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Demons of the fog Anger point

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Hordward: " oh damn,...father surely is mad"

Vardus: " I am dead...you and Ingus, we are all dead" (*said panicked*)

Hordward: " don worry..." (*get interrupted by Vardus*)

Vardus: " don even say again don worry with your overconfident tone, its your fault if he is mad, you dumbass! " (*while grabbing Hordwards right arm tightly with an anger look like ready to punch him*)

Hordward: (*removing Varduss hand*) "hm, you can stay as reserved as you want, but don blame others for your own good" (*getting mad at Vardus*)

Ingus: " stop it already! Brothers do not hate each other"

Vardus: " shut your mouth Ingus, who do you think you are to give me lessons?! What do you even know about brotherhood, you just a pathetic human kid. So go and play dumb things with your brother. You sure are pretty similar..."

Hordward: " thats enough! Vardus you have to apologize now. You may be angry at me but don put Ingus into it"

Ingus: " don worry Hordward, Vardus is right I can say I am the right person to give advices, but still you sure know that hatred is not a good thing"

Vardus: (*calmed down, with ears dowm*)

" Ingus, I-Im sorry. I didn mean what I said. You

e right I shouldn have act like that, I am an idiot, and..." (*ingus interrupted vardus by grabbing his hand*)

Ingus: (*smiling*)" don worry, I know you weren yourself. And if I do know something, its that Hordward surely is the most brave person Ive ever known, and you are the most clever"

Hordward: " thanks, eventhough we are the only persons you know "(*while putting his hand on Ingus head*)

Vardus: " thank you. You really are a good. Normally what Ive said should have upset anyone but you just forgave me, thank you"

Ingus: " okay now we have to get off that stinky smell of ours before fathers return "

Vardus: " I am sorry Hordward, I shouldn have blame you for that, after all I decided to follow you "

Hordward: " it is okay, I m sorry to have yelled at you"

Vardus: (*with a sarcastic tone*)" anyway I would have beaten the ** out of you "

Hordward: "don make me laugh. But we still have a little problem, Ingus dresses are completely messed now, what will he wear?"

Vardus: " huh...Ill give him some of my clothes, after all I am the the only one here with a decent body shape as his. Hordward you are too fat..." (*giving a smile like to say what are gonna do? to Hordward*)

Hordward: " haha, I am not fat I am just muscular, but you are right my clothes sure can fit Ingus. "

Ingus: " thank you very much vardus"

Vardus: " I don mind. Ill ask tomorrow for clothes to be made for you"

Hordward: " you sound like an old grandfather "(*laughing while walking*)

Ingus: (* laughing*)

Vardus: " dumbass !"

The three boys took their way to the bathroom, meanwhile somewhere outside, the king was walking through the forest.

The king: "( hm, I guess it broke it again, how long will that damn darkness will keep killing innocent...)" (*while punching a tree with a low punch which just blow it off* )

"Well its time to put on a new barrier "

The king extended his left arm in front of him, then said a word inaudible. A gigantic pressure began to be felt and a dome appeared covering the entire city and the royal palace. The king now turned back to get back home.

The king: " ("now, those kids , I felt some kind of dark energy near them , could they have encountered the Darkness ?!" ) " (*Putting his right hand on his head*) " oh nowadayss kids..."(*sighed in resignation*).

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