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Demons of the fog Night sky and hope

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Ingus: " ("what an incredible day, I am so excited that Ill go to the town, I am wondering if Hords friends will accept me")" (*closing his eyes and slowly falling asleep*)

Ingus was about to sleep when suddenly he got woken up by the doors opening.

Ingus: (*sitting while rubbing his tired eyes*) " whos there?"

Hordward: " its me, huh...c-can I sleep with you?"(*while standing outside between the door mid open and the wall*)

Ingus: "s-sure, come in..."

Hordward: (*entering and shutting the door behind him quietly*) "thank you, you seem to have a good hearing, I barely made a sound"

Ingus: " oh if you say so, but I thought I already told you to not creep inside while I am sleeping, anyway why do you want to sleep here?" (*raising an eyebrow*)

Hordward: " huh, I just wanted to, I mean I wanted to make sure that no one will hurt or kidnap you..."(*realizing he is scaring Ingus*)

Ingus: " okay, thank you it is really kind of you, good night then" (*while leaning on his right side to lay*)

As Ingus was falling asleep, the rain began to fall.

The pleasant sound of the rain raging outside helped him to fall asleep quickly, Hordward who was falling asleep 10 min after Ingus, realized that this one was shivering despite the fact that he was covered.

So he decided to put his left arm around Ingus to keep him warm, he also got closer so that the heat radiating from his own body would stop Inguss shivering.

Hordward: " don worry,...Ill keep you warm"

Ingus stopped shivering and curled himself.

The night was fresh, it was raining for already 3 hours. The air inside the room was cold but Hordwards warmth was keeping Ingus warm.

The rain stopped falling, the clouds slowly faded away to reveal the moon in the night sky covering the room with a bright blue light.

The room was silent now, until a noise woke up Ingus. It was Hordwards snoring.

Ingus: " (*sigh*)" (*removing Hordwards arm off his chest, and now sitting*)

Ingus began to look around the room not so dark because of moonlight. Ingus couldn find his sleep anymore so he decided to just stay here on his bed, but something was intriguing him.

Inguss POV

I was looking around the room filled with blue light coming from the moon. As my wonder was rising I heard Hordward talking in his sleep " shut up ... Vardus, why...are you...so annoying...Ingus...You are my brother...I love you...".

I got touched in the heart by his sayings. ("Hordward is a good brother, but why him and Vardus seem to not like each other,...").

I was going to lie back down again as Hord stopped snoring when suddenly I sensed something, on my left foot. It was like in an instant I got back the usage of it.

("What was that ? Can I...") I decided to give it a try. I tried moving my toes...suddenly they moved a little. The fact that I could move my toes filled me with joy and hope.

("May-maybe I can walk...")

Without give it a second thought, I tried to stand up, beginning with my right foot on the floor then I grabbed my left leg and put my left foot on the floor.

The feeling of the cold floor under my left foot filled me with shiver and determination. Rising myself up a bit slowly, I was instinctively putting all my weight on my right foot.

After some efforts, I was ... standing up with my arms up on the side to maintain my stability. My heart was racing so fast that I could hear it bumping against my chest.

I took a deep breath and tried to put my right foot a bit further. After that, I tried to move now my left one. My left leg began to shake a little and ... then my left foot rised a bit before going a bit further than my right one.

Like that footstep after footstep I got a meter away from the bed. ("Haha, I...I walk, oh my...I-I...") too much distracted by my thoughts, I lost my stability and fell to the ground making some noises.

I turned back quickly to look at Hordward who seemed to not be even bothered. I managed to stand up again and continue to walk, until I got to the desk near the door.

I was tired of so much efforts and sat down on the chair infront of the desk. "I did it..." I whispered. Then I decided to take a look while I was there.

There were many books ranged on the shelf. I grabbed one and opened it. After a while I realized that I was able to read and understand this language.

("Wait a minute how is that possible?!") I closed the book but let it on the desk instead, as I decided to bring it to father tomorrow, maybe he has the answer.

As I was standing up and turning back to get to the bed, I heard the door opening...

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