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Demons of the fog A new beginning

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My head was empty. ("who am I? Do I even had a name?") Hordward looked at me with deep sadness in the eyes and said "poor little human...".

As I was understanding that I didn know who I was, I felt my eyes getting wet and tears began to fall.

Suddenly the door opened, it was their father. It screamed "whatve you done again Hordward?! ".

Hordward turned back to watch his father who was approaching furiously, he said

" no-nothing...Vardus, please tell father Im innocent!"

Then the white one, Vardus said with a short laugh "Oh my Hordward, you sure are not innocent... but this time I must admit that it wasn your fault".

"Father,this human seems to have forgotten his name". The father who was going to kick Hordwards ass, stopped and said " hm... Hordward, this time you are lucky!", then the father got closer to me and gave me a sad look " little human, is that why you

e crying?" He said with genuine empathy. I was so confused that I didn answer.

It said " well, you seem to be pretty young maybe 9 or 10 years, so what about giving you a new name? Sure if you want to change it later, it is not a problem...so what do you say? " while smiling at me.

This guy, I thought demons of the fog were numb, but his smile is the proof that all Ive thought about those creatures, is false.

I stopped crying and nodded to approve. He was happy and hugged me, he was so warm, I was feeling safe.

He got back a little and said " Well, what about...Ingus? ". I looked at him and smile for him to understand that I am glad.

Vardus and Hordward hugged me too and said " welcome into your new family, Ingus..."

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