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Chapter 4655: Greed

Various thoughts coursed through everyones mind.

Their eyes began flashing with greed.

This immortal gemstone had a power beyond the dao lord level.

Adding it to ones weapon meant becoming unbeatable.

Golden Fist Emperor showed its potential clearly earlier and tempted everyone.

“Go!” True Immortal Young Emperors eyes narrowed as he immediately gave the command.

“Rumble!” Wheels started turning as his forces disappeared into the horizon.

He no longer cared about the marriage proposal.

The time was ripe to enter Worldbreaker and find Golden Fist Emperor.

He put aside the death of True Immortal Spirit because the gemstone was far more important.

“Stop dreaming about the peerless gemstone!” Tian Feng had to stop the duel with Li Qiye and rushed toward Worldbreaker, crossing past one million miles in the blink of an eye.

“Follow me, members of Three Thousand Dao!” Speargrasp didnt want to fall behind either.

Those under the jurisdiction of Three Thousand Dao including ancestors immediately followed him.

“Were going too.” A sacred ground that was going to participate in the battle stage also mobilized its forces.

The others also gave up on the battle stage and headed for Worldbreaker.

“Are we not fighting here anymore” A youth who had a crush on Ye Tingrong asked his seniors.

He didnt want to leave right now.

“The gemstone isnt here so the marriage alliance no longer matters.

The chase for the gemstone is still on.” His high elder responded.

“Yes, it is meaningless to be here now.” An ancestor said.

Entering an alliance with Golden Gate didnt matter despite Golden Gates power.

Moreover, the battle stage could end with their disciples losing their lives.

The gains no longer outweighed the cons.

“Li Qiye is presiding over this matter, no need to be so reckless and go over him.

We just need to obtain the gemstone and well become unstoppable.” A genius from a different sect said.

“Golden Fist Emperor is definitely in Worldbreaker, he cant leave.” Many big shots showed up and headed for Worldbreaker.

“Im afraid the behemoths will do everything they can though.” Someone else commented.

“Thats for sure, this gemstone might be the key to deciding the next dao lord.

On the other hand, even a dao lord might consider this gemstone a real threat.” A big shot agreed.

Everyone understood that by obtaining this gemstone, a conqueror might prove their dao to become the next dao lord.

They must obtain it at all costs due to its power.

Only a few remained near the battle stage.

They stared at Li Qiye who was still around.

“Anyone else” Li Qiye smiled at the small crowd.

The majority of them had a crush on Ye Tingrong.

However, they saw what Li Qiye did to True Immortal Spirit earlier and gave up on the idea.

After all, one must be alive to bring the beauty back home.

“Lets test our luck at Worldbreaker for that gemstone.” One person said, not wanting to throw away his life to Li Qiye.

Eventually, only Li Qiyes group and members from Golden Gate were left.

Mad Fist smiled wryly after seeing this.

Nonetheless, this gave him some breathing room.

The whole battle stage was only an attempt to buy time and incite feuds between the great powers.

He didnt expect it to end in this manner.

This was normally humiliating for the bride and her side because everyone left for something else.

Ye Tingrong, on the other hand, preferred this development.

Since the gemstone was still in Worldbreaker, this meant that their sect was safe.

“Alright, Sect Master, Ive made a decision already.

Your golden daughter will marry this brat.

The Jian will bring generous gifts in due time for the marriage.” Li Qiye told Mad Fist.

“Do I have a choice” Mad Fist smiled helplessly, aware of the circumstances.

Li Qiye was a monster who dared to offend the behemoths.

Moreover, he had the ability to back it up as well.

Plus, it seemed that Ye Tingrong herself agreed to this engagement.

Mad Fist could only go with the flow

“None, the decision is already made.” Li Qiye smiled.

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