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As they were on their way to town, Ingus was just amazed by the floral trail. Thousands of beautiful plants and flowers could be seen. The inundation of color was so beautiful that it was called the heaven garden of the King.

Ingus: " Amazing, it smells so good here " (*while running through the flowers*)

Hordward: " yeah, those are just flowers you know? "

Ingus: " flowers, oh like the Traum in the story (*looking to the sky with his body laying down and his right arm up*) it must have been horrible for him to lose his son and all of his village like this (*turning his palm to face him*) who am I even? " (*spacing out *)

Vardus: (*sitting on Inguss side*) " I don know who you were but I do know who you are now, you are Ingus Ardaemon, 3rd son of the King Ardaemon. Ingus, I know its confusing to not know who exactly you were but at least try to be the best of your new self"

Ingus: (*sitting*) " Vardus I guess you are right, but still living knowing we have a past we don remember is strange, and scary. I do like you all a lot, but I can just pretend nothing happened. Huh...I just don know what to do" (*sighing*)

Vardus: " its okay Ingus, I won tell you what to do or not about it, but know that we will always be there for you" (*patting Inguss head*)

Ingus: (*crying a bit*) " yes I know, thanks Vardus, oh and you mentioned Fathers name as Ardaemon, I am sure to have read this name in the book "

Vardus: " yes, VaDak Ardaemon, known as the first King of Walcs, and also the one who created the fog barrier around the kingdom "

Ingus: " a fog barrier?!" (*looking confused at Vardus*)

Vardus: " yes at the edge of the kingdom. He created it to prevent any outsiders intrusion "

Ingus: " hm hows that? I mean I am not sure of how some fog could prevent someone to enter" (*chuckling*)

Vardus: " well it is no simple fog, it is an advanced level of illusion spell, once someone enters the fog, his mind go crazy as he is persuaded that he is going forward while he is just standing there, oh and some can even see weird creatures similar to demons, I think that is why outsiders know us as Demons of the fog. Well its part true but not exactly the case, lets say that the illusion are far from what we truly can be"

Ingus: "(so thats why I called Father, demon of the fog but...) Vardus if I am correct then you are supposed to be looking as those demons we see while entering the fog, aren you?"

Vardus: " well not now at least, I prefer not to talk about it okay?"

Ingus: " okay, I don mind. Wait if thats how the fog works, then how did the shadow came last night ?"

Vardus: " Actually, it wasn always like this, the Darkness never was able to get through, then one day some years ago, some young Walcs got out of the fog which was forbidden and still is. They were 3 young adults, 2 brothers and the female of the first born. As they got out they encountered a part of the forest only few walcs have ever seen. It was silent, no beasts, no insects, no noises. Nothing but their breath. They kept moving forward until they heard a voice. A voice of someone needing help. Without any hesitation, the first born ran towards the voice followed by his female and his little brother. Once they reached it, they saw a female Walc hurt really badon the stomach in a paddle of blood on a Dark shadow ground. The First born and his female got closer, while the little brother was confused, he then said "wait a minute,...they aren supposed to be a Walc here..." petrified in fear. His brother turned back with a confused look as long as his female then she said " wait, thats true then how..." as she was turning back to face her boyfriend, this one was spitting blood heavily from his mouth which made her scream alerting the little brother who was watching horrified at a nonsense dark body which was the once hurt female walc, tearing his brother apart into pieces. His senses told him to run, but he was too shocked, the girlfriend just ran towards him and grabbed his hands then they ran back to the fog barrier, but just before they could reach it, the Dark body caught the young male by the ankle, the female grabbed rapidly his arms trying to pull him, but she decided to let go and jump on the dark bodys back then stab it with her hidden dagger again and again until it freed the young male. She looked at him, told him to run for his life then smiled before getting herself decapitated. The young male reached the barrier and ran to the town alerting the guards of what happened, he got paranoid and unable to say coherent things. Father used his magic to know what happened he read the youngs male memory then got as quickly as possible to the lastest point where the young male saw the dark body. Once he reached it he saw the dark body eating a female walc then shape shifted into a dark version of her. Father destroyed it but it was too late, once the Darkness absorb a body, it assimilates every traits, powers and abilities of the bodys owner. So now the darkness was able to pass through the fog barrier. Father then thought about an alternative way of preventing the darkness of getting in the kingdom. He created various spells using his knowledge from Terramass story. Those spells are called AST Ardaemon Symbols of Terramas, they prevent for a certain time the Darknesss assaults. I think father does replace it once every month, I mean the AB Ardaemon Barrier around the kingdom. As for our necklaces, I don know that much. Thats all you gotta know about this place surroundings, at least for now"

Ingus: " wow, Vardus you are good for Story telling but you do realise talking about such violence and murder to a nine years old child isn good for his mental health. All these made me realize that Father is incredibly strong and he might be able to use his magic to read my past as well, right? "

Vardus: " I don know exactly how it works but I guess it is possible"

Ingus: " I will ask him later, wait a minute...its been some time since I saw Hord, where has he gone? He didn go to town without us, did he?"

Hordward: (*shouting*) " hm, I am down there"

Vardus: (*walking*)" what the ...(*burst into laughter*)"

As Ingus got closer to Vardus, he saw Hord in a small pit. Vardus was laughing at the fact that Hord was there for some time already, yelling for help.

Meanwhile, at the palace.

RG.Ray was walking through the hallway, then stopped before the painting of the Queen. He pressed his paw on the paint and a door made of glass appeared. The guard entered the mirror door. He got inside a dark room with only a dim red light. At the center of the room, was a table. Around that table, 5 people were sitting all dressed in dark capes with some white edges. Then they all looked at Ray and said " in the light of those who sins..." then Ray replied "I bring mercy upon their soul"

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