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Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Awakening Begins, Unexpected Ability

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Chapter 2 Awakening Begins, Unexpected Ability

The awakening ceremony begins. The homeroom teacher organized the students and walked out of the classroom to the school square.

Everyone saw a large and majestic array formation when they arrived at the square.

Specialized array formation mages created the unique ceremony array formation.

With the help of the array formations power, the students would carry out the awakening ceremony.

The students lined up and waited expectantly for the awakening ceremony to begin.

A middle-aged man walked out of the array. He stood in front of the group and swept his gaze over them.

“Hello, everyone. I am the host of this awakening ceremony. Please line up in an orderly manner and wait for the activation of the array!”

The students were deeply excited and looked fervently at the arrays center.

“Im so nervous, the awakening is about to begin!”

“I hope that the heavens will bless me with a slightly better talent!”

“I heard that being the host of the awakening ceremony is extremely profitable!”

“Of course, such an important matter like the awakening ceremony isnt something that just anyone can host.”


“I wonder what level of talent this host has.”

“Someone who can host such a ceremony must have a high-level talent!”

Lu Yu waited quietly in the crowd, ignoring the chattering around him.

At the same time, he was also very curious about what level of talent this host had.

When Lu Yu looked at the host, he was surprised that a floating panel appeared beside the host.

What... was going on

The panel showed detailed information about the host, including his talent level!

As Lu Yu noticed that his classmates were still guessing the hosts talent level, it seemed that only he could see this panel!

Could it be that he had accidentally awakened at this instant, allowing him to see things others could not

Lu Yu didnt think much and scrutinized the host on stage.

[ Name: Xu Qiang ]

[ Talent: Array Mastery ]

[ Talent level: C-level ]

The hosts name was indeed Xu Qiang. His talent seemed to be C-level, which was indeed a high-level talent!

Moreover, it happened to be an Array Mastery talent, which was perfect for the awakening ceremony.

Lu Yu quickly looked at a classmate beside him to verify his ability.

A panel appeared beside this student and recorded his personal information very soon.

[ Name: Zhang Cheng ]

[ Talent: Surface Petrification. Petrification of skin. Greatly enhanced defense, granting a slight increase in strength and speed ]

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[ Talent level: F-level (to be awakened) ]

Lu Yu was surprised. He didnt expect to be able to see the talent and level of an unawakened person!

With this ability, he would probably be able to earn a lot of admiration by just acting as a prophet!

Lu Yu looked at the next student and saw the same panel information.

[ Name: Xu Hua ]

[ Talent: Violent Force. Temporarily activating violent force will greatly increase speed and attack ]

[ Talent level: F-level (to be awakened) ]

Lu Yu continued to look at the next one. The same panel was displayed.

Lu Yu roughly scanned through the students one by one. As expected, most of them had F-level talent or unrated talent.

Those with high-grade talent could be said to be few and far between.

Most importantly, some did not have any talent at all. These peoples future would be miserable...

At this moment, the host said, “It seems that everyone is very curious about my talent.”

“Then Ill tell everyone. My talent level is C, and Im proficient in array formations. Thats why Im qualified to be a host.”

“Everyone, if you can awaken a C-level talent, youll be a pillar of society like me.”

The hosts words made the students extremely enthusiastic.

So it turns out that one only needs C-level talent to become a successful person. They would be placed in a high position to enjoy their desired wealth!

For a moment, they were filled with anticipation.

The declaration made by the host, Xu Qiang, gave Lu Yu the confirmation that his eyes werent hallucinating.

It seemed that he had activated a talent that allowed him to see the talent and level of others!

The awakening ceremony begins. The students went on stage one after another to carry out the awakening ceremony.

Very soon, one person walked out of the group and attracted the attention of everyone present.

She was the school belle of senior year Class Two, Su Qing.

She wore a white one-piece dress, and her long, black and luscious hair fluttered in the wind.

Her snowy-white skin tempted endless thoughts, and her gorgeous facial features intoxicated everyone present.

Under everyones gaze, Su Qing walked into the array.

When the awakening ceremony began, the students were all discussing her spiritedly.

“Su Qing is so beautiful. If only she were my wife.”

“What are you thinking about Not only is she from a wealthy family, with a beautiful appearance and figure, even her academic and sports results are top-notch!”

“Thats right. Since she is so outstanding, I reckon that we wont have a chance.”

“That might not be the case. What if she awakens an unrated talent Wont we have a chance then”

“Tsk, you impudent toad!”

Very soon, Su Qing walked out of the array formation.

Su Qings expression was unperturbed. It wasnt possible to tell if the outcome was good or bad.

Following that, the host announced loudly.

“Awakened, Su Qing. The awakened talent is the Holy Light of Healing. The talent level is an A!”

The moment these words were said, the entire place was in an uproar!

“Whoa, an actual A-level talent! This is too ridiculous!”

“An A-level talent There arent many in the entire school! Her future IS BRIGHT!”

“Sheesh, Ive given up completely. Its impossible for us to have a chance anymore.”

“Im so envious. An A-level talent will most definitely be societys ace in the future, an existence that everyone looks up to!”

“Why am I only F-level Why!”

Some of the students below the stage were envious, some jealous, and some regretful.

When Su Qing walked down from the stage, they all revealed plastered smiles and congratulated her.

“Congratulations, congratulations.”

“As expected of the school Belle, she will definitely achieve great things in the future!”

“Congratulations, Su Qing, for awakening an A-level talent. When you become rich in the future, dont forget us old classmates.”

Su Qing ignored them and returned to her seat.

Lu Yu looked at Su Qing and frowned slightly.

The panel beside Su Qing showed that it was not an A-level talent!

[ Name: Su Qing ]

[ Talent: Light Affinity ]

[ Talent level: S ]

The host reported that she awakened the Holy Light of Healing, an A-level talent. But, what he saw was another talent!

Although it was somewhat similar, it was indeed two different talents.

Moreover, it was a scarce S-grade talent!

Could it be that the host made a mistake in his report

Or perhaps they were all wrong and did not accurately identify Su Qings talent.

It seemed that his keen eyes ability was still beneficial...

Just as Lu Yu was deep in thought, the awakening ceremony ended. It was the last students turn.

Finally, it was Lu Yus turn.

Everyones eyes were on Lu Yu, waiting for him to step onto the stage and awaken his innate talent!

Lu Yu walked towards the array formation nervously.

He had to awaken a high-level talent to repay his aunts kindness in raising him adequately!


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