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Chapter 23: Chapter 23 Auction, Pavilion Of Heavenly Secrets

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Chapter 23 Auction, Pavilion Of Heavenly Secrets

Once Hu Yan of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets made his move, no one continued bidding.

After three confirmations, the auctioneer affirmed that the auctions winner was Hu Yan!

“The winner of this auction is Mr. Hu Yan of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets!”

“Next, lets give Mr. Hu Yan a round of applause!”

The applause was thunderous. Hu Yan had some prestige in the crowd as a member of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets.

Everyone stood up and congratulated Hu Yan with a respectful attitude.

Hu Yan didnt pay much attention to them. He went directly to the second floor and walked toward Qin Yas office.

At that moment, Lu Yu was sitting opposite Qin Ya in the office, taking out the 50 White Spirit Flowers.

“Ive completed the previous quest.”

Qin Ya counted them all, smiled, and said, “Not bad. Ive accounted for everything. Ill transfer the 100,000 to your account immediately.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly. He had a total of 160,000 bucks, with the newly received 100,000.

The office door was pushed open, and Hu Yan walked in.


“Miss Qin, I won the auction.”

He stated this with a smile and then saw Lu Yu.

“He... is Erebus”

Qin Ya quickly answered, “Yes, he is Erebus. His real name is Lu Yu.”

Hu Yan looked at Lu Yu and asked seriously, “Mr. Erebus, the golden skill stone tablet is only a deposit for a chance to collaborate with you. If you work with us in the future, more will come.”

“So, are you willing to work with me”

Hu Yan knew that Qin Ya had organized this auction, so he still needed to seek Lu Yus opinion.

Lu Yu pondered for a moment. This opportunity to work with Hu Yan had a lot of benefits for him.

The Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets was one of the top intelligence agencies. They have the information to access all kinds of rare treasures in the wild.

If he could build a relationship with the Pavilion, that would be great.

Moreover, the reward was handsome. A golden skill tablet was indeed something else.

“I think theres every reason to cooperate with you. I am out here, accepting quests to increase my strength, after all.” Lu Yu answered with a smile.

“Nice, nice. Is it convenient for me to invite you over to the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets now”

Lu Yu nodded. “No problem.”

“Alright, follow me.”

Hu Yan turned around and walked out of the office.

Lu Yu stood up and was about to follow when Qin Ya smiled and suddenly spoke out, “How is it My auction isnt all bad, right”

“Sure...” Lu Yu followed Hu Yan out after saying that.

The two of them walked to the black markets parking lot and stopped at a car there.

“Get in the car. I will bring you to the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets. It isnt a place everyone can enter willy-nilly.”

Hu Yan opened the car door and sat in the drivers seat.

Lu Yu got into the car too and sat in the passenger seat.

“I can see that you guys really want to work with me. Am I that appealing to you guys”

Hu Yan smiled faintly, “The Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets values talents very much. We have seen your quests records.”

“You accepted a total of three quests, with your strength increasing rapidly after each one. You even managed to defeat the two bosses in Sky Hall.”

“That is why our organization has unanimously decided that you have great growth potential.”

“It is because of this that I have received a quest to try and recruit a talent like you.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly as he understood the other partys intentions.

Soon, the car arrived at an office building in Riverdale City.

This was the local branch of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets. As it was an intelligence agency, the office building looked simple, no different from other commercial buildings.

“Were here. Lets head in.”

Hu Yan took the lead in getting out of the car, and Lu Yu followed closely behind.

After entering the building, Hu Yan began to introduce the organization.

“In the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets, the most basic employees are the intelligence agents. We have a hierarchy system divided into 1-star to 9-star intelligence agents.”

“As their intelligence points increase, their star levels will also increase, and they will gain more power.”

“If you were to become an intelligence agent in the future, you would get a lot of information regarding various dungeons.”

“At that time, it will greatly increase your efficiency in completing quests.”

Lu Yus interest was immediately piqued after hearing Hu Yans introduction.

Joining this organization would definitely be of great help to his cultivation in the future.

Even just the rare intelligence alone would be of great help to him.

Hu Yan brought Lu Yu to the entrance of the intelligence room. “Here is where all the information collected by intelligence agents is stored.”

“You can check on some basic intelligence inside there.”

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Lu Yu nodded slightly.

Hu Yan brought Lu Yu to the quest center.

“Just like the black market, we can also accept quests here.”

“But its not as unrestricted as the black market. Only those who are invited have the right to accept quests.”

“And as we invited you, you can accept the quests here as you please.”

Lu Yu glanced at the people accepting quests around him and asked, “Compared to the black market, who has more quests”

Hu Yan smiled confidently, “Dont worry, the number of quests is definitely more, if not equal to the black market. Moreover, there are many challenging quests here.”

“The most important quests here are usually intelligence-gathering quests. Many intelligence agents rely on this kind of quest to raise their star level.”

Lu Yu looked around and found many intelligence agents in uniform busily walking around, accepting many different quests.

“Of course, there are also many battling and material collection quests here.”

“Why dont you go and take a look first If theres a suitable one, you can accept it.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly. “No problem. As long as the reward is suitable, it doesnt matter where I accept quests.”

Hu Yan continued, “But I suggest you accept an intelligence quest first. That way, you can officially become an intelligence agent.”

“There are a ton of benefits after becoming an intelligence agent.”

Lu Yu pondered for a moment. “I could try to do an intelligence-gathering quest.”

“Alright! But let me remind you. Intelligence gathering quests usually take a long time. Some quests can last for weeks at a time.”

“Moreover, it is not always possible to collect the necessary information in one go, so the risk of quest failure is also high.”

Lu Yu hesitated after hearing that.

These intelligence-gathering quests were too time-consuming!

Any random quest might last for a week or more, and it might even be impossible to complete!

He still had to take his college entrance examination. The schools group training was also about to start, and he would need to return to school then.

If he were to do an intelligence quest now, he definitely wouldnt have enough time.

“Mr. Hu, I probably wont be able to accept any intelligence quests for the time being.”

Hu Yan was puzzled. “Why”

“Because I still have to prepare for my college entrance exam and the schools group training session is starting soon, I wont have time to participate in a quest.”

Hu Yan was stunned for quite some time after hearing Lu Yus reply. Then, he asked, in disbelief, “You mentioned youre going to take the college entrance exam”

“Really Are you still a student!”

Hu Yan was greatly shocked. He didnt expect someone who had achieved these remarkable feats to be still a student; what a peerless genius!


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