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Luo Lin Yuan boasted that he was great at Fight the Landlord and wanted to teach Yu Han.

As a result, the next local landlord lost and Luo Lin Yuan’s face was red.

Yu Han said thoughtfully next to him, “You don’t have the double kings of this card.

You’re still the landlord.

It’s two-to-one, it can’t be helped, you’re not lucky.”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly followed the ladder down, “Don’t I have a fever I’m not in good condition.

I can win even without the double king in normal times.”

Yu Han smiled and said yes.

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t raise his eyes, staring at the screen wholeheartedly, so he missed Yu Han’s rare doting smile.

After playing several times, Luo Lin Yuan successfully regained his face.

After the drip was finished, Yu Han went to help him call the nurse.

When the needle was drawn, Luo Lin Yuan shed a lot of blood, and the sterilized cotton turned into a large block of red.

The nurse took out a cotton pad and pressed it down, “Your blood clotting function is so poor, is it anemia Do you want to do a routine blood test to see”

Luo Lin Yuan shook his head, “It’s anemia, my physique is quite poor.”

The nurse then told him to press it longer to make sure it wasn’t bleeding before removing it.

Luo Lin Yuan has long been proficient in these operations.

He stood up with the cotton pressed on his hand and got up too fiercely that he saw a burr in front of his eyes.”[1]

With the light shining before his eyes, the person was also leaning in Yu Han’s arms.

After Yu Han waited for Luo Lin Yuan to stand up hurriedly, Yu Han asked, “Do you want to play ball with us”

Luo Lin Yuan was reluctant when he heard it, “I hate the sun.”

Yu Han looked at Luo Lin Yuan’s white skin and deliberately teased him, “You’re so white, don’t worry about getting tanned.”

Luo Lin Yuan glared at him, “It’s uncomfortable to be sunburned.

I’m not afraid of tanning.

Dark spots are manly.”

Luo Lin Yuan really can’t get a tan, military training can prove it.

Although the whole process of military training,[2] he ran to the infirmary twice a day.

As for the only sport he likes, it’s swimming.

He usually goes to the indoor swimming pool and swims for a few hours, and his arms and legs will ache for several days.

When he said that dark spots were manly, he raised his hand to compare with Yu Han.

Yu Han hurriedly said, “Don’t let go of the cotton.”

Luo Lin Yuan didn’t care much and said, “The blood stopped long ago.” As soon as the cotton was taken off, blood came out again, and Luo Lin Yuan had to press it again.

They still have to get the medicine.

As they walked to the medicine counter, Luo Lin Yuan said, “Is your skin dark because you often exercise”

Yu Han’s complexion is the kind Luo Lin Yuan envies the most.

It’s honey-colored, full of luster, healthy, and charming; with deep facial features, really handsome ah.

Luo Lin Yuan was stunned.

Just like the white Luo Lin Yuan, Yu Han’s complexion is also natural.

When Yu Han said this, Luo Lin Yuan didn’t believe him, “Let me see.”

He raised the hem of Yu Han’s clothes, exposing a section of his waist.

In fact, Luo Lin Yuan had already seen Yu Han’s waist.

He had seen this person several times when he lifted his clothes to wipe his sweat at the basketball court.

It’s just that this time, it’s up close, with a little bit of the idea of taking advantage of people.

He looked at Yu Han’s waist with abs and waistline, a well-proportioned complexion, smooth and exquisite.

Yu Han was carrying the medicine, turned his head, and saw Luo Lin Yuan staring at his waist with a foolish expression and his face was also hot.

He snatched his clothes from Luo Lin Yuan’s hands, “Don’t look.”

Luo Lin Yuan was still dumbfounded, “Why is there hair under your belly button”

Yu Han carried the medicine and walked out without waiting for him, “Shut up.”

Luo Lin Yuan saw him blushing, so he couldn’t help but want to laugh, “Are you shy We’re all boys ah.

It’s not a big deal, I’ll let you see mine.”

With that said, he turned to block the way in front of Yu Han, raised his clothes, and revealed a piece of belly.

A very white skin, a plump belly button, no hair and abs, like a child’s belly.

Yu Han only swept a glance at him and asked him to put down his clothes, “Childish, careful of catching a cold.”

When the two of them left the hospital, Luo Lin Yuan had already called a taxi on the phone.

The street lights were dim in the middle of the night.

The two stopped joking and went quiet.

They don’t know what was going on.

Their eyes were intertwined and they didn’t speak, but no one took the lead to move away.

Unknown emotions surged.

In this confrontation, Yu Han avoided his eyes first, and the next second, he was reached out and touched on the skin below his eyes.

The fingers smelled a bit of alcohol,[3] leaving a cool touch.

Luo Lin Yuan said, “Your eyes are bloodshot.

Don’t go back to the bar to work, okay You always don’t rest, how can your body handle it.”

Yu Han lowered his eyelids and didn’t reply to this, but said, “Alcohol stings your eyes.”

These words made Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly say, “Sorry, Sorry, I forgot.” He shook off his fingers, embarrassed and regretful.

Yu Han went to look at the back of his hand which was still bruised but not bleeding anymore.

Luo Lin Yuan took another step forward, and the shadows of the two of them on the road overlapped, but in reality, the distance between the two bodies wasn’t far.

Yu Han didn’t want to look at the face that came extremely close, so he only let go of his gaze.

He found a mole on Luo Lin Yuan’s neck, in the center, and a hollow in the middle of his collarbone.

Even when it goes up and down, it was still very well-proportioned.

The mole fluctuated together with his breathing, and the light and shadow surged.

Luo Lin Yuan covered most of the light.

In a tone that seemed to be confused in a dream, “Does alcohol still stings

Yu Han didn’t speak.

He slowly raised his eyes.

Luo Lin Yuan’s eyelashes trembled, but his eyes were brave.

His lips were licked and moistened.

One after the other, the taste of toffee surprisingly hadn’t dissipated yet, and it smelled very sweet.

Luo Lin Yuan, who was covered in sweetness, asked him, “Do you want me to blow it for you”

Yu Han’s Adam’s apple slipped, and Luo Lin Yuan did it without saying if he agreed or not.

He stretched out his hands and tentatively held Yu Han’s shoulders.

He heard the sound of friction from the plastic bag containing the medicine as if Yu Han tightened his grip.

He stood on tiptoes, his ruddy lips slightly closed.

He took a small breath and blew into Yu Han’s eyes with a very light strength.

It was just a flash of what happened.

Yu Han’s eyebrows moved slightly.

When the coolness arrived, he closed his eyes unknowingly.

Unconsciously, Yu Han’s waist slightly bent, and pressed his face down.

Luo Lin Yuan pressed the person’s shoulders and an inexplicable agitation and impulse filled his heart.

He looked at Yu Han’s tightly closed eyes and felt that this person’s expression was like waiting for a kiss, making people who like him tempted to commit a crime.

A bird ran into his heart, fluttering its wings, clamoring, pulsating, about to fly out, and couldn’t hold it anymore.

Just like a movie, there is moonlight, there is night, there is the silence of an uninhabited place, and the shadows overlapped together, the male lead with his eyes closed.

Luo Lin Yuan got closer and closer until a headlight and a horn came over.

That awakened the night, and also awakened Luo Lin Yuan.

He stepped back, panicked to death, and his heart almost jumped out in fright.

Going to look at Yu Han again, Yu Han was still very calm, and turned his head to look at the car, “Is that the car you called.”

Luo Lin Yuan hurriedly took out his phone and matched the licensed plate number, “That’s right, let’s go, let’s go.”

When he rushed towards the car with a stuffy head, Yu Han put away his half-raised hand, turned his back to his(LLY) back, and his hand clenched into a fist.



References↑1This just means to have blurred vision.↑2I felt that there’s more in this text but when I double-checked the raws, that’s just all it says QAQ↑3Not the one that makes you drunk, ok but ethyl alcohol XD-

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