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Chapter 60.2 Nervous

At her words, Pang Yi Zhi’s eyes looked somewhat colder, and his earlier embarrassment dissipated.

He clenched his fist and said, “That b*stard Tantai coerced Imperial Concubine Xuan.

For her, this is simply humiliating! I’m here to help her escape.”

Su Su was stunned, then remembered that this lord had painted a portrait of Ye Bing Shang, so he probably admired her too.

Previously, Lord Pang was the other main faction that supported the war besides the Ye family, so Su Su had a favorable impression of him.

She shook her head and reminded him, “Tantai Jin’s thoughts are profound.

He’s far more complicated than what you see.

It’s already not easy for you to sneak into the palace, let alone bring Ye Bing Shang away.

He won’t allow anyone to touch his people.”

Pang Yi Zhi glanced at her with a deep sense of guilt in his eyes.


“Ye…… Third Miss Ye, I’m sorry for not immediately saving you when I heard that you were exiled to Liuzhou.

I’ve promised King Xuan to protect Imperial Concubine Xuan’s safety,” he said in a low voice.

“King Xuan left a brigade of hidden guards, named Hidden Dragon Guards, and they have the power to save Her Highness.”

Hearing his words, Su Su wasn’t very surprised.

After all, Xiao Lin’s identity and position were obvious.

He was an intelligent and quick-witted person, so it was impossible for him to not have hidden cards in his hands.

This brigade of hidden guards must be very powerful, just look at how easily Pang Yi Zhi had appeared here.

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Pang Yi Zhi chased a few steps after her, then watched her walk away from a distance.


He clenched his fist and turned around to find Ye Bing Shang.


Naturally, Su Su didn’t get to see the Old Madam, but Nian Muning brought her the Old Madam’s letter.

The letter contained only a few words—— “I’m doing well, don’t miss me1.”

Su Su sighed in relief.

Nian Muning coldly said, “As long as Third Miss Ye is well-behaved, the Old Madam will naturally be fine.”

After a pause, she added, “Don’t let the Commandery Princess Zhaohua see you, she’ll be unhappy.

If she’s unhappy, His Majesty will be unhappy too.”

Su Su smiled and glanced at her, “Alright.”

Nian Muning stopped speaking.

Those in the know understood that Tantai Jin was using Su Su as a palace maid to vent his anger, but those who didn’t would think that he was hiding a mistress2.

Su Su had no other place to go either, so she simply sat cross-legged and started cultivating in the Chengqian Hall.

When the sky turned dark, Tantai Jin returned.

He looked at her deeply and asked, “Where have you been today”


Su Su said, “I wanted to see my grandmother, so I casually walked around.”

“Oh What did you see”

Su Su glanced at him, “A palace made of gold, everywhere screams money.”

He pursed his lips, the suspicion in his eyes greatly dissipated, and the corners of his mouth slightly curved up.

“I suddenly thought of what I want you to do.”

Su Su was stunned, “What is it”

“Come here,” Tantai Jin glanced at her, gesturing for her to follow.

Su Su followed him into a small study next to Chengqian Hall.

This small study was used by the successive emperors of the Zhou Kingdom to temporarily read over imperial documents3.

Now, there were no imperial documents on the table, only a stack of top quality talisman papers and finely grinded cinnabar.

“Teach me to draw talismans,” he ordered.

Su Su didn’t speak.

“You’re not willing” Tantai Jin’s face looked displeased.

“You have the old Daoist, he also knows how,” Su Su said.


“Old Madam Ye,” Tantai Jin threateningly said.

Su Su dilly-dallied over.

She sat in front of the table and asked him, “What do you want to learn”

She knew that Tantai Jin was fond of learning, but she wasn’t afraid of him mastering these.

After all, she cultivated immortal techniques, but Tantai Jin was born with an evil bone, so he could only cultivate devil techniques.

The laws of devil and immortal cultivation were different, so he couldn’t use immortal techniques at all.

Tantai Jin said, “All are acceptable.”

Su Su thought for a while, then drew a talisman with a brush.

She smiled and handed it to him, then asked, “Do you want to try it”

Tantai Jin glanced at her and said, “You try it and show me.”

Su Su immediately said, “This talisman wasn’t drawn properly, I’ll draw a new one.”

She was about to destroy the talisman when Tantai Jin suddenly grabbed her wrist and coldly said, “Try it and show me! Otherwise, let Old Madam Ye try it.”

Su Su glared at him, “It really wasn’t drawn properly,”

His face was grim, obviously thinking that Su Su would harm him.

“Fine, I’ll try it!” Su Su said.

She hesitantly picked up the talisman, glancing at Tantai Jin.

Under his vigilant gaze, she gritted her teeth and chanted. 


In Tantai Jin’s dark eyes, the talisman dissipated and Su Su’s clothes scattered all over the ground. 

She disappeared into thin air, and a small, palm-sized pink rabbit peeked out from the bottom of the pile of clothes.

The little rabbit lay weakly on the palace maid uniform.

Tantai Jin froze for a long time, then he expressionlessly pulled the rabbit’s ear.

The palm-sized pink rabbit looked at him angrily.

He stared straight at her, his lips curling up.

His eyes had a faint hint of a smile, but he deviously said, “Bring in a carrot.”

The little pink rabbit kicked its legs and struggled under his palm.

Tantai Jin sat down on a chair and placed it on his lap.

After a while, a little eunuch came in with a carrot.

He inadvertently saw the rabbit in His Majesty’s palm, and his heart fluttered from its cuteness. This little rabbit is so fluffy, and it’s even pink!  

The little eunuch lowered his head and hurriedly left.

Tantai Jin picked up the carrot and held it to Su Su’s mouth, “Eat.”

The little pink rabbit resisted and looked away, its soft fur standing up angrily.

He stroked the soft fur, which was as comfortable as a pile of cotton.

Tantai Jin said, “I asked you to eat.”

Who wants to eat the carrot!

The pink rabbit wanted to run, but it couldn’t.

She was so anxious that she tried to claw at him, but in the end, two little paws desperately scratched at his palm, but there wasn’t a single wound.

He squeezed its pink and delicate paws and nonchalantly said, “Eat the carrot and I’ll promise you a condition.

The pink rabbit raised its round eyes to look at him.

Tantai Jin looked at her and calmly said, “Really.”

The pink rabbit didn’t move, just looked at him like it was looking at a madman, then bit down on his hand.

Tantai Jin was just about to say something when the pink rabbit disappeared and was replaced by the heavy weight of a naked young girl on his lap.

The young girl’s eyes were cold and cheerless, completely different from her soft and adorable appearance from before.

But like this, she looked even more unapproachable and soul-stirring4.

There was a warm and soft sensation on his finger.

Tantai Jin looked down and found that his long, slender finger was still in her mouth.

Right away, the young girl sensed what the finger between her lips was doing and looked at him angrily.

She gave him a hard slap.

His face tilted sideways, and the naked young girl on his lap was gone.

She reached down to pick up her clothes on the floor, and by the time Tantai Jin turned his head again, she had nicely wrapped herself up with them.

“Pervert!” She coldly said.

Tantai Jin pursed his lips, his finger was still moist, and surprisingly5, he didn’t refute.

At this moment, someone outside urgently said, “Reporting to Your Majesty, there were assassins found in the palace.”

Su Su froze, and instantly thought of Pang Yi Zhi who she had met during the day.

She had an ominous feeling in her heart. 

Could Pang Yi Zhi have been discovered

Tantai Jin lifted her chin and examined her, he sounded nonchalant as he asked, “Are you nervous”

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Translator’s Note: Few hints (for things that you may or may not realise/find it weird/curious about reading this novel this far) in this chapter and some are back story for what will happen in the future/far future hehe ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• ) Feel free to leave a comment of what you think they are hehet


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