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Demons of the fog Black out

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("Don know how long I was laying, but it must have been some hours now.")

Annoyed, I decided to take all the strength Ive got to move and miraculously I managed to sit.

The window was near my bed so I tried opening it, but I guess I wasn strong enough to do so in my state. I only gave a look outside, but only clouds in sight.

Maybe we were high up or the weather was awful outside.

I heard again the door opened, but this time it was not the being from earlier, it was two small versions similar to him. I assumed those were his children.

They were looking similar, maybe twins. But they were different in fur color though and body shape.

One was as brown as caramel, a bit taller and muscular than the other one white as snow. They were not moving, just staring at me. Maybe this was their first time to see a human.

The brown one decided to get a little bit closer, and give a talk "Are you a human? " then his brother replied " Hordward, he can get us! " while giving me a look of confusion.

So the brown ones name is Hordward,right? I decided to call him "Hord...ward..." the both of them looked at me with surprise on their furry faces ,really adorable like little puppies.

The white one said with astonishment " he did call you,right?! Does he understand? " Hordward then replied with great enthusiasm " sure he does"

" well human child, what is your name?" I looked at him, I was about to answer then I got froze for moment, "my...name? ".

how unbelievable I did have forgot my name. Hordward nodded and said " yeah! Your name, what is it ?" .

his brother with a scared look replied " Hord, I think he forgot his name...".

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