultivate.

This was why the first level of cultivation was known as Palace Foundation. This level itself was divided into three separate stages: First Entrance, Second Awareness, and Third Bloodsurge.

First Entrance was the process of knocking on the Fate Palace, allowing the incantations of the cultivating methods to enter the Fate palace. During this process, it was akin to a monk knocking on his wooden plate to connect to Buddha. One had to do it nonstop and faithfully, and, only then, would the Fate Palace answer by opening its doors.

“Bang, Bang, Bang.” Li Qiye used the Six Variants incantations to knock on his Fate Palace nonstop. He had forgotten how many times he had done it, but the Fate Palace would not answer him. This, however, did not deter Li Qiye.

For a genius, especially someone with a Saint Fate Palace, the process of opening the Fate Palace was extremely easy because their souls and spirits were formidable. Legends have it that there was a person with a Saint Fate Palace that only had to knock once before opening his Palace.

This person would be a genius among geniuses; however, Li Qiye was not part of this group. He had to be patient and put in countless amounts of effort; that was his only road to success.

Even though Li Qiye knew a few different methods to open the Fate Palace with just one knock, such as using the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law to gather all of his blood energy to improve the incantations of his Kun Pengs Six Variants in order to strike a hard blow to the Palace Door, he didnt want to do it.

His Life Wheel was only of mortal grade, and his blood energy was thin. If he overexerted his blood energy, then his Life Wheel would be damaged. Not only that, but such a powerful blow would frighten his souls and spirit, and that would leave behind complications in the future.

Knowing his weakness, Li Qiye was determined to create a solid foundation without any imperfections. He kept on knocking on his Palace Door; even if it was ten thousand times or a hundred thousand times, he would continue until the Palace Door opened.


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