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Chapter 171.

Apprehended (1)


Wu Yuan was back home, trying to recuperate when an unexpected visitor suddenly barged in through the door.

“What brings you here, Master Cai!”

Cai Kechang was stepping through the doorway uninvited with a stiff expression.

Wu Yuan couldn't immediately figure out what was going on.


is the matter with him'

Cai Kechang's expression wasn't just 'stiff'.

No, it seemed frozen stiff from nervousness.

Wu Yuan had never imagined he would see such a day.

It was safe to assume that Cai Kechang was the de facto ruler of Guangzhou, yet he was making such a nervous face.

No one would have imagined such a day would come.

But it was happening, and right in front of Yu Wuan's eyes, to boot!

Cai Kechang and his pale complexion stuttered his words out next, “On your...”

“I'm sorry”

“Get down on your knees, Old Wu!”

Wu Yuan's expression hardened instantly just then.

It was true that Cai Kechang's station was far, far higher than Wu Yuan's.

However, that didn't mean they were in a master-servant relationship where Cai Kechang could brazenly demand something as humiliating as kneeling in subordination from Wu Yuan.

“Hurry, Old Wu!”

However, the urgency in Cai Kechang's voice and expression flustered Wu Yuan.

It didn't feel like Cai Kechang was demanding Wu Yuan to kneel before him.

Which meant the kneeling was for someone else.

Clomp, clomp...

That was when Wu Yuan heard the footsteps.

His head instinctively shifted toward the direction of those sounds.

Someone still not within his view was leisurely approaching here.

“Old Wu, hurry and kneel! You must hurry!”

Cai Kechang's desperate urging forced Wu Yuan to nod and quickly get down on his knees.

Even he could tell that the owner of those footsteps was someone extraordinary judging from Cai Kechang's order that sounded more like an ardent plea at this point.

Just how many people under the heavens could push Cai Kechang, a member of the Martial Union, to such fluster Wu Yuan nervously swallowed his saliva while cautiously observing the doorway.

The footsteps grew louder and louder—until a man leisurely stepped through the open doorway.

Wu Yuan's irises quaked powerfully just then.


What is this'

The new visitor was someone Wu Yuan had never met.

But he couldn't tear his eyes away from this towering man.

What could be the best description for the man stepping through the doorway An...

avatar An incarnation of absolute dominion If there was such a thing in this world, the man entering Wu Yuan's home had to be it.

He boasted a physique at least double the size of an average person.

His brows seemed to be in flames, while his skin seemed ever so slightly charred.

And his loose hair seemed to dance wildly all on its own.

And then, a crimson-colored traditional overcoat covered his entire frame.

All these points combined to create a powerful and gargantuan sense of presence that Wu Yuan couldn't win against.

He did not dare raise his head and look into the eyes of the red overcoat-wearing man.

Wu Yuan could swear he had never met this man before.

However, his mind still managed to recall a certain legend.

A tale that he thought was nothing more than just a rumor.

And that tale involved three 'kings,’ the absolute rulers of the Martial Union.

'C-could he be...

the Crimson King!'

One of the three kings was often referred to as the incarnation of absolute domination.

If a gigantic and rugged mountain was a person, this man would be it.

It was clear that this was their first encounter, but Wu Yuan couldn't think of any other name than the legendary 'Crimson King.’

“This humble Old Wu pays his respect to the Crimson King.” Wu Yuan bowed deeply and politely greeted the visitor.

The Crimson King quietly scanned Wu Yuan before breaking the silence.

“Tell me more about the one you met.”

His voice was deep, weighty, and imposing, just like his exterior.

However, Wu Yuan's mind had no room to process that right now.

'He didn't deny it'

The imposing man before Wu Yuan's eyes didn't deny being the Crimson King.

Which could only mean that he was indeed the one from the rumors.

The one whose existence seemed to be just a folktale—the real Crimson King!

Wu Yuan's figure began to shudder from nervousness.

Why was such a heavyweight paying a visit to his humble abode!

The Crimson King spoke again, “Your name is Wu Yuan, correct”

“Y-yes A-ah, yes, my lord! That is correct!”

“Answer me.

Tell me who you met back then.”

Wu Yuan hurriedly began to explain everything he knew.

Although his nervousness made him stutter a bit, the Crimson King didn't urge or scold him and just quietly listened.

When the explanation came to its end...

“Mm...” The Crimson King let out a heavy grunt, then reached out to pat and feel Wu Yuan's limbs and torso.

Wu Yuan remained kneeling, even though he wasn't sure why the Crimson King was searching through his body like this.

But then...!


A surge of violent aura suddenly exploded forth from the Crimson King's figure.

“Kkeuh...!” Wu Yuan gasped out in pain.

After meeting that aura head-on, it felt like his throat had clogged up while his heart seemed to wither and shrink.

His body painfully convulsed out of control.

This incredible outpouring of aura couldn't possibly belong to a human being!

“...Demon cult!” A loud, ear-splitting roar exploded out of the Crimson King's mouth.

“Where is that so-called brat right now!”

Cai Kechang urgently bowed his head and replied, “M-my lord! From the report we received earlier, he is already on his way back to Korea!”

“What did you say!” The Crimson King's blazing eyes stabbed into Cai Kechang next to him.

“Cai Kechang!”

“Y-yes, my lord!”


Cai Kechang's figure was suddenly driven into the floor as if a giant was stomping on him.



Crimson blood flooded out of Cai Kechang's mouth next.

The Crimson King growled like a predator.

“Did I not issue an order that stated all information regarding demonic arts, no matter how insignificant, has to be reported to me”

“My, my apologies…” Cai Kechang desperately opened his unmoving mouth to seek forgiveness.


You said Korea, didn't you” The Crimson King's eyes seemed to burn even brighter.

“What are our connections in Korea”

“...My lord.

After following the Martial Union's policy of not interfering in the matters of a minor nation like that, we...

don't have much connections in Korea."

“Mmm...!” The Crimson King's expression crumpled unsightly.

He had half a mind to hop on a plane and head to Korea right now.

Unfortunately, the timing was simply too bad, and he couldn't afford to leave his post.

“Very well.

Select suitable individuals to dispatch to Korea.”

“Lord Crimson King, if I may...” Cai Kechang cautiously asked, “Why are you interested in such a minor matter”

“A minor matter” The Crimson King grimaced before beckoning at Wu Yuan.

Like a man in a trance, Wu Yuan got up and walked up closer.


The Crimson King tore off Wu Yuan's shirt to reveal the flesh underneath, and Cai Kechang's eyes flew open in shock.

Wu Yuan's entire upper half was dyed in a black hue.

His flesh...

had died!

“B-but, how!”

According to Wu Yuan's testimony, he got struck only once.

In that case, how did his body end up in this state!

The Crimson King growled again.

“This is the power of the demonic arts.”

“B-b-but, my lord, the demonic arts can't...”

“The 'demonic arts' you know are nothing more than a collection of half-baked trash.

The true master of the demonic arts can directly rule over death!”

Cai Kechang couldn't understand what that meant, but he still realized how incredible the power of true demonic arts was.

The Crimson King continued, “Judging from this level of strength, we must assume the ancient demon cult's cultivation technique has been revived.”

“The ancient...

demon cult, my lord” Cai Kechang tilted his head slightly.

The Crimson King frowned at this sight.

Unfortunately, this was an expected response.

Someone like Cai Kechang would obviously be unfamiliar with the term 'demon cult.’

'If that brat is just a descendant of the demon cult, there is no need to worry.

However, what if he's one of the demon cult's leaders...

returning to the modern era'

If the demon cult's cultivation techniques that had been lost to time got unleashed upon this world, endless chaos would rule everything under the heavens once more.

That possibility had to be stopped, no matter what!

“Find that brat.

It doesn't matter whether he's in Korea or not! Find out who he is and what kind of a life he's living, then report everything to me!” the Crimson King roared.

“By your will!” Cai Kechang deeply bowed.

The Crimson King swiftly turned around and left Wu Yuan's home.

'It seems I must call for a conference...!'

This matter was not something he could resolve alone.

A certain thought popped into his head just then.

Maybe, this was the sign that their peace was about to end.

The Crimson King's body shuddered imperceptibly at that thought.

'I can smell the blood already...'

Whether that young man was a returner or not, boasting attainment of such a level in demonic arts meant that he had to be a cruel and violent person.

Historically speaking, all demonic arts practitioners that had reached the peak realm were infamous for their violent, vicious natures.

The Crimson King slowly licked his lips.

A subtle hint of excitement slipped into his expression as he walked away.

“...Kukuku. Looks like the bastards in the peninsula will go through a tough time for a while.”


“...Dear passenger, are you not feeling well, sir” A flight attendant worriedly asked.

Jo Gyu-Min hurriedly waved his hands at her.

“N-no, I'm fine.”

“Would you like a glass of cold water, just in case”

“Yes, please”

“We also have chilled wine and beer as well.”

When Jo Gyu-Min heard that, he fell deep into a dilemma.

'Will getting drunk and passing out make it easier for me...'


Jo Gyu-Min glanced at the seat next to his, then squeezed his eyes shut.

“Bring me something strong...”

“I'm sorry, sir Could you please repeat that again”

“I don't care how it tastes.

Just bring me your strongest booze.”

“O-of course…”

Jo Gyu-Min watched the flight attendant quickly walk away and groaned under his breath.

Kang Jin-Ho sitting in the next seat was busy unleashing a stormy cold front from his entire body.

The salacious gossip involving his little sister's love life had already stoked his anger.

However, what exacerbated his raging inferno was learning about how he couldn't bring his two swords inside a plane because...

Well, a sword was a weapon, wasn't it

'He didn't even have a permit to carry swords around, so what was he thinking...'

Indeed, what was Kang Jin-Ho thinking of when he tried to bring a pair of such scary-looking swords into Korea without the necessary permit Jo Gyu-Min had to diligently explain that the weapons would be in the care of Jaegyeong's local branch before being shipped into the country at a later date.

He worked his butt off to convince Kang Jin-Ho and finally got the young man to give his consent regarding leaving the weapons behind.

'Does he have a history with those swords'

If those two swords were just some nice antiques, Kang Jin-Ho wouldn't have been so obsessed with them.

For one, he was never much interested in money or accruing wealth.

And, if he was looking for a keen sword, a blade crafted through modern science should be far more effective than something made in the ancient past.

Obviously, Kang Jin-Ho would be aware of that.

So, for him to place such importance on those two swords...

He should have some kind of an untold history with them.

Kang Jin-Ho glanced at Jo Gyu-Min.

“How long until we reach Korea”

“Around two more hours, I believe.”

“...I see.” Kang Jin-Ho nodded heavily.

Jo Gyu-Min groaned under his breath again when Kang Jin-Ho closed his eyes and buried himself into the airplane's seat.

'I dearly hope that idol bastard isn't dating Miss Se-Ah...'

The young man before Jo Gyu-Min's eyes seemed to think he was a very cool person, but the truth be told, he could be shockingly narrow-minded on a few very specific topics.

Especially when it came to his family or the people he considered one of his own; he had a tendency to become overprotective about them.

And the matters related to Kang Eun-Yeong often brought out the worst of that tendency in him...

What if that gigolo-like idol bastard was really dating Kang Eun-Yeong What would happen then

“...!” Jo Gyu-Min stopped his imagination right there and urgently shook his head.

'No, that must not happen!'

If that were true, Kang Eun-Yeong's security detail could increase several times in size.

She was already receiving an excessive level of protection, so being monitored even more intensely could push her to the limit and lead to panic disorder!

Jo Gyu-Min carefully sneaked his phone out of his pocket.

'To think that I can get a wifi reception inside a plane.

The world has advanced a lot, hasn't it'

Jo Gyu-Min silently browsed the net for more news while avoiding Kang Jin-Ho's eyes.

He had already called the talent agency, but they could only report that Kang Eun-Yeong wasn't answering her phone.

He accessed the entertainment section, and his eyes shot wide open at the top headline.


[The Voice's Jun Yeong, in oppa-dongsaeng relationship with Kang Se-Ah! In the process of getting to know each other~!]


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