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Chapter 4656: New Groom

Since everyone has left, this meant that the battle stage was over.

Normally, Li Qiye would be chosen as the groom.

Alas, he wanted her to marry Jian Ming instead, someone rather unknown.

If it was anyone else, the elders of Golden Gate would have tossed this proposal out the door instantly.

Unfortunately, they were dealing with Li Qiye.

Mad Fist could have killed True Immortal Spirit as well.

The issue was Li Qiye being able to easily control their foundation and even Worldbreakers fist intents.

He had a good grasp on his sects fist dao since he was the second strongest.

Thus, he understood the significance of Li Qiyes ability.

Even his ancestor couldnt utilize Worldbreakers fist intents.

To go even further up the chain, Golden Divine Fist also couldnt do it with such ease.

Because of this, Li Qiye had enough clout to influence Mad Fists choice.

He had no choice but to accept the marriage proposal.

Ye Tingrong didnt mind this at all.

The worst-case scenario would have been the destruction of her sect.

At the very least, they managed to escape this fate and gained a powerful protector.

“Go meet your grandpa-in-law already.” The daoist elbowed Jian Ming.

The latter had a wide smile since everything ended so well.

He was expecting many fierce battles before the conclusion.

He walked forward and lowered his head toward Mad Fist: “Senior, thank you for giving permission.”

“No need to be so humble.” Mad Fist nodded and said: “The Jian is renowned, its ancestors have saved Eight Desolaces before.

You are not climbing up our branch.

Change your honorifics.”

As a big shot, he had knowledge of the four clans glorious days.

“Grandpa.” Jian Ming turned red but was awfully happy inside.

Ye Tingrong, on the other hand, was blushing as well despite being so open-minded normally.

Despite the happy occasion, Li Qiye didnt linger around and wanted to enter Worldbreaker.

“Young Noble, are you leaving for Worldbreaker” Ye Tingrong asked.

“The immortal gemstone shouldnt be taken by mere bandits and thieves.

Moreover, its not good for your ancestor to keep it.” Li Qiye said.

Mad Fist and the others became anxious.

Everyone was after their ancestor right now.

Top existences headed for Worldbreaker in order to seize the gemstone.

He was completely trapped.

“The ancestor can use the power of the gemstone though.” Ye Tingrong said.

Who would be able to defeat him His punch even pierced the great fist.

“A second time, how greedy.” Li Qiye shook his head: “The gemstone isnt something you can wield regardless of your power.

Abusing it would end in death before you can take your opponents down.”

“That makes sense.” Mad Fist shuddered.

This applied to dao lord weapons as well.

Ordinary cultivators had a hard time controlling them.

Forcing the issue would not end well.

The power within the gemstone was unimaginable.

Just one strand could kill a big shot.

Golden Fist Emperor must have paid a heavy price to use it once.

The second might require him to pay with his life.

Therefore, the gemstone wouldnt be able to save him from the hunt.

Alas, Golden Gate couldnt support him right now.

Firstly, some great powers might still be watching in ambush.

They couldnt afford to mobilize recklessly.

Secondly, their full effort was useless against the rest of the world.

Nonetheless, Li Qiye gave them a sliver of hope since he could use the power of Worldbreaker.

Mad Fist knew that he was unbeatable there and could actually save their emperor.

“Please, Young Noble.” He prostrated.

Ye Tingrong and the other members from Golden Gate did the same.

“This is a favor I shall bestow upon you.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at Ye Tingrong.

She understood that he was only helping the emperor because of her marriage to Jian Ming.

Otherwise, he couldnt care less about his well-being.

As he was leaving, the daoist and Jian Ming both tagged along.

Although the marriage was decided, Ye Tingrong still supported Jian Mings choice to leave.

“Brat, what are you doing Isnt it better to stay home and spend time with your bride” The daoist said.

“You dont have to come.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I know I wont be able to help, Young Noble.” Jian Ming said: “But this is the only time I will get to enter Worldbreaker with you.”

Li Qiye chuckled after hearing this.

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