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Demons of the fog Darkness's witnesses

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Vardus: " its gone..." (*Still petrified by fear*)

Ingus: " just what was that ?" (*Completley scared with wide opened eyes*)

Hordward: " I-I don really want to stay to find out, I-I think we should leave now..." (*Taking Ingus on his back*)

Vardus: " you talk about a great idea to explore forest at night..." (*with a sarcastic tone*)

They now left the hideout and Hordward replaced the illusion.

Hordward: " hey, it wasn my fault okay ?! How should I have known that a scary... thing could be there?" (*frowning slightly*)

Ingus: " what will happen to your hideout, will y-you ...abandon it?" (*With a sad voice*)

Hordward: " of course I will, you want us to get killed next time?! Cuz its not my intention..."

Vardus: " but what exactly happened? I mean that thing whatever it was, couldn touch Ingus because of ...you know that barrier...Ingus did you have something to do with that? " (*looking at Ingus for an explanation*)

Ingus: " sorry, but that wasn my doing,... I just saw it happen like you two did..." (*wondering what was that strange power*)

Hordward: " I don know but I think there is a chance this was father doing...that hing mentioned it "

Vardus: " but if thats true, wouldn that mean that father is awake ? or maybe he placed that before..." (*vardus were looking carefully at Ingus noticing something*)

Hordward: " you seem to have clues, don you?" (*Wondering the thoughts of Vardus*)

Vardus: " Ingus, that necklace...since how long do you have it? Its sure look like ours" (*comparing all the necklaces*)

Ingus: " father, gave me that before you three left me for the night"

Hordward: " do you think that father gave us those to protect us?"

Vardus: " the answer is more than clear, we saw it in action.

But the real question is why in the first place? Yes to protect us but this was way too specific to be a casual protection stuff" (*amazed by his fathers power but intrigued by the reason of the need of protection*)

Ingus: " are we really sure it was those necklaces? or father himself... "

The three heroes finally arrived to the door 3 minutes before the next shift.

Hordward opened the door while saying...

Hordward: " hm, if it was directly father,...oh no! Do you think he is awake? "

The three entered the palace but got intercepted by...

Vardus: " Hord, I think thats the case..." (*looking down ashamed while Hordward was turning back after closing the door*)

Hordward: " what do you..., oh my..., fa-father? I-I can explain..."(*confused and trying to speak*)

The king : (*looking at the tree night adventurers*)

" you sure will, as always, Vardus and ingus too? I don know how to express my disappointment. But for Gods sake, the three of you have to take a bath now, you stink worse than some cow poops. We will discuss about your night escapade tomorrow. Fortunately for you, I have something to do right now"

(*gave an anger look to the boys and got out*).

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