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Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 9 - Twisting A Knife Into His Wound?

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Chapter 9 - Twisting A Knife Into His Wound

“Father!” Li Zifeng had never been this excited before.

“Well done,” Li Yanfeng praised.

“Its because you guided me well, father,” Li Zifeng hurriedly replied.

The time had arrived for Li Yanfeng to announce the results to the world. Li Yanfeng turned to face the citizens of Flamehaven, to announce solemnly, “From this day on, Li Zifeng shall be the heir of Flamehaven!”

“You may have done well today, but keep in mind not to be full of yourself. You have a bright future ahead, and remember to be cautious with every step you take.” Li Yanfengs face glowed with pride, a rare sight.

“Congratulations governor! Congratulations young master! What a happy day for Flamehaven. Our governor has gotten married and the young master was made the heir. Hell also be going to the Flameyellow Scions Institute!” The captain of the imperial guards, Zhao Ding, cheered madly, and the audience began to follow suit.

While everyone had their eyes on Li Yanfeng, an unassuming young man dressed in white suddenly made his way onto Zephyr Square.

“Li Tianming What is he doing there” Most of the audience recognized that figure, and were shocked by this persons arrival. After all, this was not a place for the shame of Flamehaven to show up at, especially during a time when he was just removed as the heir, with his own brother inheriting it!

“What on earth is he doing here Is he a fool”

“Well what would you expect from someone like him”

“The governor must be fuming. Its his wedding day today!”

"Fortuantely, he didnt bring his sickly mother with him.”

“Someone just chase him out of here already.”

From the crowds perspective, Li Tianming was just someone who had lost his mind over being removed as the heir. But they underestimated Li Tianming. He was never there for the throne, nor did he have any interest left in the entirety of Flamehaven.

As Li Tianming lifted his head, Li Yanfeng had already turned towards him, squinting at him. A terrifying aura engulfed him a moment later. To him, Li Yanfeng felt like a giant capable of reaching the sun, judging him from up high.

If this happened ten days ago, Li Tianming would probably be left trembling on the floor, barely able to move. But not now! He was the beastmaster of a Primordial Chaos Beast. No matter how strong his opponent was, the dignity running in his blood would not let him admit defeat there. Even if every step towards Li Yanfeng felt like it was using up all his energy, he still managed to make it in front of Li Yanfeng!

“Li Tianming You must be crazy! Someone, chase him away, this is no place for beggars.” Li Zifeng couldnt hide the disgust on his face. In fact, he would have forgotten all about this elder brother if not for his unexpected appearance.

Quite a few guards gathered around them, ready to carry out the young masters order. However, Li Yanfeng waved his hand, signalling the guards to stand back.

“Tianming, this is not the place for you to be at. You should focus on resting at home. As the elder brother, you can always support his decisions,” said Li Yanfeng.

“Zifeng has done well, and he certainly has the talent for cultivation, more talented than I used to be. But before he gets the Flameyellow Order, I would like to give him one last challenge,” Li Tianming said, his mind far from the hysterical state the others imagined him to be in.

The father and sons conversation was seemingly amicable, both choosing to hide their aggression and hatred. After all, it was an important day, and they were distinguished across the nation, so they didnt want to embarrass themselves.

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“What are you playing at, Li Tianming What challenge can a pile of trash like you even give me” Li Zifeng questioned.

“Why are you being so rude on an auspicious day like this Are you scared you cant pass my challenge”

“Stop fooling around, go back and rest.” Li Yanfengs patience was running dry by the time these words left his mouth. His expression, though calm, was betrayed by the anger raging in his eyes.

“Im not joking. Ive yet to reach the age of twenty, which qualifies me to participate in this selection. The rules dont state that I am not allowed to contest for the Flameyellow Order again even if I got it four years ago!” Li Tianming said simply, causing a commotion in the crowd.

“That boy must have gone completely crazy after everything hes been through!” Zhao Ding exclaimed.

“I supposed he probably didnt want to live anymore, and just wanted to use the last moments of his life to ruin the governors reputation.”

“What an ungrateful little brute. Did he forget who raised him Whatever happened at the institute was because of his own lust. He can only blame himself.”

As the crowd chattered, most of them felt that Li Tianming had achieved the goal of making Li Yanfeng feel uneasy. Everyone knew how much Li Yanfeng cared about his own reputation!

The only person that had a different reaction was Li Zifeng, who burst out laughing. “Elder brother Tianming, youre already an ordinary person, and yet you still dare challenge me. Are you hoping that Ill give you a more honourable death”

“Well, do you accept my challenge then” Li Tianming asked.

“Of course. Remember to not make a fool of yourself on the Zephyr square after being defeated,” Li Zifeng said, before turning to Li Yanfeng. “Father, please dont worry. I will not kill him. I will chase him away after beating him. After all, its me hes after, which means that its only right for me to do the job.”

“Dont overdo it,” Li Yanfeng replied, his expression placid. After all, how could someone with no more beast ki and a dead lifebound beast defeat a seventh level Beast Vein beastmaster

Having said that, he leaped back to Zephyr Tower without giving Li Tianming a second look, and explained to the guests there, “Its a pity that you have to see my disgrace of a son. You might have heard stories about him before, and Im really sad to say that he has shamed our family. ”

“Its alright, Governor Li, every family has their issues. This kid doesnt appreciate everything that you have done for him, and even dares to cause problems for you. At this juncture, theres not much more you can do as a parent,” said one of the big shots from Ignispolis.

“Thankfully, Zifeng will make our family proud. Just let Zifeng handle this and teach Tianming a lesson,” said Madam Mo, Li Yanfengs second wife.

“Liu Qing” Li Yanfeng returned to his seat and found his bride staring at the Zephyr Square curiously.

“Yanfeng, even after losing his lifebound beast, this elder son of yours is still calm and composed. He is not as disgraceful as expected.” Liu Qings eyes sparkled with interest.

“Hes just faking. I know him well enough.” Li Yanfeng frowned.

“Dont be angry about this, just treat it as a show. Everyone knows what kind of acts this boy has committed before. No one will blame you for that,” Liu Qing comforted him.

“You really understand me best.” Li Yanfeng had already turned his attention to the square. Sure enough, the brothers were already facing each other, both ready for a fight.

“Li Tianming, youre nowhere close to what you were four years ago. This is just letting me twist the knife in your wound!” With a smirk, Li Zifeng picked up his pace and dashed towards Li Tianming!



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