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Chapter 1151: Ancient Sects Alliance

“Thank you, Master, but since Xieer broke through the Real Pellet State, I have been able to freely transform the power of yin and yang, and can transform natural spirit into yin qi.

Look!” Xieer giggled and waved her hand like showing off.

The spirit around her body.

A golden light flashed on the girls forehead, and the spirit surrounding her body turned black in an instant, exuding a bone-chilling coldness.

It was even colder than the hell qi.


Before Liu Ming could recover from the surprise, the bone-piercing yin qi around Xieers suddenly changed into the white spirit again.

Liu Ming was a little stunned!

He was also a well-informed person, but this was the first time he had seen something like this.

However, when he saw a trace of golden light on Xieers forehead, he understood the reason.

The Si Chen that Xieer devoured had the ability to transform yin and yang.

After advancing to the Real Pellet State, she should have activated the innate ability of Si Chen which gave her this ability to transform yin and yang.

“Great, since you have such abilities, you really dont need the help of the Sunflower Water Array.

You should focus on training here and strive to advance as soon as possible.” Liu Ming nodded and said so.

The stronger Xieers ability, the more help he would have.

“Master, dont worry/ Xieer knows.” The girl in black nodded repeatedly.

After Liu Ming said a few more words, he quickly returned to his secret training room.

Instead of starting training immediately, he took out a gray jade slip.

It was given to him by Yin Jiuling.

It contained some information about the Futu Palace and the esoteric disciples.

Although he had become an esoteric disciple now, he knew very little about the specific benefits of an esoteric disciple and what obligations he had.

It was no wonder.

He had been away from the sect all year round, so some ordinary disciples knew more about the matters in Taiqing Sect.

This jade slip was exactly what he needed now.

Liu Ming closed his eyes and released a trace of Divine Thought into it.

After a long time, he opened his eyes again with a strange gaze.

Taiqing Sects emphasis on esoteric disciples and benefits were more than he expected.

As for the obligations, the descriptions were vague.

It only mentioned that esoteric disciples were directly under the command of Sect Master Tian Ge.

Liu Ming was a little puzzled by this, then he shook his head.

It would be difficult to figure out these things immediately.

He would ask Qiu Longzi when he had a chance in the future.

After he put away the jade slip, he waved his hand, and a pair of green wings appeared in his palms.

It was the Cicada Crystal Wings granted by Grand Elder Xuan Yu.

After Liu Ming obtained this treasure, he hadnt had time to refine it.

A war could break out at any time, so it was better to grasp this life-saving method as soon as possible.

He tossed up the wings and spouted black flames toward it, then he carefully guided the spiritual flames to wrap around the Cicada Crystal Wings layer by layer…

While Liu Ming was training in the cave house, the main hall of Taiqing Sect was densely packed with people.

Almost all the peak masters gathered here.

On the main seat, Immortal Tian Ge looked solemnly at a communication disk array in his hand.

There were more than a dozen Celestial State grand elders beside, but none of the 4 Mystic Comprehending State grand elders were here.

“We have grasped the specific details of the Hellish-Insect Clans invasion through soul searching a large number of high rank Hellish-Insects.

We have already informed the peak masters through sound transmission too.” Immortal Tian Ge said slowly.

As soon as these words were made, there was another around of whisper between the peak masters as if they were communicating about something.

“After many investigations, we have also found the reason why the Hellish-Insect Clan invaded the Middle Sky Continent because a Mother Hellish-Insect was born in the Hellish-Insect…” Immortal Tian Ge looked down at everyone below, then he told the situation about Mother Hellish-Insect in detail.

All the elders above the main hall could not help looking shocked after listening to it.

Some Celestial State Elders were not surprised.

Obviously, they had known about this in advance.

“There is still such a thing.

If the strength of Mother Hellish-Insect is still higher than that of Mystic Comprehending State, how shall we deal with it!” A peak master stood up and asked Immortal Tian Ge in surprise.

The other peak masters nodded in agreement.

They all looked at Immortal Tian Ge in unison.

“Regarding the Mother Hellish-Insect, the 4 Mystic Comprehending State grand elders of our sect and the Mystic Comprehending State seniors of the other 3 ancient sects have come up with a preliminary countermeasure, but this matter cannot be made public yet.” Immortal Tian Ge looked steadfast.

“Okay.” Seeing this, most of the peak masters present were relieved, but some of them still looked worried.

“Due to the huge scale invasion of the Hellish-Insect Clan, almost none of the regions in the Middle Sky Continent was spared.

The 4 ancient sects of our human race, the 8 great families, and other major forces decided to unite and form an Alliance to fight against this Hellish-Insect Clan.

In order to reduce casualties as much as possible, our 4 ancient sects will first send elite disciples to rescue the sects that are encircled by the Hellish-Insects.

In addition, we will gather cultivators from all major forces to look for opportunities to encircle and eliminate the Hellish-Insect Clan army.

Therefore, please send as many elite disciples as you can.

By then, we will reward contribution points to disciples who make great contributions in the war, and we will distribute a large amount of resources to various outstanding peaks.” Immortal Tian Ge announced loudly.

“As Sect Master commands.”

Regarding this decision, the peak masters did not have much opinion.

The same situation was also happening in sects such as Nature Work Sect, Haoran Academy and Demon Mystic Sect.

The 4 ancient sects of the human race, the Sky Beastkin Valley, the Big Dipper Pavilion, the 8 great families, and even the mysterious Sky Palace also began to dispatch elite disciples to counterattack the Hellish-Insect Clan everywhere.

But until today, it had been a long time since the Hellish-Insect Clan invaded the Middle Sky Continent.

Countless Hellish-Insects had become more powerful after devouring the spirits and the corpses of their own kinds.

Even if the Alliance made such an all-out attack, the results of the battle were not as ideal as expected.

Even in many battles, the casualties were huge.

As a result, the 4 ancient sects, which were the cores of the Alliance, had to frequently mobilize forces from various places.

In the end, they almost dispatched all their forces into the war.

Liu Ming had just moved to the new cave house for a few days, then Immortal Tian Ge asked him to go to the main peak of Taiqing Sect immediately.

Liu Ming naturally didnt dare not neglect the order issued by the sect master.

He immediately took the Bone Scorpion, left the Mountain Futu and flew toward the main peak of the Taiqing Sect.

Half a quarter of an hour later, he arrived at the main hall of the main peak.

He was slightly startled.

Besides Immortal Tian Ge, there was also a Celestial State elder.

They seemed to be discussing something in a low voice.

There were many inner disciples standing on both sides.

Jia Lan, who was dressed in a blue shirt, was among the disciples.

She was beside a girl in a silver shirt, and she seemed to be talking about something.

The girl in a silver shirt was full of heroism.

The silver sword pouch on her waist exuded a sharp sword intent.

It was Tianjian Peaks Long Yanfei.

Liu Ming wearing an esoteric disciple costume was very eye-catching.

Just as he stepped into the hall, the inner disciples looked over all at once.

With such a big commotion, Jia Lan and Long Yanfei also looked over.

Seeing Liu Ming, Long Yanfeis eyes lit up.

After Jia Lan was startled for a moment, a hint of resentment appeared in her gaze.

Seeing Jia Lans expression, Liu Ming felt a little strange in his mind, but he turned his head calmly, walked forward quickly, and bowed to Sect Master Tian Ge.

“Greetings to Sect Master.”

“Liu Ming, I summoned you here because I have an important mission for you.

Now everyone is not here yet.

You stand aside and wait for a while first.” Immortal Tian Ge said with a solemn faceA.

“Yes!” Liu Ming agreed with a nod, then he stepped aside.

“Long time no see, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu!” A gust of fragrant wind came as Long Yanfei quietly walked over with Jia Lan.

She said with a slight smile.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long, its been a long time.

Your cultivation has become more refined than before.

Hmm… I didnt expect you to have forged the Sword Maru too.

Congratulations!” Liu Ming greeted Long Yanfei, then he glanced at the sword pouch at her waist.

He had a Sword Maru himself, so he was naturally very sensitive to the unique sword intent emanating from Sword Maru.

Long Yanfeis bright eyes flashed, then she self-ridiculed,

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu must be joking.

You have advanced to the Real Pellet State intermediate stage in just a few decades.

In front of you, how can I dare to mention the wordrefined As for Sword Maru, Im just starting it.”

Liu Ming smiled and said nothing, then he turned to look at Jia Lan who had been staring at him.

“Just yesterday, Masters Senior Yin personally visited the Piaomiao Peak.” Jia Lan looked directly at Liu Ming with her beautiful eyes and said so.

“What, Master Yin really went to the Piaomiao Peak” Liu Ming was really surprised.

Long Yanfei heard the conversation between the two, and a hint of surprise appeared on her face, then she smiled a walked away sensibly.

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