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Ch12 - The Two Brothers’ Disparity

“…Yingxuan… is one of those people who treats me really well in this household; aside from my Grandmother.

He has a candid temperament.

He is also a generous person who would not hesitate to help out others.

That’s why he is extremely liked by our family members”

As he lay still on the bed, then placed his line of sight towards the ceiling of their canopy bed, Qiao Yingze began to give his own younger brother an objective evaluation. 

“Then your relationship with him should be very good too, right”

Recalling what Qiao Yingxuan had said to him before when they were entering the Qiao household, Gong Zhuoliang propped up his body, then lowered his head to look down at Qiao Yingze; inwardly feeling a bit envious of these two brothers.



Gong Zhuoliang used to be a single child.

But when his parents got divorced, both of them began to have their own respective families, which then resulted in him having step-younger brothers and sisters.

However, since childhood, these siblings have been antagonizing him for many years; hence he is in a very bad relationship with them.

As a result, whenever he encountered those siblings who were getting along so well, Gong Zhuoliang envied them.

“Back when I was a child, I have always been very sickly.

He lived with my Mother, and grew up well under her care; hence we rarely get to see each other.

However, he always sneaked into our Grandmother’s courtyard, just so he could have a chance to play with me.

I, as well, was also willing to play with him, and so we would always run around, and play various games together.

But one day, while we were playing, I fainted out of nowhere.

I frightened him so bad that he fell ill, but my Grandmother still scolded him so badly.

When these occurence reached my Mother’s ears, she was very enraged that she never allowed us to meet again, and she also told me that I was the one who caused him to be ill” *(TL/N: Madam Gong was saying that QYZ gave him the flu.) 

As soon as Qiao Yingze started recalling that incident back when he was a child, a faint smile showed in his face; however, the smile gradually looked anguished.


“Why on earth did she blamed his illness on you Your Mother, she….

How could Mother-in-law say something like that”

Listening to Qiao Yingze’s story, Gong Zhuoliang was suddenly reminded of his Mum.

At the thought of her, he snorted coldly; as though his hatred could par with that of his own Mother.

When he was a child, there was once a time when he embraced his step-younger brother to his arms, but then not even a minute or two has passed, the child instantly bawled into tears and instantly punched the corner of his eyes.

He was very taken aback by the sudden punch, and ended up stumbling on their sofa.

When that Mother of his saw this, she did not hesitate to approach me and slapped me with her hands.

Since then, Gong Zhuoliang never approached her son again.


“My Mother….

really treasured my younger brother”

As their child, Qiao Yingze will never dare question over his parent’s biased behavior, but could only blame everything to himself for not growing up into someone who they wished him to be.

Right now, even if he had went through many years of endurance and rigors and finally became a successful scholar; he could still not compare to their other child named Xuan, who- despite not passing the imperial examination yet, they’re still proud for him.



So what happened after that”


Gong Zhuoliang still felt a little resentful for Qiao Yingze.

He thought to himself- She was his own biological mother.

Why does she never know how to pity you! But then he recalled that during this era, filial piety is an important rule for them, and so the children were never allowed to complain about their own parents’ negligence and wrongdoings.

Thinking about this, Gong Zhuoliang no longer expressed any opinions towards Madam Qiao. 

“Afterwards, I requested them to allow me to study, then I moved out of my Grandmother’s courtyard, but that’s when he began to visit me in secret and always asked me to play with him.

So I told him that I only wanted to study today, then after that, I no longer paid him any heed.

Besides, my Grandmother had invited a Teacher for me at that time, but he did not really worked with us for a long time, since he to continue pursuing his course of studying Ethnology.

We then gradually had fewer contacts with him”

While Qiao Yingze was talking, he caught sight of Gong Zhuoliang pouting his little mouth.

Thinking that the other had been feeling remorseful for him, Qiao Yingze’s anguished heart alleviated a lot.

As he stared at Gong Zhuoliang’s countenance, he felt that he’s really fortunate for marrying a wife who sides with him…

“But I think he’s not that actually horrible towards you”

Gong Zhuoliang’s impression of Qiao Yingze is quite good, and listening to the way how Qiao Yingze spoke of him; he could discern that he doesn’t loathe his younger brother at all.

It’s only due to his Mother’s biased attitude that Qiao Yingze began to grow grudges in his heart, and he could no longer bring himself to be on intimate terms with his younger brother. 

“Mnn… Whenever he acquired any good stuffs during that year, he’d always remember to give me a portion of it.

When facing the public, he would always defend me- his Gege”

With regards to his younger brother, Qiao Yingze’s attitude towards him has always been lukewarm.

Although he will never take out his grudges to him just because of their parents, but whenever he faces his brother’s optimism and conceited attitude, he’d have complicated feelings.

As a result, he always avoided him, either intentionally or not.

However, Qiao Yingze will never condemn his younger brother.

“Since the situation between you two is like that, then you really should be more closer with your younger brother.

You don’t have to bother coping with other’s approach towards you.

Those who treats you well are the only ones worth of your attention”

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“Xuan seemed to have gave zhuo zhuo a good impression…”

As soon as he heard what Gong Zhuoliang said, Qiao Yingze’s eyes hanged down and was silent for a while, then after a short silence, he finally replied in a declaratory manner.


“Well, he’s not that bad.

He’s your brother, and he doesn’t treat you badly.

I just thought, you two should be getting along”

Gong Zhuoliang blinked his eyes, and replied him with a neutral expression.

However, in his heart he lamented- How grieving, ah..

How grieving.. 


Glancing at Gong Zhuoliang, Qiao Yingze pursed his lips then faintly smiled.

After that, he finally changed their topic and started talking about his step-younger sister and younger brother; no longer mentioning Qiao Yingxuan again.

For the whole afternoon, they talked about random things until the sky became somewhat dim, then both of them immediately got up from the bed and started tidying themselves.

After dinner, Qiao Yingze went to his study room to read books, while Gong Zhuoliang went to check out the storehouse- accompanied by Wen Shu, Han Shu and Ruo Lan.

When he already had the account book and the key, he went back to their house.

When he arrived, the sky was already dark, and so he saw Qing Hua and Yu Hua already preparing the bath water and other supplies that were used to bath.

Do I need to assist Qiao Yingze to bath Do I have to stay here for a while 

When he saw Qiao Yingze ordering the maidservants to pick up their things and to leave the room, Gong Zhuoliang looked at the huge barrel filled with steaming water, and then he looked on the other side where his little Husband who had a red faced.

He then stroked his lower jaw and pondered for a while.

“You should just take a bath first, ba”

Qiao Yingze felt very uncomfortable when he was being gazed at by Gong Zhuoliang.

He then started to move his eyes around in places, as though he wanted to leave the bathroom, until he caught sight of Gong Zhuoliang pulling of his hairpin which caused the simple bun- that he had just tied on the top of his head before- to scatter down.

Afterwards, he finally removed the last remaining of his robes.

Seeing this scene, Qiao Yingze whole body stiffened that he could not help but stand in place.

“But I really had to stay and help my Husband to wash first, ba” 

Seeing Qiao Yingze’s bashful appearance, Gong Zhuoliang had more urge to seduce him.

Rolling the sleeves of his robes up, he then went to Qiao Yingze and began pulling his robes off.

Qiao Yingze’s face was very red that he was about to emit smoke, but surprisingly, he suddenly gained physical strength, and successfully broke free before he escaped the bathroom; allowing Gong Zhuoliang to take a bath first.

Watching him escape, Gong Zhuoliang only let out a stifled laugh.

But then his depressed mood instantly dispersed, and he immediately started to take a bath.

After he finished bathing, Gong Zhuoliang still had his hair down as he changed into his new robes and trousers.

Afterwards, when he came out, he was wearing a light blue bathrobe.

On his face were the timid and despondent look that no longer appeared.

It was unsure whether it was due to his sudden change of attitude or not, but when looking at Gong Zhuoliang who has no makeup on his little face; it was as though he gained valorous spirit.

“… zhuo zhuo…” 

Seeing Gong Zhuoliang’s appearance after coming out of the bathroom, Qiao Yingze was slightly dazed for a while.

When he saw the other showing a relaxed smile at him, he himself also couldn’t help but smile back a bit.

Speaking of which, this was Qiao Yingze’s first time seeing Gong Zhuoliang’s face with no makeup.

The Gong Zhuoliang with a makeup last night as well as today had looked utterly exquisite and beautiful, but looking at this face tonight, he appeared more spirited and sharp.

He also looked very beautiful tonight.

“I already told them to change the water on the barrel”

At the back of the bathroom, there was an another door in which the maidservants will enter in and out, and so they don’t need to pass through their room and disturb them.

Gong Zhuoliang, who felt very comfortable right now could only think of having a good night sleep.

He then leisurely wiped his hair before he walked to the bed and sat down on it, until suddenly, he sensed the odor of a bitter medicine.

When Gong Zhuoliang looked all around the places and finally found something on the cabinet beside the bed.

“What is this” 

Gong Zhuoliang scrunched his nose with disgust, then covered his mouth and nose with a bath towel.

He walked to Qiao Yingze’s side, then thought to himself- He never told anyone to prepare something like this for him!

“This is the medicine I take.

It especially soothes one’s mood and the nerves”


Seeing Gong Zhuoliang’s entire face wrinkling altogether, Qiao Yingze was amused by his appearance, then he reached out to his nose and pinched him.

But then afterwards, he saw the other staring at him.

“So you have an insomnia But last night, why have I not seen you take one” 

As soon as he heard the effects of that medicine, he suddenly recalled the tranquilizers and sleeping pills taken by those patients who suffers from insomnia and mental illness back in the modern times.

Looking at Qiao Yingze, he had some suspicions towards him, because as far as he could remember from last night, he never sensed any odor of medicine from him.

“Whenever my imaginations started to run wild, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

But when I take this medicine, I would feel better and so I started to take it.

Yesterday was our wedding day.

I’m afraid that when I take the medicine, it would bring us bad luck, and so I stopped for a day.”

When Qiao Yingze saw that the medicine had almost turned dry, he was about to come over and take it, but suddenly his way was blocked by Gong Zhuoliang who had his brows knitted together.

“So you couldn’t actually sleep well last night” 

This morning, Gong Zhuoliang had seen the condition of Qiao Yingze’s face, and he doesn’t like a person who suffers from insomnia at all.

If he had managed to sleep peacefully last night, then there’s no need for him to take a medicine; not to mention, this medicine which gave such bad effects on the body.

Even by the odor of it caused Gong Zhuoliang to feel terribly nauseous.


this is..”

Thinking back to it, Qiao Yingze also recalled that- unlike he had actually slept with no problem last night unlike the previous nights.

And as soon as he woke up, he felt like he had gained more energy in his body than yesterday.

The thing is, he’s not sure whether it was the medicine’s doing or not.

“Then if that’s case, you are prohibited to take that medicine starting from today.

It will only you bring you danger if you kept depending on this medicine.

However, after today, and you still couldn’t sleep, then we’ll just have to talk about it when the time comes” 

Gong Zhuoliang ordered Qing Hua- who had just came from the bathroom to change the water- to put the medicine away.

But then when he saw Qing Hua looking at him nervously, it immediately dawned on him that the actual Master here haven’t even said a word at all! How could he just order someone like that without the Master’s permission, ah

“Heed to the Madam’s orders”

Watching Gong Zhuoliang giving orders to his maidservants, Qiao Yingze was not the least displeased at all.

Rather, it made him even more happy.

He even grabbed the bath towel from Gong Zhuoliang and took the initiative to wipe his hair; acting like a lackey….

Qiao Yingze really love this kind of feeling of being cared by someone like this. 


Gong Zhuoliang held back the urge to pat Qiao Yingze’s head and praise him with “You did well”, but he still had to be rational today, and so he could only stop himself from smiling.

It was not until when Qing Hua finally left while taking the medicine with her, did Gong Zhuoliang instantly reached out for Qiao Yingze’s face and then he pinched both of his cheeks.

In his mind, he was thinking- How could I still find you so adorable even if you’re a guy, ne Coz’ why are you so cute, ah

They both played around for a while, until Qiao Yingze had to enter the bathroom to take a bath.

When Qiao Yingze finally came out of the bathroom, he saw Gong Zhuoliang already lying down on the bed as his eyes kept staring in the space, and then he suddenly noticed that the light inside the room seemed a bit more dimmer than the before.

When Gong Zhuoliang finally shifted from his position again, Qiao Yingze was lying down the beside him.

With his eyes closed, he turned over to Qiao Yingze and stretched out both of his arms and legs; embracing Qiao Yingze, before he drifted of to sleep again. 

“…Zhuo zhuo… Had you forgotten I haven’t bitten you yet”

While Qiao Yingze was being embraced by Gong Zhuoliang, he was hesitating to remind him for a while, however, he still whispered it to his ears.

After all….

he was truly looking forward to it.

Just a bit.


“Aaah… Fine then”

Getting reminded by this matter again, Gong Zhuoliang was amused by him.

He then squinted his dazed eyes open, reached out for the robes of Qiao Yingze to pry it open to reveal the tender skin under his eyes.

Licking his lips, Gong Zhuoliang gently sunked down his teeth on Qiao Yingze’s left collarbone.

Right after he finished biting on it, he thought in his mind- He tasted better than I’d expected, ah! And so he rubbed his teeth on the skin for a little longer, before he released from it; leaving a reddish mark on the pale white skin. 

After that, Gong Zhuoliang also starting pulling down his collar to reveal his neck, then he tilted his neck to the side; hinting to Qiao Yingze that he could do whatever he want on his neck.

Qiao Yingze could still feel the tingling sensation from the bite of Gong Zhuoliang, and he couldn’t help the smile resurfacing on his face.

Right now, seeing the pale and tender skin right in front him, he did not hesitate to approach it before he started to part his mouth.

However, he suddenly felt unwilling to bite.

In the end, he only made his lips touch the skin and softly kissed it.

His face began to turn red as he immediately embraced Gong Zhuoliang into his arms; pretending that he was already sleeping, while ignoring the laughter from Gong Zhuoliang.

Right now, he’s not sure whether it was due to the presence of the person beside him, but tonight, the state of his mind was a lot more calmer than before.

Usually, even the quietest sound would wake him up, but today, there was a body weighing down on him, and yet he was still able to sleep peacefully for the whole night.


The sun hasn’t completely risen yet, and Gong Zhuoliang was already urged to wake up.

He rolled around the bed in annoyance while hugging the quilt, until Qiao Yingze started coaxing him, did he reluctantly got up from the bed.

After allowing the maidservants to groom them from head to foot, it was finally time for breakfast.

However, Gong Zhuoliang did not really anything, and only preserved two pastries for him to eat for the whole morning.

Afterwards, they were guided by Wen Shu and went to Madam Qiao’s courtyard for a visit, then after that, they also visited the Old Madam for them to pay respect.

In this dynasty, they also have three meals.

During ordinary days in the Qiao Household, Madam Qiao had to visit the Old Madam to serve her in each meal.

As for the concubines, they were prohibited to make an appearance, and so, the only person who’s with the Old Madam was the Madam. 

Once the Old Madam finished her meal, Madam Qiao will go back to her own courtyard to start eating as well, together with the concubines who would pay their respect to her instead.

When the Madam finally finished her meal, the concubines could also finally leave and go back to their respective houses to eat.

At the moment, Gong Zhuoliang was also here….

together with those concubines who seemed more like ornaments at this point.

And Gong Zhuoliang was brought here to serve the Mother-in-law as the Daughter-in-law.


Remembering Wen Shu’s detailed explanation regarding about the household’s rules, Gong Zhuoliang raised a middle finger in his heart, and mentally prepared himself for Madam Qiao’s tricks. 


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