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Chapter 4657: Worldbreaker Fist

As one of the seven forbidden zones, many often mistook Worldbreaker for a barren land filled with perils.

In reality, a group of cultivators considered it to be a paradise.

They either didnt mind becoming fist slaves or had no other attachments.

In fact, for those under pursuit, Worldbreaker was the perfect place to be.

First, their pursuers wouldnt dare to enter due to the fist intents and have no choice but to give up on their targets.

For some lingering long enough to be turned into fist slaves, worldly feuds stopped mattering.

Hatred all but disappeared between fist slaves.

Therefore, cultivators at the end of the rope would run to Worldbreaker.

Amusingly enough, fist slaves still had emotions and a will to avenge against regular people.

One example was God Fist.

He had become a fist slave but his enemies werent; animosity still remained.

This prompted him to leave Worldbreaker and kill his foes.

The first wave of cultivators finally entered Worldbreaker and sensed various fist intents.

This depended on their cultivation and practiced merit laws.

A fist user felt an instant dao harmonization.

She felt herself becoming stronger from being boosted by the intent of Worldbreaker.

Her own fist dao improved dramatically.

This was to be expected.

Fist users always gained considerable power after coming here.

Because of this, the majority of fist slaves used to be martial artists.

A mighty cultivator sensed the fist intents pouring into his body and seeping into every inch.

They wanted to fuse with his own grand dao.

A weaker cultivator would only sense the first part and enjoyed it thoroughly.

The former tried to block the fist intents out of their body.

This was only a temporary measure because the intents were too strong.

Becoming a fist slave was inevitable while being in Worldbreaker with two main variables - time and cultivation level.

One way to hasten this process was to actually cultivate and learn the fist intents.

A converted cultivator retained their clarity of mind.

However, they had no choice but to be subservient to Worldbreaker, unable to leave.

This was the reason why they started dynasties here too.

“Should we enter I dont want to risk it.” One expert stopped at the border.

“Two or three days should be okay, just dont stay for too long.” His friend hesitated for a moment before coming up with a justification.

“Plenty of people shared the same idea, only to turn into fist slaves.

We cant quite detect the process that well.” A last-gen cultivator added.

This was accurate because while in Worldbreaker, one wouldnt change at all - whether it be their dao heart or mind.

The majority thought that they were perfectly lucid and in control.

Therefore, they stuck around and as time passed, they grew closer to this land.

The undetectible conversion fooled cultivators who were initially on guard.

They only wanted to stay for one or two days and felt that only this much time had passed.

In reality, the staying length became three days, five days, thirty days, fifty days, then three months… They then turned into fist slaves.

“Third-gen disciples, stay behind.

Those who are entering Worldbreaker must leave in three days regardless of the result.” A lord ordered.

Another sect master told his fellow members: “We are not entering Worldbreaker.

The eventual winner will have to leave anyway.”

The junior members agreed because there was still a chance to obtain the gemstone while staying outside.

“Golden Fist Emperor has been in there for a long time yet he still isnt a fist slave.

Something is off about this.” One expert said.

“It should have something to do with his mighty cultivation.

It must take a long while for the conversion to happen.” An ancestry responded.

“His cultivation is one thing, but remember his ancestor.

He must know more than we do, perhaps a method to avoid the fist intents.” A big shot replied.

People contemplated - was this a merely a coincidence In history, no visitors have obtained a gemstone until now.

Some didnt think that he got lucky.

He must have gotten help from his ancestor.

For those who entered, they did see some dangerous locations such as deep valleys and lands infected with evil.

They also saw cities and villages with inhabitants.

Of course, fist slaves were living there.

Worldbreaker had millions of them by this point.

Some slaves preferred a solitary lifestyle in desolate areas.

Others picked populated areas while famous characters even started their own sect.

“Dont get close to the fist slaves, the intents are stronger there and if Worldbreaker decides that youre an enemy, all of them will attack.” A senior reminded his followers who heeded his warning.

“First Brother!” Another member from a large sect saw a familiar face.

Others nearby heard him and talked about this matter.

“Thats the first brother of Far-river School, a brilliant genius.

Hes a fist slave now” Someone whispered.

This fist slave was both powerful and had an impressive appearance as well.

“First Brother, the sect master has been looking for you everywhere.

Please come back with us.” Another said.

The slave shook his head and said: “I am a part of Divine Fist Dynasty now and have nothing to do with Far-river.

Go back, this isnt the place to be.”

His friends exchanged glances and could see that their first brother was still sound of mind.

Unfortunately, he was now a fist slave.

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