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Demons of the fog Short break

Author:Hordward Category:Unreal Update time:2022-09-08 18:23:38

Hordward: " oh, I forgot it, let me help you ..."

Hordward helped Ingus to take off his clothes and put him in the water.

Ingus: " thank you Hordward, this is so hot and great I want to stay here forever "(*while burrying his body into the steamy water*)

Vardus: " I may admit it is great but we don have all night you know, so hurry up" (*realizing he forgot to take the soaps*)

Hordward who wasn in the water yet, got to the desk and grab some soaps and brushes as long as towels for the three of them.

Vardus: " hey you big fur-ass hurry up already before Ingus die of happiness "(*looking at Ingus who is happily swimming in the bath with his tiny butt outside the water*)

Hordward: " well for someone so proud of being the most intelligent being, you have lots of ** to say Vardus. Catch this..."

Hordward threw at Vardus some soap and one of the towels.

Vardus: (*catching all the stuff*) " hm, thanks, ingus stop playing around and get over here"

Ingus: " nope I want to swim in this hot water forever "

Vardus: " wait a minute... how can you even swim?! I thought your legs were some kind of broken?!"

Hordward: "only his left one, it seems that in the water he can manage to use only one leg to swim, isn he amazing?" (*Contemplating how Ingus is swimming, willing to swim too now*)

Vardus: " amazing is not the term I would use, though he seems to share your ability to defy all law of the universe " (*laughing really joyfully*)

Hordward: " well, that might be right, whatever,...Ingus get over here please "

Ingus: " you guys can bath alone, I want to stay here"

Vardus: " what are you waiting for, Hord? Go get him!"

Hordward: " wh-why me?"(*raising one eye brow*)

Vardus: " well, you are the first born...it is your duty"(*smirking sarcastically*)

Hordward: " so I am your big brother when you want me to, you little...huh, fine!"

Vardus: (*ignoring Hordwards sayings while rubbing his fur with some soap*)

Hordward: " ("Vardus, why are you so annoying?! " )"

Hordward began to swim in Inguss direction at high speed throwing his entire weight on the poor Ingus, grabbed him and got back on the bench.

Ingus: " you aren funny Hord, and your paw is literally breaking my arm, can you let it go, please? ("damn he is really strong I can even struggle")

Hordward: "if you promise you will not go away, then I will release your arm"

Ingus: " okay, I can even swim with you around anyway, killjoys"(*bored look*)

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