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Ingus: (*walking nervously through the alley with people around looking at him either confused or mesmerized by his cuteness*)

Hordward: " its okay Ingus, I am just here, don worry...though there is a lot of activities running in the town right now. " (*looking at Ingus while smiling warmly and grabbing Inguss shoulder*)

As they were walking, Vardus said " oh crap...hmm Hord, I entrust you with Ingus, I-I got s-something to d-do, I-I am really so..."(*a pitch voice pierced through the noise of the surrounding, cutting what he was saying *)

?: " VARDUUUUS...VARDUUUUS!!!"(*yelling in a pitch yet melodic voice*)

Inguss POV

As I was turning around to look for the origin of the voice, I stopped on a young female Walc running towards us at high speed, tackling everyone in her way, then Vardus and I said at the same time " Scary..." Hordward just laughed before saying teasingly " I think she really wants you Vardus" with a wink. Vardus just pulled Hordwards ear while saying " you idiot" while hiding behind him, Hord and I just looked at the young female as she reached us and was catching her breath.

?: "Var..Var...Vardus, where is Vardus?"

Hordward: "Hi Lucy" (*chuckling*)

Lucy: " Hi Hord...(*looking at Ingus*) I never saw you before, may I know who you are ?" (*asking politely*)

Hordward: " This is Ingus, my little brother. Ingus meet...(*interrupted by Lucy*)

Lucy: " Nice to meet you Ingus, I am Lucinda, Varduss future wife. I didn know about you, hows that..."

Vardus: (* revealing himself to protect Inguss identity*) " well he was raised inside the palace just like us, but he never got outside until today because of some illness paralysing his lower body until last night" (*saying awkwardly hoping she will acknowledge it*)

Lucy jumped into Varduss arms carrying her bridal style, while she wags her tail.

Lucy: "is that so? He does look like you guys and he has the royal mark after all. Vardus so caring, so strong..."(*caressing Varduss muzzle*)

Vardus: " hm...this is really inappropriate...do you mind getting off me please ?" (*Lucinda just obeyed and got down on her feet again*)

Lucy: " my prince is still too shy, aren you happy of seeing me"

Vardus: " (No absolutely not...or maybe...(*raging internally from his feelings*) ) yes I am... great to see you Lucinda"

Hordward: " What a beautiful scene, I am almost in tears" (*chuckling before bursting into laughter*)

Lucy: " so...Ingus isn it? You never saw the town, what about I give you a tour"

Vardus: " we already decided to..."(*interrupted*)

Lucy: " Next time I want you to address me, I will watch you dead in the eyes, you idiot not caring Walc"

Hordward: " ooooh damn, Vardus, she is even sharper than last time" (*laughing before continuing *) " so where are the guys?"

Lucy: " busy with their family, they are all preparing themselves to attend todays ceremony, Id even got lucky to escape from home, mom almost tried to dress me and change my beautiful hairstyle into whatever she planned, meanwhile Eron is like the new decorator of the house, what a brother I got..."

Hordward: " I see... you are still so rebellious...okay lets go, where shall we head first? Oh oh what about Linniss bakery, I am a bit hungry...i didn have the time to eat this morning "

Lucy: "(*looking at Ingus with her paw hiding her face to Hordward*) that one never stops eating (*chuckling*)

Vardus: " ("this female is too much energy for me") huh we can go to Linniss bakery then to Gamok workshop "

Lucy: " who asked you something, we will go to Linnis bakery then to Gamok workshop "(*internally screaming at the idea of spending time with Vardus but try acting tough and mad*)

Ingus: " hm...fine by me but I do have a request"

Lucy: " what might that be?"

Ingus: " stop shushing Vardus and ignoring him like that"

Lucy: "(*chuckling*) okay..sorry Vardus"

Hordward: (*chuckling*) " what a drama?! (*then yelped for being punched in the stomach by Ingus*)

Ingus: " wasn I clear?"

Hordward: " you are so dead Ingus I am gonna..."(*interrupted by Vardus*)

Vardus: " Ingus, you shouldn punch your big brother..."

Ingus: (*looking down*)" o..."

Vardus: " but I might" (*punching him softly on the stomach*)

Hordward is on the ground, laughing...

Hordward: "your punches, they tickled " (*laughing*)

Lucy: " huh...oookaaay(*sarcastically*)...anyway lets go then "

They all began to walk away leaving Hordward still laughing.

Hordward: " hey...(*laughing*) wait for me (*laughing*)"

Hordward joined them and they took their way.

Somewhere around a corner, a figure was spying on our heroes.

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