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Chapter 28: Chapter 28 A-level Talent, Knight

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Chapter 28 A-level Talent, Knight

Lu Yu activated his Split Claw skill, and after unleashing it, he directly shattered over a dozen vampire bats in the air!

Everyone was stunned when they saw the scene unfolding before them.

“Whats going on In just a split second, did all those vampire bats die”

“This strength doesnt seem to be the strength of an F-level.”

“These bats are Chen Yings strongest attack, and Lu Yu blew right through them!”

Not only did the others feel that it was ridiculous, but even Chen Ying himself thought it was absurd.

After training for so long, he naturally knew the might of his vampire bats.

Unless the attack value were extremely high, regular attacks would not even be able to shave off half of their health.

Chen Ying cast a glance at Lu Yu and began to speculate on Lu Yus attack power.

He couldnt help but gulp when he saw Lu Yus razor-sharp claws.

He realized that he might not be Lu Yus match...

After all, his vampire bats could not be summoned continuously...


Lu Yu didnt want to waste any more time on this guy, so he charged at him.

Noticing Lu Yu charging toward him, Chen Ying had an inkling of a thought to run away.

He quickly retreated, trying to increase the distance between him and Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu appeared before him in the blink of an eye!

“Damn it. Hes too quick!” Chen Ying cried out in shock!

“Didnt you say you helped me find a grave” Lu Yu asked coldly. “You are dead!”

All of Chen Yings flaws and weaknesses appeared in front of Lu Yu the next moment.

Lu Yu swung one of his claws over and activated Armor Penetration!

His right claw struck out, slicing open Chen Yings chest.

He then activated his Grappling skill for the second time and struck at Chen Yings weak point!

Swish! Swoosh!

Chen Yings entire body was covered in blood after a few slashes.

“Hiss! Arghh!”

Chen Ying hissed out in such agony that it caused everyone present to feel bad for him.

Then, with a plop, Chen Ying fell to the ground. He did not have the strength to stand further.

“Chen Ying is now crippled.” Lu Yu looked at everyone calmly and said, “This is the price he has to pay!”

Everyone took a few steps back when they saw Chen Yings miserable state and did not dare approach Lu Yu.

Nobody wanted to face Lu Yu at that point. They now had a clear understanding of what Lu Yu was capable of.

Lu Yus two consecutive victories proved his strength to everyone.

They were all wrong. Lu Yus talent was not the weakest!

They could not understand how Lu Yus F-level talent could be this strong!

But no one dared to say anything at the time.

In the beginning, everyone wanted to fight Lu Yu. But now, no one dared to be Lu Yus opponent. The difference between the two scenes was only around ten minutes.

A figure emerged from the crowd at that precise moment.

That person dashed through the crowd and landed in front of Lu Yu.

Lu Yu took a closer look and discovered that the person was Chen Chao, the class president of Class Three next door!

“Arent you from Class Three What are you doing here” Lu Yu asked.

Chen Chao remained silent. Instead, he turned to face Chen Ying, who was covered in blood and wounds on the ground.

Then, the sound of horse hooves rang out.

A tall and dark figure slowly galloped from the crowd.

A black stallion held its head high and puffed out its chest. It trod through the crowd with light steps and arrived behind Chen Chao.

The black horses body was muscular, and its coat was shiny. Everyone could tell it was a strong horse just by looking at it!

When everyone saw the black stallion, they were all a little surprised.

At that moment, someone explained, “So this is Chen Chaos horse. It looks so impressive.”

“Ive heard Chen Chao, like Su Qing, has A-level talent. What exactly is he doing here”

“I dont know. Is he looking for Lu Yu”

Lu Yu turned to face Chen Chao. He was dressed in silver armor and appeared tall and muscular.

Lu Yu saw Chen Chaos personal attributes with his Eye of Truth.

[ Chen Chao ]

[ Talent: Knight, A-level. Greatly increases attack, defense, and health ]

[ Attack: 160 ]

[ Speed: 120 ]

[ Health: 290 ]

[ Mana: 150 ]

[ Defense: 180 ]

His stats were decent, but he was still inferior to Lu Yu in every way. However, Chen Chao should be much harder to defeat compared to the previous two.

At that moment, Chen Chao turned to face Chen Ying on the ground and yelled, “You bastard, how dare you do such a vicious thing to my brother!”

“You are dead!”

Chen Chaos ferocious roar terrified the people around him.

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Chen Chaos voice was husky and deep. When he roared, he was also extremely intimidating.

“This guy was the one who tried to kill me first. Hes lucky I didnt kill him,” Lu Yu said unhappily.

“Stop talking nonsense with me,” Chen Chao said as he stepped forward. “Ill pay you back double for what you did to my brother!”

“At first, I intended to come and spar with Su Qing. But now, Id like to take out a small fry.”

Chen Chao said as he approached Lu Yu.

Lu Yu was speechless. This fellow was so vindictive that Lu Yu could no longer communicate with him.

Since that was the case, Lu Yu could only teach him a lesson!

Lu Yu flashed his claws once more, ready to fight!

After a tense pause, the two of them faced each other and were about to fight.

At that precise moment, a figure appeared and drew everyones attention.

Su Qing walked through the crowd toward the two of them.

She wore white sportswear to the exams today, but it couldnt hide her alluring figure.

Chen Chao looked over as she approached, and the anger on his face subsided.

Su Qing, the school belle, was naturally the goddess he wished to date.

Su Qing walked over to Lu Yus side without looking at him.

“Lu Yu, this person is far too powerful. Youre not on the same level as him, so let me handle it. I also have A-level talent, and only I can compete with him.”

Su Qings persuasion made everyone present jealous.

Their goddess wanted to fight for Lu Yu. What kind of situation was this!

“Damn, Lu Yu is too charming. I hope that Su Qing can protect me like this.”

“I dont want to watch anymore. Lu Yu has already won.”

When Chen Chao saw this, he became even angrier. He turned his hatred toward Lu Yu.

However, Lu Yu was unimpressed by Su Qings appearance.

Chen Chao in front of him had high defense and health stats.

He would be a perfect sandbag for Lu Yu to practice his combos.

The first two guys were too weak. They did not even give Lu Yu the chance to use his combos.

“Su Qing, just stand by and watch. Let me handle this guy.”

Su Qing frowned slightly. “Are you really that confident What if something unexpected happens”

Lu Yu smiled calmly. “Nothing of the sort will happen. Just watch!”

As he said that, Lu Yu walked toward Chen Chao.

The onlookers gave Lu Yu a thumbs up. They admired him from the bottom of their hearts.

Those who had awakened F-level talent would almost certainly never fight against those with an A-level talent in their entire lives!

A large crowd surrounded Lu Yu and Chen Chao just as they were about to start fighting.

Class Two and Class Three students had finished their matches and came over to watch the battle.


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