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Chapter 20: Chapter 20 Materials Collected, Dragon Claw Evolution!

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Chapter 20 Materials Collected, Dragon Claw Evolution!

Lu Yu was forced up the mountain peak and forced to trigger Shadow Substitute to avoid jeopardy temporarily.

The Green Sky Goshawk had killed his fake body. The Giant Rock Python and the goshawk both thought that Lu Yu was already dead.

They kept searching around his fake corpse as if they were trying to find the Yin and Yang Twin Flower.

But after searching for a long time, they could not find anything.

Soon, the two of them started fighting yet another heated battle.

Lu Yu looked at the battle below and suddenly had a bold idea.

He probably got a chance to kill these two bosses simultaneously!

He would have a chance if they fought for a little longer!

Lu Yu was looking forward to it. At the same time, he took out a bottle of recovery potion and drank it.

Soon, the wounds on his body began to heal and no longer bled.

When he had almost recovered, Lu Yu climbed down a little.

At that moment, a notification appeared before Lu Yus eyes.


[ Congratulations on completing the daily quest, climbing (2km/2km) ]

[ Please choose a reward ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed. He did not expect that he would have completed the climbing quest.

“I choose the treasure chest!”

[ Congratulations! You have obtained a bronze treasure chest. Do you wish to open it ]

“Open it immediately!”

[ Congratulations, you have obtained a skill stone tablet, Strong Wall ]

[ Strong Wall: Double-clawed skill. Place both claws in front of you, forming the shape of a fortress. Obtain temporary invincibility, unable to be knocked back and 90% damage reduction simultaneously. Lasts for 1 second ]

Lu Yu was overjoyed after reading the description of this skill!

This skill came at the perfect time!

Lu Yu currently lacks defensive skills. Although his defense was not exactly low, the armor-penetrating capabilities of the Green Sky Goshawk below him were just too ridiculous!

If he learns this skill, he will be able to receive a 90% damage reduction. He would not be afraid of its armor-penetrating ability anymore.

Of course, although the damage reduction was insane, the duration was overly short. It only lasts for 1 second.

It seemed that increasing the skills level would not increase the damage reduction but increase its duration instead.

Lu Yu held the stone tablet in his right hand and started absorbing the information inside.

Soon, he learned the Strong Wall skill.

He looked down again. At that moment, the Green Sky Goshawk and the Giant Rock Python were already covered in blood from their battle.

There were almost no unharmed scales on the Giant Rock Pythons body, and its entire body was covered in blood.

On the other hand, a large portion of the Green Sky Goshawks feathers had been torn off.

A finger on its right claw was broken, and its left wing was fractured. It was now unable to fly.

Both sides had bloodshot eyes, fighting each other to the death.

In this state, it was inevitable that this would be a fight to the end, with a victor emerging from its opponents dead body!

There was no possibility of both sides taking a step back.

Lu Yu was basically certain that these two monsters would be dead sooner or later.

Even if he jumped down now, Lu Yu still had the strength to kill these two bosses in a one-on-two fight.

After observing for a while, Lu Yu felt that the time was right, so he jumped down immediately.

With a smash, Lu Yu landed on the ground, attracting the attention of the Green Sky Goshawk and the Giant Rock Python.

They were enraged when they found out that Lu Yu was still alive!

The feeling of being toyed with, even as an inhuman creature, would not be pleasant.

Moreover, they were played like a fiddle.

Initially, they thought Lu Yu was dead, and the flower had fallen somewhere. Thus, they started fighting after assuming the other party had hidden it.

Now seeing Lu Yus appearance, they were livid!

The Green Sky Goshawk let out an ear-piercing screech and then used its beak to stab at Lu Yu! Its sharp beak could pierce through even rocks.

Lu Yu did not dodge the oncoming attack. He wanted to test out his new skill.

He used both hands to block in front of him, and an invisible barrier appeared.

The beak stabbed forward strongly. Following that, there was a cracking sound.

It seemed that the Green Sky Goshawks beak cracked!

The Green Sky Goshawks beak broke into countless pieces with fresh blood spurting out!

Lu Yu took this opportunity to slash his claws at the Green Sky Goshawks chest, breaking its chest open.

After that, he dug his claw and crushed the Green Sky Goshawks heart.

After finishing the Green Sky Goshawk cleanly, Lu Yu looked at the Giant Rock Python beside him.

The Giant Rock Python opened its bloodstained mouth, coiled its body crazily and charged toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu did not dodge. He stood on the spot and activated his skill, Grappling.

In the next moment, the accurate position of the Giant Rock Pythons heart appeared in front of Lu Yus eyes.

Lu Yu leapt into the air and used a double jump to adjust his position. He aimed his attack at the heart of the Giant Rock Python.

He descended from the air and slashed down with his pair of sharp claws towards the Giant Rock Pythons heart!

His pair of sharp claws sliced open the skin of the Giant Rock Python and carved into the flesh below.

Fresh blood spurted out, and the Giant Rock Python began to struggle crazily.

Lu Yu did not hesitate and did not give it a chance. He swung his claws again and forcefully cut the Giant Rock Python into two halves from where its heart was!

At that point, the two bosses were both dead.

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Lu Yu panted heavily. If it werent for the fact that he had barely scraped by using his Shadow Substitute skill, he would have died today.

Lu Yu rested for a while, then got up and began to harvest the materials.

He removed the heart of the Giant Rock Python and took the precious blood essence from the center of the heart.

After filling it into the container, he stored it in his storage ring.

Then, he went to the body of the Green Sky Goshawk, cut off its flesh and skin, and collected the bones of the Green Sky Goshawk.

He stored the bones in his ring. At that point, Lu Yu had collected all four materials he needed.

After resting for another short while, Lu Yu started to collect the remaining White Spirit Flowers.

Once the two bosses were dead, Lu Yus movement area became much larger.

In a short while, he had collected all 50 White Spirit Flowers.

Now that everything was ready, Lu Yu could leave the dungeon.

Lu Yu, curious about the Dragon Claw effect, could not wait to evolve.

He opened his storage ring and took out the four materials.

At that moment, a notification appeared before his eyes.

[ Four materials have been detected. You can evolve into the Dragon Claw path. Do you want to evolve ]

“Evolve!” Lu Yu excitedly chose to evolve.

The next moment, the four materials in front of him were reduced into four blobs of light and flew into Lu Yus body.

In an instant, Lu Yu felt a majestic power welling inside his body.

This power surprised and delighted Lu Yu. It seemed that a terrifying power was brewing in his body.

Lu Yu raised his hands and carefully looked at the changes in his hands.

His ten claws became sharper and stronger.

At this moment, Lu Yus limbs and bones were filled with limitless power.

He bathed in the light and enjoyed the feeling of power brought by evolution.

Gradually, not only did his two claws change, but his two arms began to grow dragon-like scales as well.

At the same time, the muscles in his arms bulged like real dragon claws!

The light flashed and then disappeared.

[ Congratulations on completing the evolution of the Dragon Claws! ]

Lu Yu was extremely excited when he saw the notification!

He had finally completed his evolution!

However, this would only be the beginning…


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