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Demons of the fog A fortunate help?

Author:Hordward Category:Unreal Update time:2022-09-08 18:23:38

It was cold, dark and I was hurt. As far as I could remember, these were the only things which came to my mind.

Somewhere in some kind of forest, I was laying on the ground in the mix between blood and mud.

A thick fog was surrounding me, my left foot couldn be felt, my eyes were so dizzy.

I was feeling colder and colder, was it death? No matter how hard I tried I couldn remember what happened, how did I end up here?

I was going to die without even knowing why. Horses, were that horsess footsteps? Too dizzy to see, too tired to even scream for help.

The noises were sounding louder and closer.

I didn know what to do or to think, was that a good or a bad person?

I heard a deep male voice in a language that I couldn seem to understand, what was that? I couldn focus on it.

("Someone is grabbing my arm, will he help me or does he wants to ensure himself that Im dead.")

I tried open my eyes filled with blood, I couldn understand what was in my sight. Only shadows, then I collapsed.

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