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In the end, Yu Han still didn’t leave.

He gave Luo Lin Yuan the key to his house, saying that if he didn’t want to go to the hotel, he could go to his house to sleep.

The bedding had only been changed a few days ago.

Luo Lin Yuan picked up his schoolbag and carried the bag with some reluctance, “Will you come back then”

Yu Han quickly changed into the waiter’s uniform.

“Yes, what do you want for breakfast”

Luo Lin Yuan curled his lips and asked all about breakfast.

It seemed that he got to stay overnight.

“If others buy you a wine, will you have a share”

Yu Han paused and didn’t answer.

Luo Lin Yuan looked at his attitude and knew it would happen.

“I want to buy wine here to store, and come over to drink occasionally.”

Yu Han closed the cabinet door with a soft sound, “You’re still a senior high school student, what do you mean drink wine.”

Luo Lin Yuan: “So I said to store it ah.

Even after going to college, I can come over to drink it, right”

Yu Han: “This is a gay[1] bar, don’t come often.”

Luo Lin Yuan was speechless.

Seeing Yu Han leave the lounge, he followed him.

He asked Yu Han why he couldn’t come, wasn’t Yu Han there Even if he was harassed, Yu Han could still protect him.

In the end, Luo Lin Yuan spent as much as he wished, buying several expensive wines.

Luo Lin Yuan estimated that there was a lot of shares that ended up in Yu Han’s hand, and he was satisfied.

He also wanted to drink the wine.

He asked Yu Han to give him one of the bottles.

“I want to take it back and give it to my Dad.”

He deliberately looked at Yu Han with pure and good eyes, indicating that he was not lying.

He really needed wine to consume, not to spend money on Yu Han.

Yu Han wiped the wine glass with a faint expression.

Luo Lin Yuan couldn’t see what he was thinking.

It wasn’t until Yu Han wrapped the wine and gave it to him.

He(LLY) asked, “You’re not angry, are you”

Yu Han: “Why should I be angry.”

Yes ah, why should he be angry Isn’t it a good thing Luo Lin Yuan was holding the wine and felt irritated at himself in his heart because he let his imagination run wild and because he was restless and felt fidgety.

He cared too much about Yu Han, and he cared before he found out that he liked it.

He felt distressed for this person.

If it’s just a problem that can be solved by money, he wasn’t short of money.

Why can’t he use it to make life easier for the person he liked

Luo Lin Yuan slid down from his chair, “Then I’m leaving.”

At this time, a customer came to order wine.

Yu Han went to mix drinks for others, without even saying goodbye.

Luo Lin Yuan was a little aggrieved.

The atmosphere in front of the hospital was so good just now.

When he returned here, everything was back to its original form.

Yu Han became the moon in the water again, visible but untouchable.

Everything was in vain.

He took a taxi to Yu Han’s house, opened the door with the key, and felt happy again.

It should be known that Yu Han was still reluctant to let him in because of Ren Yu’s affairs before, but now he has taken the initiative to give the key and take him(LLY) in for the night.

Their relationship has been very much, much better than before, but he’s too greedy, and always thinks that since he likes Yu Han, can’t Yu Han like him too, ah.

Luo Lin Yuan took another bath and changed into the pajamas he brought and is now walking around Yu Han’s house.

There isn’t much to see in the two-bedroom and one-living room house, but when he thought that Yu Han grew up in this house, he felt that it was worth seeing everywhere.

He looked at the group photo of Yu Han and his mother again.

His mother was really a great beauty, looking at the camera with a smile and holding a child in her hand.

Luo Lin Yuan stared at the photo, doubting the authenticity of his father’s words. Such a beautiful lady, did Luo Ting really wasn’t moved at all when he was young

Although Lin Shu is very good-looking.

Luo Lin Yuan childishly compared with Yu Han, whose mother was more beautiful.

In the end, he evaluated that each had its own merits and was good-looking, so he rubbed Little Yu Han’s face contentedly on the photo.

He said in a low voice, “How could your mother not love you She obviously held you and smiled so happily as if you are her joy.

My Mom and I don’t have pictures.”

Luo Lin Yuan carefully put the photo back in place, then rummaged through the snacks he bought last time.

Sure enough, Yu Han didn’t eat much.

He only chose to eat toffee and went to brush his teeth.

When lying on Yu Han’s bed, Luo Lin Yuan’s whole body was about to burn.

He secretly sniffed the quilt and pillow.

Indeed, he had just been exposed to the sun for a long time and the body odor from the sun was rubbed with it, forming an ambiguous and hot scent, just like Yu Han’s embrace.

Luo Lin Yuan’s fingers squeezed the quilt tightly, his palms drenched little by little, and he kind of wanted to do something bad.

Not good ah, this is too depraved and wretched.

How can you do this kind of thing in the bed of someone you like Luo Lin Yuan kicked off the quilt, moved the fan from the living room into the room, and turned on the fan willfully in the cool autumn.

Yu Han only came home when it was almost dawn.

He was too tired today to go see his grandmother.

He just wanted to hurry up and go to bed.

He put the breakfast in his hand into the pot and pressed it, took a quick bath, and entered his room.

The light from the window was a thin layer of light blue, illuminating the bulge on the bed.

The fan squeaked and creaked, and the coldness in the air made Yu Han’s body feel cold after taking a bath.

What’s more, Luo Lin Yuan was still feverish, is this person crazy and still blows the fan when he has a fever

He turned off the fan and looked at the big lump on the bed.

Luo Lin Yuan rolled himself into a shrimp, his head submerged in the quilt, and only a few strands of hair were exposed.

Yu Han rubbed his sore temples, took out a quilt from the closet, and slept next to Luo Lin Yuan.

He fell asleep very quickly, and something burrowed into his arms in confusion, so he took advantage of the situation.

The dream mirrored reality.

In the dream, he wanted to cross a pink river.

A dolphin who was completely white blocked the way and asked, “Do you want the golden Luo Lin Yuan or the silver Luo Lin Yuan”

Yu Han twitched the corner of his mouth in his dream, and he really had to think seriously and asked, “What’s the difference”

The dolphin told him, “The golden one will be good to you and the silver one will be good to you.”

Yu Han: “Neither one.”

The dolphin became angry and jumped out of the river, landing wetly in his arms.

The cold dolphin body turned into the warm skin of a human body.

Luo Lin Yuan wrapped his arms around his waist and asked him, “Can I blow it for you”

Blow what

Luo Lin Yuan’s face was covered with moist river water.

The pink liquid made his whole body flushed with a thin layer of red; fair skin, long eyelashes, and was amazingly beautiful.

He took Yu Han’s hand, and touched it to his body, laughing, “Apart from my belly, would you like to see other places”

Yu Han was awakened.

The sky is already bright outside.

There was a warm body in his arms, with his back facing him and being held in his arms.

The pajamas lifted up a large area, revealing a smooth back that is dazzling white.

The tail of Luo Lin Yuan’s hair curled up in a mess, and most of his shoulders were exposed.

His hands possessively wrapped around Luo Lin Yuan’s waist.

It wasn’t clear whether he took the initiative to hug someone while he was asleep.

But now the point is not this.

Yu Han stiffly withdrew his hand, got up carefully, and rushed to the bathroom with rapid steps.

He didn’t know that after he left the room, Luo Lin Yuan also opened his eyes and touched his buttocks and the back of his waist.

His eyelashes trembled even more severely.

Jie Jie: Sorry, it took a while.

I’ve been busy with work lately, there’s so much to do QAQ.

Thank you for understanding!

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