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Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Quest Begins, Turning The Tide Of The Battle

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Chapter 8 Quest Begins, Turning The Tide Of The Battle

At RiverdaleCity High School, Lu Yu was heading toward his class.

After returning to his class, Lu Yu received a bottle of basic recovery medicine from his homeroom teacher and returned to his seat.

Many students were surprised that Lu Yu was late for the first time in history, and this was something unbelievable to them.

After all, in their eyes, Lu Yu used to be the most hardworking person in the class. He was the kind of person who would not be late even once a year.

After completing a day of school, Lu Yu went home to rest and prepare for tomorrows quest.

The next morning.

Lu Yu sat on the bed early and took out the ancient scroll.

He slowly pulled and opened the scroll.

The next moment, a ray of light flashed and enveloped Lu Yu.

With a swoosh, Lu Yu disappeared.

When Lu Yu reappeared, he had already arrived at the entrance of a dungeon.

He was in a dense forest, and a towering tree at the dungeons entrance was right in front of Lu Yu!


The tree was over a hundred meters tall, and its towering trunk was filled with an ancient aura.

With a long history, this ancient tree had a huge dark hole with soldiers guarding theentrance.

Lu Yu walked over and stood in front of the soldier. “I want to be teleported to the Difficult level, Dark Forest.”

The soldier pointed at an array formation not far ahead and said, “Stand inside the array formation and wait for a few seconds, and you will be teleported in.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and began to do as he was told.

He went to the center of the array formation and waited for a moment. Then, a dazzling light flashed before him.

The light flickered, and Lu Yus figure disappeared.

The next moment, Lu Yu opened his eyes and saw that he was in a dense jungle.

He looked up and saw countless intersecting tree branches covering the sky.

His surroundings were damp and dark, and he could hear strange cries around him from time to time.

It seemed that he had arrived at the Dark Forest.

From now on, Lu Yu had to be careful. He, who had never fought before, was about to start his first battle.

Suddenly, Lu Yu saw an afterimage from the corner of his eye.

With a swoosh, two Cat Demons suddenly attacked Lu Yu.

These two Cat Demons were about the size of a bobcat, but their claws were thin, long and sharp. Those claws flashed with a cold glint as they slashed at Lu Yu.

The Cat Demons in front of him were the most common monsters in the dungeon of the Dark Forest, and their specialty was their fast movement.

However, in Lu Yus eyes, these Cat Demons were just a piece of material delivering itself right onto his doorstep!

Lu Yu stretched out his hands, and sharp claws grew out of each of his ten fingers.

He slashed his claws with all his might and attacked the Cat Demons!

This was the first time Lu Yu used his sharp claws to attack. His attack was very choppy, and it seemed like he was waving his hands randomly.

The Cat Demon was not to be trifled with. In their state of constant battle in the dungeon, their combat experience was definitely much richer than Lu Yus.

A Cat Demon hopped around and found an opening to swish its claws a few times at Lu Yu.

Lu Yus clothes were instantly torn open, and blood oozed from the scratches.

Then, another Cat Demon quickly attacked as well.

Lu Yu did not have time to think and hastily attacked with his claws.

However, Lu Yus speed was slightly slower than the Cat Demon.

The Cat Demon dodged sideways and swung two more attacks.

For a moment, the battle turned badly for Lu Yu. His body was already riddled with many wounds, his blood staining a large area of his clothes.

The current situation was that Lu Yu could not kill the two Cat Demons and couldnt outrun them even if he wanted to escape.

All Lu Yu could do was hold on and find another way.

The battle was getting more and more intense. Lu Yu started retreating as he fought, his forehead covered in sweat.

Just as Lu Yu was overwhelmed with anxiety, a notification suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

[ Congratulations on completing the daily quest, Swipe your claws (100/100) ]

[ Please choose your reward ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed. He did not expect that he had already swung his claws a hundred times!

However, this daily reward could not help him out of his predicament.

Adding five attribute points or strengthening Armor Penetration would not be able to get him out of this battle.

Very quickly, Lu Yu thought of the third reward, the random treasure chest!

If the treasure chest could give him a good item, he would have a chance to turn the tide of the battle!

Lu Yu quickly exchanged it for a random treasure chest.

[ Congratulations, you have obtained a bronze treasure chest ]

A bronze treasure chest immediately appeared before Lu Yus eyes.

The next wave of attacks from the two Cat Demons immediately came. Lu Yu didnt hesitate and quickly opened the treasure chest.

[ Congratulations, you have obtained the Shadow Brass Knuckles. Do you want to equip it ]


Lu Yu did not have time to look at the skill description and quickly equipped the brass knuckles!

A pair of brass knuckles immediately appeared on Lu Yus hands. He cast a glance at the effect of the equipment.

[ Shadow Brass Knuckles: Increases attack power by 10%, increases attack speed by 10% ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed. What he lacked was attack speed!

In the beginning, Lu Yu had little experience in fighting and was much slower than the Cat Demons.

Lu Yu slowly became more proficient throughout the battle, and his speed also caught up.

With the Shadow Brass Knuckles, Lu Yus speed wasnt inferior to the two ordinary Cat Demons anymore!

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The pain all over his body made Lu Yu furious.

He punched out with both fists, and the sudden increase in the speed of his fist caused the Cat Demons to be unable to react in time.

His fists smashed into the Cat Demons heads, shattering their skulls and sending blood flying everywhere.

The two Cat Demons wailed and fell to the ground, dead.

Lu Yu took two deep breaths and was about to retrieve the materials when a notification appeared.

[ Congratulations on completing your first kill. Reward: Skill Stone Tablet [ Double Jump ] ]

A tablet floated before Lu Yu. After a moment of joy, Lu Yu reached out and took the tablet.

[ Skill effect: After completing a jump, you can jump again in the air and reach a higher place ]

“This skill isnt bad.”

This skill could help Lu Yu reach a height he could not reach before and make it easier for him to fight.

If a sneak attack happened again like the one just now, Lu Yu could use the double jump to distance himself from them quickly.

In short, it was a movement skill.

Lu Yu put his hand on the stone tablet and began to feel the energy inside.

Soon, he opened his eyes and had wholly learned the double jump.

Lu Yu squatted before the Cat Demons corpse, took out a dagger and began to dissect its corpse.

After cutting off its fingernails and eyeballs, he put them into his backpack.

After collecting the spoils of war, Lu Yu did not stop. He began to look for other Cat Demons.

The pain and wounds on his body severely affected Lu Yus movements.

Therefore, Lu Yu took out the basic recovery medicine he received yesterday and drank it in one gulp.

After drinking it, Lu Yu felt a sense of relief. The pain was instantly swept away.

Moreover, all the wounds on his body stopped bleeding instantly, and they even began to scab.

After recovering, Lu Yu felt refreshed. He immediately stretched his claws and continued to search for Cat Demons to fight!

Lu Yu continued to fight without a moments rest.

Just like that, Lu Yu fought till late in the night before he finally stopped.


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