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Demons of the fog Warrior Soul

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Kings POV

I was finally heading to my room when I heard a noise coming from above. It was like something or someone has been thrown to the ground.

"wait a minute, this noise...it came from...INGUS!!!"

I knew the sound was coming from Inguss room so I rushed to his room hoping he was alright, so many thoughts came across my mind, was there an intruder? No it was impossible the place was well guarded.("Ingus...Im coming...").

When I finally got to his room, I opened the door and what I saw just froze me.

" wh-what the...how...it is..." I said completley confused.

Inguss POV

The door opened and I saw Father staring at me completley confused with his jaw wide open. I walked towards him and hugged him.

At that moment, the king came back to reality and hugged back Ingus.

King: " Ingus, h-how did you..." (*interrupted by Ingus*)

Ingus: " I don know how, I was just sitting when I felt my left foot tickling..."

King: (*patting Inguss head*) "oh son,...you will be a great warrior. Do you know why?"(*looking at Ingus*)

Ingus: (*looking up at his father*) " no...why father?"

King: " because, a warrior never give up, even when the world is against him, he is the one standing when all others are down, when all of his bones, his mind and soul are broken, he keeps fighting, and you, Ingus you have that spirit but the one quality I see the most inside of you is your kindness and the great atmosphere of happiness you are spreading "

Inguss POV

("I...I have the soul of a warrior, father seems to be very proud of it, but what is a soul?") I was too much glad that father took a real interest on me that I didn bother with it.

Kings POV

I was speaking with Ingus when I got interrupted by a familiar snore. I turned my head to the bed and saw Hordward laying on his back with one arm on his belly. I sighed.

The king was now heading to the the bed to take Hordward. He got stopped midway by Ingus grabbing his arm.

Ingus: " its okay father, he can stay you know..." (*looking happily at Hordward*)

King: " are you sure? Well but I hope you know, he will come really often"

Ingus: " whys that?"

King: " he is...scared, he keeps having nightmares, so he always come in my room "(*giving a look of concern to Ingus*)

Ingus: " nightmares?! I wonder why..."

King: ("he keeps having them since my wife...his mother passed away")

(*thinking with a sad facial expression*)

Ingus: (*holding tightly the kings arm*)

" father, you look sad, are you alright?"(*looking with concern the King*)

King: " oh...huh don worry. Anyway it seems Hordward is happy with you...("its the first time he isn having a nightmare since that horrible day, Ingus seems to be a great help")"

Ingus: (*yawning*)" I am happy too..."(*looking sleepy*)

The king took Ingus in his arms and put him to bed.

King: " goodnight little warrior"

Ingus: " goodnight father"(*while falling asleep*)

The king left the room and got to the main hall.

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