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Demons of the fog Appearance

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As they were passing through the big door, a pretty tall royal guard greeted them.

It was a tall Walc with brown and white fur, pretty muscular. He had golden eyes and a Silver armor with the Kingdom crest.

R.Guard: (*bowing respectfully*) " Princes, Lady Uriel "

Hordward: " Hi Ray " (*gesturing the guard to get up*)

Vardus: " Good Morning Ray "

Uriel: " R-Ray ?! " (*looking away in embarrassment with her tail wagging wildly*)

Ingus: " Good M-Morning " (*said shyly*)

RG.Ray: " If your Majesties allow me to talk ? "

Hordward: " You may"

RG.Ray: "Thank you, My princes, Who is this young one ? "

Vardus: " it is our brother...(*thinking about something*) it may sound weird but What does he look like ? "

RG.Ray: " No offense but a Prince should not be wandering outside only with his undergarment, Thats also meant to you Prince Vardus "

Vardus: (*Face palmed*) " I completely forgot about it...anyway thats not really what I meant, How is he ?"

RG.Ray: " you may want me to describe him physically, am I correct ? "

Vardus: " yeah ("I would have asked Uriel but...(*looking at Uriel facing the wall tails wagging furiously*) she is a bit out for now") "

RG.Ray: (*chuckling*) " well, as both of you Princes, this young one has the Royal mark on his left ear just like you. He has the Same eyes as you Prince Vardus, Amber but his are a bit more reddish. And his fur is light grey ..."

Vardus: " I see ("thats what I thought, he can see Ingus as a human") okay thank you, we will get decent then hangout to town "

RG.Ray: " Will your Majesties need Some escort?"

Vardus: "No it will be fine, Well Ray this is Ingus by the way "

RG.Ray: " its a pleasure and a honor to make your acquaintance "

Ingus: " the same regards are expressed "

Vardus was about to get inside with Ingus beside him but they got stopped by Ray talking.

RG.Ray: " Your Majesties don have to walk to your rooms, I already contacted Maid Charlen to bring all the necessities "

Vardus: " Thats nice of you, Thank you Ray"

Ingus: " wow how did you did that?"

RG.Ray: " its my duty to serve, Prince Vardus. Prince Ingus, I used Telepathy, it is a magic we guards, learned to communicate with one another (*now talking in Ingus Mind but realizing he can *)wait Ingus you blocked my Telepathy, May I know how you made it possible?"

Ingus: " hm...honestly I don know, but maybe your Telepathy just doesn work on me. But it still seems to be cool "

Meanwhile Hordward was trying to wake Uriel from her daydreaming by slapping her gently.

Hordward: (*slap*) "wake...(*slap*) up (*slap*) wake up...Vard, I think Uriel is lost in her thoughts...again" (*laughing*)

The Royal guard got to Uriel then grabbed her by the shoulders while facing her. She was flustered.

RG.Ray: " Lady Uriel, are you Okay ? " (*giving a look of concern*)

Uriel: (*embarrassed*) " I-I am o-okay..."

RG.Ray: " Are you sure ? (*pressing his lips against Uriel forehead then pulling back*) you seem to be pretty warm "

Uriel: " ("Did he just kissed me on the forehead, wow its like the best day ever...but he keeps calling me Lady, I am a miss...do I look that old. He kissed me. What is he even doing here now? He was supposed to work only night-time") Ray, w-what are you doing here? Weren you supposed to work in the night ?" (*calming down *)

RG.Ray: " well, normally I am, but today is an exception, as you may know, General Sara will get her first assignation, due to the event, all the elders will be attending the ceremony "

Uriel: " Wait-what?! Seriously?! Sara is getting her assignation but she is seventeen like me...oh my lord I am so proud of her, I need to buy some dress in order to attend her ceremony decently, at what time is it? "

RG.Ray: " past Sunset "

Uriel: " what?! Only 3 hours?! Sorry guys but Ive got to go buy some goods and a proper dress, my bestfriend is getting her assignation, i need to be, no i must attend" (*while getting quickly, bowing respectfully and running at full speed then disappearing on the horizon *)

Ingus: " hm...she is fast, what is an assignation ceremony?"

Hordward: " Nice question, for short an assignation ceremony is one of the 4 Life ceremonies. We receive an A

uk a unique mark different for everyone granted by the Mother of Walcs...oh and we challenge the Anolaun a warrior said to be fighting you with your darkest secrets...(*shrugging *) well I never saw an assignation ceremony, the last time its was 5 years ago, Ray got His own...(*sighed *) I was punished because I got out without permission and found myself lost in the town"

RG.Ray: " Exactly...(*removing his upper armor as long as his protective layer of iron and his inside clothe exposing his muscular chest on which a motif darker than his white chests fur was drawn *) mine is representing Courage "

Ingus: (*wide opened eyes with shiny sparks*)" awesome, I want that too, Hord can I have that too?"

RG.Ray: (*dressing back and putting his armor*)(*patting Inguss head*)" yes you will if you become the Warrior I see inside of you "

Ingus: " the warrior inside of me? Thats what Father told me yesterday but what does it mean?"

RG.Ray: " Well, when I look into your eyes, I see the Spark of courage. You will surely be a great Warrior "

Ingus: " then I will the best Warrior this world has ever seen "

Hordward: (*looking at Ingus in excitment and grinning *) "hold on little one, you will have to beat me..."

Ingus: " yeah and I will, some day. "

Hordward: " thats it we are rival now"

Ingus: " yeah, I will defeat you and be the best warrior "

RG.Ray: (*Smiling proudly *) " and you will have to defeat me too(*laughing *)thats the spirit "

Vardus: "such childishness "(*said almost whispering with a smile across his face*)

Vardus then got to the door to meet a small Walc with grey fur and sky blue eyes, it was Maid Charlen, she was standing there with the clothes she was asked for. Vardus took the clothes, the maid bowed respectfully and got inside.

Vardus got dressed in an outfit, a Dark tunic with golden edges and a golden symbol on the back, the Emblem of the Kingdom. He gave a similar outfit to Ingus who dressed up. But it was Dark green with silver edges and a silver Emblem.

All the princes waved at Ray before taking the stairs to the town.

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