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Demons of the fog Moon's blessing II: Bravery

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Saras POV

Everything went bright for a moment as my heart skipped for a bit when I saw so many people looking at me intensely.

Some were happy for the event, and the others were angry or didn mind me at all. As I was walking towards the center of field, I got across Hordwards table, he gave me a thumbs up, I glanced at him and smiled even if I knew he couldn see my face right now. In front of the field, the kings table, alongside the elders, I stopped and bowed on one knee.

" Through the Darkness, I will rise and fight evil ! " as I said the king sat at his place, then smiled to me. I got up and took out my sword.

" ready!" I said still a bit nervous, I was supposed to get my moons blessing, normally for each and everyone it happens at some age, but for warriors, and royal kind its different, a random challenge is sent by the Moon messenger a week before the event.

My challenge was said to be one of the toughest ever, I had to fight a Volkarmor, a warrior born from thunder and moons power. I don know much about him except he is really deadly.

I stood on my mark ready for the fight.

My breath was the only thing I could hear, my heartbeats slowly stabilizing. My eyes looking for my opponent.

The wind began to shake everything around the place, I stood calm despite my anxiety rising. The clouds covered the sky as the last solar ray disappeared behind the mountains.

The wind blew every candles, I was now unable to see a thing, the storm was loud then it stopped...I saw a white lightning strike the ground. No other sound then I heard

"you...are...the...challenger...brace...yourself...." in an almost roaring tone, I shivered a bit but I grabbed my sword with both my hands placing it in front of me.

As I was trying to look for my opponent in this complete darkness, a frightening armor mask appeared, it was made of pulsing lightning.

Soon the rest of what I supposed is an 8 feet tall warrior made of lightning appeared, he had a one-handed sword made of golden lightning, his armor was silver white like the moon, his own essence was golden.

He was strong, really just by standing in front of him I knew it. But I regained my composure.


In an instant, he reduced the distance between us by mere inches, his sword high up ready to cut my in half. Worried that it might kill me to touch him with my sword made of silver, I used my natural speed to dodge just before it landed. Not even wanting to stay an open target I got back as far as I could, then I used my earth magic, to change the properties of my sword and change it to a diamond blade as long as my armor, and to be able to see him I made nocturnal luminescent stones which I threw on the battlefield.

The Volkarmor looked at me and laughed " nice...it seems...you want...to fight..." he once more got to me in a blink of an eye. This time, his sword ripping the ground before coming to me. I knew my strength so I blocked the sword on the ground with my left foot and threw an attack on his arm holding the sword, I cut it. But he grabbed me by the neck with his other arm lifting me to his eyes level, I was losing my breath, as my sword was now landing on the ground, I used a fighting skill I learned with my fight with Hordward today, I used my free feet to grab his arm and used my weight to make him lose his balance.

As he did I freed my neck and rotated to make him go forward, his back falling on the ground violently earning a pain roar from him. (" thanks Hordy...") I thought as I ran to my sword, I grabbed it but he was already behind me.

His once cut arm regrown in a flash and he grabbed me by my armor.

Not willing to lose, I shed my armor to land and jumped at him using my once armor he still had in hands as a ram to put him down, he got once more on his back.

I lifted my sword and as I was going to slash his head, he made a thunder lightning fell from the sky hitting me powerfully.

I screamed in pain, as he grabbed my bare arm increasing the pain before throwing me to his left side.

I landed painfully on a rock, without any armor to protect my body, I was an easy target for injuries. I coughed up blood, my body still numb from the electrical attack. One of my eyes was already filled with blood troubling my vision. I looked at him getting on his feet slowly walking towards me, I thought I was doomed then I heard

" YOU CAN DO IT SARAAAAAA!" " GET UUUP" I didn even had to look for the origin of the voice, I knew who it was. Hordward was clearly encouraging me.

("I can fail, I can die,...not yet...I need to stand,...stand for my honor, stand for Hordward, stand for the King, I must stand for my late parents...")

Hordwards POV

I was trying to encourage Sara, she was badly hurt, but I couldn do anything.

As I was ready to intervene although its forbidden, Vardus grabbed my arm along with Ingus, both looking at me with sadness in their eyes.

" let me go, that thing will kill her, let me gooo!" As I freed myself, an orange glowing light flashed my eyes, I looked to my side to see it was coming from...Sara?!

Sara was getting up, her bruises and injuries were healed, she was looking intensely at the Volkarmor. " Sa-sara...? " I whisper to myself as I was scared of Sara. I dropped on my butt, Vardus helped me to sit. Sara was glowing intensely then only her eyes were glowing.

Saras POV

" are you ready for round two, you freak!" I said almost roaring it. I don know what happened but for an instant I sensed something warm around me, I felt safe, then poof I was healed and stronger than ever.

The Volkarmor just stood there and drew a magical circle around the battlefield englobing us. He then screamed so loudly that the bottles and wine glasses broke. He made an electrical sphere with his hand, the magical circle got absorbed by it. Then he blew it on me as a gigantic ray I couldn avoid, it would touch the audience if I did try.

" you freak, you shouldn touch the non challengers " I braced myself and made an earth shield in a hand shape. I used my power to control it and catched the ray, then an orange aura flowed around me an absorbed the energy of the sphere.

I pushed my hand forward while screaming " YOU ARE DOOMED!!!" The earth hand reached the Volkarmor and I crushed him with it, condensing the earth and electrical magics together on him.

He screamed in pain before the hand locked making an intense explosion which I channeled upward, the blast pierced the clouds and broke the storm with golden lightning and a huge explosion.

The sky was clearing, slowly the moon was visible by all, enveloping the battlefield and my numb body on its knees, with its light. Then I heard a clap followed by another, soon everyone was cheering me.

" I-I won..."

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