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Vardus and Ingus left the room and began to take their way towards the library which was not that far from Varduss lab, as it was 2 hallways away.

Vardus: "Im gonna make you meet an acquaintance of mine"

Ingus: " an...ac..what?!"

Vardus: (*chuckled*) "("well, I almost forgot he is still 9") Don worry Ill show you the words as well"

Ingus: " Thank you Vardus "

Our heroes were heading to the library, meanwhile in another big room of the palace, the king was having a meeting...really curious.

Kings POV

I was only here for 5 minutes and I already felt my anger rise.

King: " Counselors, I already told you, Inguss presence won bring us death ("for lord sake, stop trying to input prophecies")"

First counselor: " My king, don misunderstand my thoughts, since you were young, youve always been a great symbol of wisdom. As you know, over a century ago, a boundary has been drawn between humans and the Granted, no trespasser is allowed,...this human boy...whatever the reason you chose to let him stay...he has to leave before humans learn about him."

Second counselor: " my lord, this old Damu is right, we risk a war if humans find out. Your majesty,...she did the same, don you remember, she trusted humans and they..."

A violent devilish aura dark and purple began to rise around the king, who got a raging anger...the violent aura slowly faded away as he calmed down.

King: " I do understand your worries... Do you remember that Part of the forest near a human village, where I used to hang out with Dyriss? It was there...where I found Ingus. He was laying 3 or 4 miles away from the village, when I saw his feet i understood that he was running through the forest. He was also bleeding a lot and his wounds...weren normal. It was..."(*got interrupted by the first counselor*)

F-C Damu: " the Darkness..."(*sighed in frustration*)

King: " yes, so I brought him here and healed him. While he was resting, I got back to that place and head towards the village, it was...awefull, blood, flesh, bones, brains, covering the entire place. It was like they got attacked by an enemy who wasn just a killer but a real psycho, adults men like women and even...children, it seemed no one has been spared. "

Second counselor: " awefull, a village...but why? This is nonsense "

F-C Damu: " remember we are talking about the Darkness, that thing, that devil is more than cruel"

King: " Ingus surely got amnesia, I ensured myself that he was"

F-C Damu: " he deserves the truth even if he is a human and a just a child..."(*giving a concerned look*)

Second counselor: " Damu, that human child surely lost his family..."(*interrupted by the king*)

King: " No...he didn ...actually I am not even sure he was from the village "

F-C Damu: " what do you mean?"(*confused*)

King: " the village was on the east from here, but according to what I saw in his memory, he was running from the south, so when I got to the place where he begon his race, I found the symbol of Terramas, you know what it means..."

F-C Damu: " the dark void, the major point of darknesss presence, but what does that mean?"

Second counselor: " is he a-a...Dark sentinel, though he is really young "

King: " Not really, he has part of a human thats for sure, according to what I know he can be a Dark sentinel as they can bleed, but the other part of him is a mystery..."(*thoughtful*)

Second counselor: " if he is not a dark sentinel, it will explain his wounds. Which means he was not from the dark void itself but was trying to run away from it. Plus I don see him get here only by foot considering the Sea separating us from the Darkness"

F-C Damu: " sorry if I am rude, but could you explain me how a human child managed to run away from Dark sentinels. Those creatures are numerous there and faster than a human, so a child?! there is something weird about this boy..."

King: "he is not evil, if thats what you wondering, eventhough I saw just few hours of his life, I know enough to say that he is good and that other part of him must be something magic...and one more thing HE IS MY SON NOW, IF YOURE NOT GOOD WITH IT, I WONT MIND...BUT IF YOU TRY TO DO SOMETHING TO HIM, I SWEAR I AM GONNA TEAR YOUR BODIES APART" (*said the last part with the same dark and purple aura and angry tone followed by a devilish smirk*)

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